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What You Won’t Be Taught Getting An Economics Degree Controlled By Jew-Town/ Kosher Nostra Global Harassment.

Very good and scholarly presentation by Damon Vrabel.

Meanwhile the Kosher Nostra continues its campaign of harassment against me.  I’m actually not that hassled by them all that much at the moment.  But since we are talking about the same treasury that paid out Judas Iscariot ….. the same crime gang that murdered tens of millions of Christians in the youthful Soviet Union …. the same intellectual juggernaut that hammered in the idiocy of Einstein into the culture …  the same crypto Synagogue-of-Satan, that produced a whole bunch of blue-eyed Turks to murder millions of Armenians …… the same Kosher Nostra that gets their own people persecuted and on the move ……. with total scientific verification and re-verification ………………    as to the harmfulness and wickedness of the culture and philosophy of their leadership….

Since we are talking about a crime gang with at least 3000 years of known bad behaviour, one must take them seriously …. even if their antics are not really registering with one ……….. on the visceral level. Yes its true that their low-level yet repetitive Gremlin-like mischief is not really getting to me right now.  But this crime gang has the record of genocide that cannot be matched unless we go back as far as the Khan.  And it may well be that the Khan himself was being aided and abetted by the Synagogue of Satan.

The cultural values of the less successful Jews (if any can still be found) are more akin to the Kiwanis or the Rotary club.  The way these people help eachother along and look out for their own is something pretty admirable.  This is why my new message greats so much with the experience of many of us, who have known many less successful Jews and maverick Jews and found them to be people of good character.  But in 2012 the more successful Jews are the Kosher Nostra.   We see the evidence for this everywhere and you are fucking tripping if you think you can deny it.

Why do business with ANY of them? Don’t deal with these people!  Don’t have anything to do with them.  Its like this idiocy in Dynasty where J.R. Ewing keeps hurting people and ripping them off and yet everyone keeps going back for more.

This very day I lent my mobile-phone to someone and he was thinking ….. “why the hell is there a helicopter overhead? Surely there are few helicopters in Sydney?… What is the revenue stream for helicopters hovering above me?”

But once the cost of the helicopter is paid, then one helicopter can serve to intimidate everyone that goes against the Kosher Nostra in Sydney.  They wouldn’t buy a separate  helicopter for the full-time harassment of a small-timer like me.  But this is an eight hour job for two palookas and one helicopter.  And the purchase of helicopters for this purpose can go forward with the ridicule associated with the “black helicopter pseduo-myth”  Its not a fucking myth.  Its just a fucking job.  They can hover over 30 targets in one day and the pilot need never know what its all about.

My phone gets stolen on the 19/11.  Next day I get a letter saying that my contract with my gas provider is over …………..  due to my request to end that contract?  I never fucking ended the contract!!!!!

But the trick is that I DON’T get that letter the next day. That is the day the letter is DATED.  Not when I get it.  The letter is actually held over, and I only just got it.  I only got it AFTER a third-party provider was hassling me for a few bucks. The actual letter was held over a few weeks.


But the worst way they tried to shock me is that they had a couple of these Khazars ring me up just to confirm my identity ….. (in that when they find out what they wish to know they hang up immediately).  After that they had a number of different voices ringing me up with the same narrative.  “You’ve had a car accident…” according to them.  They keep talking about my car being in an accident.   Then they trashed a car that looked like my car on the bridge that I walk across more times then anyone else every week.  There is this one bridge that I walk across twelve times a week and not one of the 7 billion people on this earth walk across that one bridge as often as I.

They burnt the car so badly that there was no way I could figure out if it was my car or not.  They trashed a car about 100 metres from my place of work and the remains of the car were still hot early morning, when I ran into it.  I’ll give it to them.  The extent of the damage to the car was indeed Shock and Awe.  You Jews go and congratulate yourselves because you may think I’m merely putting on a brave face, and whistling a happy tune, when I claim to not be viscerally intimidated right now.  But you can pat yourself on the your collective tribal racist backs because I was entirely stupified that morning when I ran into it.  And of course since I did not have a mobile phone and my home phone also had mysteriously packed it in (coincidence?) I couldn’t ring anyone to check that my own car was safe and sound.

The visual shock of it was really very chilling. The night-shift lab worker heard two explosions at midnight.  As Jew-Town knows,  the time is sort of equidistant between my trips across the bridge.

So we had the overture. We had the shock and awe. And then next the follow-through.  I had my phone number changed thanks to this gang-stalking.  Guess who was the first person who called me after the change in phone number? I mean the VERY first person.  No it wasn’t my dad.  Not my ex-wife. Not one of my couzie-bros.  I won’t keep you waiting. It was a Khazarian nigger calling himself Victor.  An whole new voice.  Sounded like the call came in from overseas or on Skype ……. but I’ll get the report on it sooner or later and if the phone company or the phone cannot retain this sort of gear,  well I’ll have to change phones and phone companies.  So this Khazarian nigger calling himself VICTOR is there to make it all just a bit too much of a series of coincidences.  Look at how they nuance it!!!  They want ME to know that it ISN’T a coincidence and they want YOU to think that it IS a co-incidence.  Thats their game.  They walk this fine line but they do it with this huge number of Khazarian niggers all working pretty mundane 8 hour jobs.   As long as these gangsta-niggers are walking that fine line they are doing their job.  No coincidence to me.  But it must still seem like a co-incidence to anyone its not actually happening too.

He thinks he’s a sneaky little Kyke.  But the setup would be that he’s just doing work, very much like call-centre work, but he’s doing it for an eternal crime gang. His ugly little Kyke ass could be in Dimona or Tel Aviv, but his calls will go out all over the world,  and he’ll make between 40 and 60 calls a day.  Like I used to when I used to hassle people for credit-card money.  This is a big gang.  And the claims of those being harassed by this crime gang posing as a religion ….. these persecutors posing as the persecuted ….. The claims of those being hassled by the Jew Jack City are NOT fantastic.  They are mundane.  Because the criminal behaviour of the Kosher Nostra is not fantastic.  Its just relentless and organised.  And thousands of years old.  Their techniques are boring.  Because its always the same few tricks.



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  2. Dirty Jew Bastards.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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