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Sinclair: Loyal Opposition To Jumped-Up Purely Destructive Jews On Steroids

One of the worst examples of Sinclair betraying the rest of us, by acting as loyal opposition to the more purely destructive Jews, came about during the 2008 crisis.  Now we knew how to deal with this crisis.   We had a warm-up around 97 when the South East Asian currency crisis started in Thailand.  And the ponzi-currency-traders all pulled out of these miracle economies.  And they pulled their hot money out of Australia THANK THE FUCKING LORD.  You know what Costello did? Fucking nothing.  Except for running a pretty tight ship.  The AUD  went down to about .54USD.  We never had it so good.  Our terms of trade were shit and yet we were paying our way.  We were in surplus budget and for a while in surplus trade.  Exporters were able to live off their earnings.  Without going to the bank and holding out their hands.

That crisis is when our economy was standing up and acting like a fucking economy should.  It was then that we were paying our way, and we could be proud to think that business was something that we Australians did well.

Sinclair, Andrew Leigh, Nick Gruen …. they all went through this amazing success.  Glen Stevens went through this? They saw the success of it.  What is fucking wrong with them? Even Paul Krugman commented on the benign neglect of the Australians at this time.  You know.  Back when he was an economist of sorts.

First thing that happened this time around is that Glen !@$$%^&* Stevens started buying our currency back WHY-FUCKING-WHY GLEN YOU FUCKING SELLOUT?

If we were lucky enough to have a falling currency that would have been our key way to deal with THIS 2008 crisis the same way we dealt with our 1997 crisis.

Anyway the word had gone out a little while earlier from Jew-town that crude Keynesianism was to make a comeback.  And the first emissary of this resurrection of bad ideas from the crypt was HANK PAULSON.  Frontman for the Jews and probably the greatest thief now in world history.

But our Jews were ready, tipped off and hot-to-trot.  In the world of economics all of us knew that the ideas of Keynes were dead from the neck up from the early 70’s.  We all knew this.  But Paulson was the leading edge of a worldwide Jewish putsch to put this utter bullshit back on the political agenda and the destructive-Jew debt-pushers in our country were the dirty creatures Andrew Leigh and Nick Gruen.

But how does Sinclair come into this? Well its just so fucking disgraceful that all good Gentiles will be looking for heads on pikes.  I’m going to have to take a break because its just so depressing thinking about his betrayal of the rest of us.

Now I’m back and lets check out MATADOR DAVIDSON.


“In summary, it is my view that the Senate should reject the fiscal stimulus package in its current format.

The package contains a lot of spending and little actual stimulus.
The proposed spending is poor quality expenditure of Federal funding. Discretionary fiscal policy has a poor track record of success.

While the government needs to respond to the current economic down turn in a timely manner, there is no immediate urgent need to rush the package. Rather a better quality package should be designed and implemented. ”

If that is not a Matador, waving a red flag at the crazed Jew-Keynesian fiscal destruction bull … I don’t know quite what is.  There is no Keynesian multiplier.  If there was it would be UTTERLY useless for public policy.  If Sinclair was unclear about this, he had three years to check with me.

See the betrayal? Sinclair cannot claim ignorance.  I was with him on Catallaxy, needling him but mostly complementary to many of his efforts, until this betrayal.  Here are Jews beying for fiscal blood and their loyal opposition COMES IN AND AGREES WITH THEM. He reaffirms the non-existent Keynesian multiplier.  If he believed in the Keynesian multiplier, why in three fucking years did he not make this delusion available to me on Catallaxy so that I could help him through it.

See how these Jews work?  The blood-thirsty wreckers are there with the co-ordinated media and all the momentum, and what is Sinclair’s job? It is to reaffirm all their lies but to pretend to oppose them.  It gets worse then that as you will see if I continue to find quotes from Sinclair.   At the time he blatantly reaffirmed the veracity of the Keynesian multiplier by lazily quoting the incompetent Jew Mankiw, on something he Mankiw had written maybe 48 hours before.  As if Mankiw is some sort of authority!!!!!  Yet nowhere in the three years prior that I had contact with Sinclair did he ever profess an irrational belief in the Keynesian multiplier, nor did he offer a way to prove its existence or its efficacy if indeed it did exist.

So he’s the real enabler in this story. Not these hyped up Jews who had the tip-off and the jump on the rest of us, and were so blood engorged that they would break through sheet metal with an erect penis to spill red ink all over this country.  The Jews jacking off and thrusting through sheet metal to spend borrowed  money …. thrusting through sheet metal with their male members …. desperate to get this country in debt ….. these Jews weren’t the main problem.  The main problem was their loyal opposition. Jews like Sinclair.  Loyal opposition to the more potently damaging Jews.


Steve Kates.  Almost As Loveable As A Persian Woman:


But why does he always “lead with his face”?

We MUST cast a jaundiced finger at Steve Kates as well.  But more with the people who have at last brought him forward then necessarily with Steve himself.  Why does Steve always seem to explain things only halfway. Why does he set the other fellow up for the punch that he will never throw.  Why does he lead, in this boxing match, with his rather kindly face.  As if he’s supposed to block and counter by directing all blows to that face?

Why does he continue to lose the argument with the pretence that Says Law overrides monetary mischief and that aggregate demand does not matter?

A nice and intelligent Jew seeking to take a beating from stupid and malevolent Jews.  Its a hard fucking story to buy and call me cynical. Very hard story to fucking buy. Call me cynical two-times.  Kates is like Simon-The-Likeable from out of this Maxwell Smart show.  I like him I cannot help myself.  But we have to make sure he’s not Jew loyal opposition.

No-one Laid A Glove On Simon-The-Likeable. 


But in match-ups with Keynesians, Steve tends  to lead and block with his face.  Jew loyal opposition?

Kates is a Jew and therefore suspect.  On the other hand its not inconceivable that he is blameless.  But this is the entire trick with these people.  They believe in the division of labour, when it comes to anti-Gentile mischeif.  And it seems to work for them for awhile.  Sooner or later we cannot take their destructiveness any more.  So we move them all along.  They have been moved on 109 times now.

Let Australia be the 110th glorious example.

But remember.  Any of these guys can talk to me.  If they use persuasion rather then threats, they can always get a more favourable public statement from me. I had written a thread intending to say some nasty things about Kates.  But I always wound up saying good things in the leadup and in the end I had to keep taking the same thread down.  He’s suspect for sure.  But at the very least he is an economist.  Which is so much more then I can say for the rest of the Jews in this country.  So I’m forcing myself to with-hold judgement for the mean time. Or really it went like this:  I was trying to be a hanging-judge with Steve but it just wouldn’t take. I’d needle in and out of it trying to make the case but in the end it was a wooden duck.  “One duck that would not alight from the lake.”

But he ought to make himself a little bit beyond suspicion.  He’s made himself an authentic economist.  He has to take the next step.



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  2. You remember that TV show “Everyone Loves Raymond”

    Well everyone loves Steve. But Steve. Believe me. Its a big boxing match. You’ve gotsta stop leading and blocking with that benevolent face of yours. Sooner or later people will talk.

    Best wishes.

    From a person who could not yet stitch you up, frame you, or malign you in any way.

    Someone greater or nastier then myself, is surely waiting in the wings, to take a machete to your act, if you cannot start winning these arguments that you seem to have fleshed out rather well.

    Don’t …. be …. loyal … opposition …. And don’t be SEEN-TO-BE amongst that group of accursed enablers.

  3. The Mark Glenn meme hits the nail on the head.

    Jesus came not to save us from our sins, but rather to save humanity from the tyranny and madness of the Jews.

  4. “CHINA is building new cities at an estimated rate of up to 12 to 24 a year – but while they are full of brand new homes and facilities, nobody wants to live there.”

    Read more:

    A good thing, given the likelihood of nuclear war and new Jew genocide attempts.

  5. Superb comment from Cambria:

    How about Birdie, Fran Barlow or Homer sending in resumes. In fact I’m happy to head hunt them to him. No fee. In fact I would pay

    In all seriousness Sinc.. this is a site that attracts very smart people, so who on earth would want a stint with Leigh? Lets not forget this is the guy who peddled taxpayer funded “research” that the ABC was right wing and he also campaigned against the Howard Government saying they fired APS staff. The temerity of this guy is unbelievable.

    economic nous
    (experience working on a budget in the Commonwealth Treasury would be ideal)

    Ha! WTF? Shouldn’t that be negative economic nous.

    Hey Homer, I know you’re reading this. Send me your resume and I’ll get it to Leigh. You’re a shoe in.

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