Posted by: graemebird | December 19, 2013

The Disgusting Filth Of Jewish Compulsive Liars

Here is an excerpt from a Catallaxy post I just saw which shows one of the many habitual lying techniques that Jews use all the time.

This is from an email soliciting money for The Skeptical Inquirer:

What needs to be on our agenda? Recent surveys suggest that Americans believe some outlandish things, often in astonishing numbers:

Last spring, Public Policy Polling found that:

  • 13 percent of Americans think President Obama is the anti-Christ. Another 13 percent weren’t sure—they only thought it might be true!
  • 20 percent believe there is a link between childhood vaccines and autism; 34 percent weren’t sure.
  • 37 percent think global warming is a hoax; 12 percent weren’t sure.
  • 28 percent believe that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is actively conspiring to rule the globe through an authoritarian world government—you know, the New World Order. 25 percent were unsure.

So I need to point out how this filth is lying?  What vermin these people are. They get an idea out front that it pretty ludicrous.  Yet they lie about every other point.  What scum.  We need to get this crime gang out of this country before they fuck Australia even more and we wind up in the ghastly state that the USA is in.  Do we really want this? I got another call from this scum today. But they did not venture to be taped this time.  They just allowed ambient noise to go ahead in the background.

Every last one of these contentions that the evil Jews are claiming are not true are proven except for the first one. No-one on Catallaxy or Randi’s Jewish dominated internet sewer has evidence against any of the other contentions.  The skeptical enquirer is full of the same liars that gave us the Keynesian multiplier and Einsteins physics.  They put Mercury in vaccines for no other reason but to hurt the nervous system of the kids. They put a terrible witches brew of rubbish into these vaccines.  Of course if anyone on Catallaxy says they have evidence for the CO2 warming claims they are liars.  And so it goes down the line.



  1. Have you seen this Web Site ? Mr B?

    A fine young lass. Very learned. Has the straight dope regarding our Hebrew Brethren as well as enormous Breasticles. Really quite extraordinary.

    • I cannot make much sense of it. Probably Jew controlled opposition. Got another harassment call today. Its deeply depressing that this filth is amongst us, and we are not even really allowed to talk about it.

      • I think maybe you are being a little harsh Mr B.

        Not everyone can write as clearly, cogently and succinctly as you can. Us mortals can only aspire for your diamond like clarity of expression.

        Besides, did you see her boobies?

      • Thanks Ron. Sometimes I need that sort of positive affirmation. On Christmas day.

  2. […] uncensored on “The Disgusting Filth Of Jewish Compulsive Liars“ @ A Better World: Graeme Bird For High […]

  3. These Jews can keep a candle burning for their war criminal bitches for decades before even the slightest tarnish sets in:

  4. Merry Christmas Mr B.

    I will shed a tear today for the Christ Child, murdered by the Jews and Wops.

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