Posted by: graemebird | April 5, 2013

We Were Snookered/ One Day My Girls Will Have A Nice Word For Me Again

I was so impressed that my girls,  who have known me from the internet,  tried so hard to say a nice word about me, when I had made a clear decision to turn myself into a leper.

The pressure would be so powerful on them,  to make the distance between me and them.  Yet I caught them trying to put in a good word for me before they made that distance.  I caught them out.

I caught them. Rose, Alice, Tal, Lizzie freckle-face, and even Gab trying to twist things in my long-term favour and make excuses for me.  I have suspicions.  Maybe Philomena in her other guises.

One day love will rule again over lies.   Here comes the sun:

My girls don’t want to associate with me and I understand that. But I caught you trying to lessen the disgrace of me breaking through this social barrier to attempt to talk clearly about why our world is heading towards total destruction.  I was going after Jew-town, the ultimate sin, and I caught you at least TRYING to make excuses for me.

Everything I’ve said that seems to be against Judaic individuals would need about five pages of caveats for me to be comfortable about it.  I’m going down this rabbit hole but I appreciated your affection all that time even though you must distance yourselves from me now. Even the mixed up shook up girl Philomena. (most especially the lady Philomena.)

I’ve got to run this anti-Jew line.  I have to run this line. I must rune this line. Its not any easy way out and its no path of easiest resistance.

I really don’t have a choice.  Individuals are good, bad or indifferent.  But my current findings are that Judaism proper, combined with entrenched Jew bankers, is the greatest threat that the species has ever faced. These bad boys have made me an offer I can’t refuse:

Think about the characterisation of Jesus.  Perhaps the John Galt character and the Big Lebowski and a bunch of other fellows in the 20th century might compete in terms of ZEN.

But the character of Jesus is this awesomely Zen character.  Probably the most ZEN character ever conceived prior to the latter half of the twentieth century. When I’ve been drinking, I’ve tried explaining the ZEN of Jesus in tough situations,  and I’ve had to back off, walk away, take a premature toilet stop …. because it can be hard not to be overcome with emotion.

You try and explain these things.  You start thinking about the zen of Jesus writing in the sand. Standing those bad boys down when they wanted to stone one of our girls.  Standing those bad boys down just by being zen and writing in the sand. Dude was so Zen he but never even so much as looked up until the bad boys had gone away and either dropped their stones or taken their stones with them.

Jesus is the most ZEN pre-20th century characterisation ……..

…….. Except for in one situation.

Except for this one situation where he was far from fucking Zen.  In this one situation he took the lash to the money-changers.  In anger and without fear he turned the tables on the money-changers.

As an atheist I can say that the example of the man from Nazareth could not be more vital today.  All men are brothers except for the money-creators.  All of us must gang up against this crowd of blasphemers.

So Gab, though I appreciate your efforts to minimize my transgressions this is no passing phase.

Jesus came NOT to save us from our sins.  Jesus came to save us from the madness and wickedness of Judaism.

I will walk the world as a disgraced person.  Even Mrs Draper will shy away from sending me a kind message next Easter.

I suspect I will always be akin to a disease socially from here on in.

But ……………..

then again …….

………….these times may pass.

The banking racket may be brought to an end.  The Jews may accept the Logos, and the taint I will carry may start to fade and to diminish.

I don’t know when that will be?

But if the taint finally ends I’d like to see all my beautiful girls again.

When will that be?



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