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Gravitational Theory And Alternative Planetary Structure

More later.



  1. […] uncensored on “Gravitational Theory And Alternative Planetary Structure“ @ A Better World: Graeme Bird For High […]

  2. Look at the Charisma of these boys? I just wish that Philomena was still around so I could have her opinion on these young blokes. Decades after the event Robert Plant still seemed in wonderment of these guys and the female adoration they inspired. I have an ulterior motive of course for Philomena judging these boys but I shall not go into it. I signed divorce papers last Sunday. The whole thing is as entirely ridiculous as it is inevitable. Its the result of a family-wide dysfunction, and I use these concepts without the presumption that my drinking too much … messyness … et al was not a major part of the problem.

    But check out these boys Philomena. I’m sure you will be most impressed. Go with that feeling if you are in my neighbourhood.

  3. I don’t have an ulterior motive to show these guys to Lizzie freckleface, or Gab or Alice unless they are within six metres of me, and I’ve locked the doors or in the Dunedin/Cole Porter deal “But baby its cold outside.”

    But these are good girls and I want to show them some boys to swoon too and also at the same time indelibly impression their minds with the association of ME with those boys. So that they will know where to drive to, in their cars, for sexual exploitation. Me exploiting them.

    • Mr B

      I was not expecting this thread to be so erotically charged.

      • Its not a homo thread Ron. But somehow communists and Jew leadership have chosen to run these good gentile boys out of town???? So that when Mick Jagger or Robert Plant looks back on TRUE HISTORY, they always feel like failures because they couldn’t match up to these boys who NO-ONE EVEN FUCKING KNOWS ABOUT NOW!!!!!!

        Yes I could have played only studio albums. But I am most pleased with kind words heard from Mrs Draper, Alice, Gab, Lizzie freckleface and I hope Philomena in disguise. So I wanted to give then a treat. Help them be more motivated to be “kinder” to their husbands and if not to come around to my place because I signed divorce papers last Sunday and I don’t think I’m ever going to fully get over it.

  4. Put aside the outrageous exploitation of female hormones, these Walker brothers really speak to me right now. Robert Plant is still mesmerized by the memory of these guys.

  5. This is outrageous that these guys have been airbrushed from rock history. They are the guys who the stars WANTED TO BE. Look how it is when Mick Jagger “makes it” he wants to do Walker Brothers covers. These blokes are the real deal. I only wish I could find more live performances to have on hand to turn the mood of captured girls (oh baby its cold outside).

  6. These Walker Brothers REALLY ARE BROTHERS and they seem to speak to my soul. Particularly when they get middle-aged girls wet in my vicinity because this is what I’m all about.

  7. Any history of British Rock is just a joke if it doesn’t include the Walker brothers.

  8. All this time Jagger has been playing second fiddle in his mind to the Walker brothers. Back then they were an absolute phenomenon. And they were authentic quality.

  9. Ron. How many have tried to copy and take from and steal from them and benefit from their glow. Let me give you an example: Because the Walker brothers had all the musical, sex and creative appeal and somehow somebody didn’t want them to be in our history.

    I ask you Ron. Is any of the following familiar?

    Rock Mega-Stars Are Scott Walker Wannabes

  10. When it comes down to it Mick Jagger is a Scott Walker Wannabe. Only Keith Richards stands up as the new artist.

  11. But can you tell me Ron? How the Jews managed to airbrush Scott Walker out of the picture?

    Because this is unconscionable. And its unacceptable. And there is a feeling around town that if the Catallaxy Economists will not get back GET BACK TO FUCKING SCIENCE then this well-spring will overflow in their direction and there is going to be a fucking blood-bath and I tried to stop it and its none of my fucking fault.

  12. John Bonham evaded the Scott Walker Wannabe tag because he was a specialist drummer and able to see what the other drummers were doing and effortlessly take these things forward.

    And Keith Richards evaded the Scott Walker Wannabe tag because he really WAS a creative genius and he must have felt that he was every day lucky to be alive. But a lot of these guys walk in Scott Walkers shadow and I wonder how it is, that the Jews or whoever runs things have run Scott Walker out of rock and roll history?

  13. John Bonham’s contribution to Athenian society and excellent drumming. I don’t buy these stories about him choking on his own vomit. Yeah. Good one. You could have had hin choking on someone elses vomit and you may have had me a good story.

    Even to this very day I struggle to hear drumming like this.

  14. In sober reality every rock star is fundamentally Scott Walker’s little bitch.

  15. Its a Q a QE a QED.

    The most powerful force in music in that era Elvis alone excepted, and no cunt knows him, and yet every girl prays nightly for him to come into creation.

    Such is the force of those who run the media and control all things.

  16. That other stuff isn’t rock and roll. And those other posers aren’t stars. This is the real music and these are the real boys.

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