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Good News From Anthony Pratt.

Not all billionaires are evil and not everything a billionaire says is wrong. Anthony Pratt has put forth a plan to massively expand Australias food production.  He’s come up with an industry plan which ought to be adopted, but with a sole trader slant.

Note too the excellence of his suggestions. He wants us to make Australia a food bowl for Asia. He correctly sees high food prices in the future, and he correctly says, unlike the retards at Catallaxy that this requires an industry plan and to work we need to make this a national priority.

Catallaxians are so retarded when they hear the phrase “industry plan” an whole string of associations goes through their little minds that may or may not have anything to do with the proposal at hand. They reject industry plans out of hand. They reject industry plans out of hand because they are Jews so their mentality is “TO REJECT THE PHRASE”….

….But although Anthony outrageously at one point mentions “incentives” (Jew code word for a form of theft) the key to Anthony’s plan on the surface of things are the ideas to do with accelerated depreciation and payroll tax exemptions.

Subsidies are no good for very clear reasons. This is not understood at Catallaxy where subsidies are rejected ideologically without any understanding of the matter. Which is the way that Jews tend to operate. The lunatic Jews at Catallaxy think that subsidies could work, but if they don’t,  it means that we have some sort of cosmic problem with “comparative advantage” in this particular industry. It is true that subsidies are never any good. Because they incentivise current production over long-term business renovation. They encourage debt accumulation instead of wealth production through patient retained earnings. And they leave a hell of a mess when the subsidy ends.  But being Judaized or Jews or just plain retarded when a Catallaxian notes that the car industry has been subsidised and its not successful they remember a concept that they learned but never understood called “comparative advantage.” And the superstitious way they think about this comparative advantage …. the superstitious way that Jews tend to think about all concepts …. Comes out in full force with the Catallaxian version of what comparative advantage is supposed to mean ……

……….. its as if this phrase depicts a giant ghost flying over our continent, like the anti-Santa, and there he goes from industry to industry. Unlike Santa he’s a Demonic Jew Ghost rather than a German Saint, so he doesn’t come to give us things, he comes to take things away from us like a good Jew.  So here is this ghost of comparative advantage flying over rural towns, and glaring at people through the tiles on the roofs of their houses.

See the demonic Jew ghost of comparative advantage. He haunts the nation giving some folks the thumbs down and just a few of them the thumbs up. The ones that the Catallaxian Satanic figure (The ghost of comparative advantage) gives the thumbs up to ….. are those businesses that are scrapping local manufacturing and sending it all off to some Asian country, or that are going into debt to buy up commercial real estate or are selling off mines that they have fandangled certain “rights to” by virtue of their capacity to game the horridly complex and dysfunction mineral rights systems that we have in this potential paradise.

The Fellow On The Left Is The Demonic Jewish “Ghost of Catallaxian Comparative Advantage.” 


Here he battles a notable gentile to see if Australia will be stupid enough to sell off even more of its strategic and natural resources, to foreign corporations and foreign governments. This is what Jews want because Jews are traitors, who inflict malicious damage on their benefactors, and see to it that bankers pick up as much of the economic rent as is conceivable,  from off the table. All their policies without exception are designed to further this goal. 

Anyway this article is such interesting news it deserves a straight cut and post.  But any such scheme ought not be about international bigshots coming in and buying all our agricultural paternity. So if you don’t want to see that outcome get involved in this debate. But be civilised. No fucking subsidies …. And long-term tax exemptions are NOT FUCKING SUBSIDIES no matter how much a Jew over at Catallaxy tells you to the contrary.

One measure (the subsidy) emphasises a fleeting gold-mine, haste, and compliance.  Another measure ((long-term tax exemptions …. but particularly on retained earnings)) CAN (if applied properly) can emphasise patient and long-term business improvement.

Here is the news story:

AUSTRALIA would become a food “superpower”, capitalising on a $2 trillion export opportunity in Asia, under sweeping industry regulation and tax reforms put to a global food forum today.

In a speech delivered at The Australian and The Wall Street Journal’s inaugural Global Food Forum in Melbourne, billionaire packaging and recycling magnate Anthony Pratt today called for sweeping changes that would allow Australia to quadruple its exports and feed 200 million people.

The Visy Industries executive chairman also called for a new “coalition of the willing”, comprising federal, state and local governments, to put the national interest above political, sectional and regional interests and save the embattled food manufacturing industry.

At the conference, Victorian Premier Denis Napthine was also to reveal that Melbourne will stage the first Boao Forum for Asia conference on food security next year, bringing Asia’s business and government leaders to Australia to discuss the nation’s role in Asia’s looming food supply crisis.

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The secretary-general of the prestigious annual forum, Zhou Wenzhong, has this week written to Dr Napthine expressing the Boao board’s approval for the forum, noting that the topic of food security addresses “one of the key challenges facing the Asian region”.

A US government-funded study released this week found that food production would have to rise by 60 per cent by 2050 just to keep pace with expected global population increases and changing demands. The middle class in Asia is forecast to grow from 500 million to three billion consumers over the coming decades, and Australia will have almost 20 times more arable land per capita than China, India and Indonesia.

Mr Pratt says that feeding “a hungry world” will be Australia’s “greatest responsibility and opportunity in the 21st century”.

“We can quadruple our exports to feed 200 million people,” he told today’s forum. “We can bring together rich natural resources, innovative research and development, smart investors and risk-taking farming and manufacturing entrepreneurs.”

Mr Pratt argued that transitioning from a “mining boom” to a “dining boom” will require changes in competition laws to allow consolidation among rural companies and the suspension of payroll tax for food manufacturers, as well as government incentives for innovation in agriculture.

He also wants accelerated depreciation for new manufacturing investments in food and for Australia to follow the American example on anti-dumping practices by putting the burden of proof on the offending party to prove “they are not doing it”.

Australia produces more food than it needs – enough to feed 60 million people a year.

Last month, a leaked Coalition discussion paper revealed its vision of developing a food bowl in northern Australia that could double Australia’s agricultural output by adding flexibility to land-use controls and reducing unnecessary regulation and approval processes.

ANZ and consultancy firm Port Jackson Partners said last year that Australia could capture up to $1.7 trillion in additional revenues from agriculture exports between now and 2050 if it seized the opportunity of the Asia food boom.

Comparing the contrasting plights of the food and car industries when it comes to government subsidies and community concern, Mr Pratt said: “In recent years, we have lost significant capacity in regional abattoirs, fruit and vegetable processing, flour milling, and baked goods, to mention just a few. And these losses, including many iconic brand names, such as Heinz and SPC, have received relatively little attention.

“But the food industry decline has had a bigger impact than the close-down of car factories. The irony is that we have a competitive advantage in food manufacture. We don’t have that competitive advantage in producing cars.”

(site deity: Coming fairly close to the ignorant Catallaxian concept of comparative advantage. But his phrasing is more static.  So its at least a factual statement.)

BHP Billiton chairman and former Ford global chief executive Jac Nasser warned last week that the demise of Australian car manufacturing was inevitable.

Dairy giant Murray Goulburn revealed last week it would spend $120 million on building two new fresh milk processing plants, in Sydney and Laverton, after striking a $2 billion 10-year deal with supermarket giant Coles to provide fresh milk for Victoria and NSW markets.

While Murray Goulburn is promising better prices for its dairy farmers as a result of the deal, its critics claim it has simply locked in lower milk prices for farmers that will only make it harder for the industry.

Last July, the federal government launched Australia’s first national food plan, aimed at shaping the nation’s direction on food production and exports.

Dr Napthine, who in June will lead a super trade mission to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, believes the primary focus of the federal government should be to urgently conclude a free trade agreement between China and Australia.

“This has long been a critical barrier to many of Victoria’s leading food industries, particularly dairy, which has a distinct disadvantage relative to their New Zealand counterparts,” was to tell the forum.

“A free trade agreement must be our No 1 priority in our economic relationship with China. The time for Australia to act is now if food exports are to be the next engine room of growth for the Victorian and Australian economies.”

(((site deity notes: Free trade can work. But NOT free investment. This is not acceptable in a world of ponzi-finance and artificial exchange systems.  Nor when the other partner is a budding superpower, nor when Jew economist designed policy has ordained that we lose all equity, get more and more in debt and lose our absolute advantage in manufacturing and food production.  Worst of all would be “selling off the farm” that is to say selling off our farms to foreign corporations.  Over at Catallaxy they call communist nationalisation of our gear “Free Enterprise.” This is because they are Jews or Judaized. They cannot be reasoned with.))

Mr Pratt urged the food business sector to become more pro-active in helping governments “find their way through the inevitable compromises” in trade talks. “At the same time, our governments have to reach out more to the food business sector, from farmhouse gate to the table, and involve them in the hard international talk right from the outset,” he said.

(site deity: Emphasised to note that Anthony Pratt is full of shit when he says the phrase “free trade.” Free trade is not trade talks or government agreements or cronies getting involved with those “free trade” talks. What is there to talk about? They can sell their stuff without tariffs but that doesn’t mean they need to set up shop here. We can sell our stuff to them without tariffs and this implies nothing else, no deals, no investment rights in this country for the communists or anything else.)

Seventy per cent of Visy’s customers are in food and drink, and an increase in food manufacture would increase demand for its packaging products. Visy is the key sponsor of today’s conference. Visy recently revealed plans to double the revenues it generates from Asia over the next decade by setting up manufacturing plants in many Southeast Asian countries and using a new trading company to sell more products to meet demand in the region.

That is where the news story ends.

Now the bad news is this. Anthony Pratt is a Jew.  So that puts the odds on it that his plan will be skewed so that its the financiers who get all the value in this matter and the best that Australians can hope for is to work forever paying off their loans to get into this business, and that almost all of them will be working in corporations where the land and other natural resources are nominally owned by foreigners, but more fundamentally owned by the international money creators.

Anthony would not be a good Jew if he didn’t nuance this plan to screw us over in this exact fashion.

We will not have to look far for Anthony’s slant on this matter. Its right there in the short article.  I’m going to bring a paragraph down and emphasise it.  When you read it I want you to read it with two hats.

1. Put on your hat which imagines that this is the perfect egalitarian small government system, where ponzi-usury is outlawed, there are no artificial persons. Where taxes are on total assets after a threshold and total revenues after a threshold.

2. Then view this suggestion of Anthony’s again, not in terms of Classical British/Austrian/semi-Georgist economic theory (that is to say excellent economic theory) But rather in terms of the Jew-designed ponzi-Usury system we have today.

Work your way through the implications where the PRODUCERS are the kings, versus where the MONEY-CREATOR and his favoured mates are the kings. Where will the economic rent wind up in both cases? How will that pan out for wealth production in either case?  Don’t expect me to give you the answers right away. But dwell on it. Think of how radically different are the consequences for the distribution of the economic rent, and for what is thereafter DONE WITH the economic rent. I’ll give the answers by and by if someone asks me a few questions. Here is the part of the Jew Anthony’s plan I refer too:

Mr Pratt argued that transitioning from a “mining boom” to a “dining boom” will require changes in competition laws to allow consolidation among rural companies….



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