Posted by: graemebird | July 18, 2014

Malaysian Airlines: Jews Murdering Australians Again

And its time we got angry about it.  They murdered our citizens with nuclear weapons on 9/11.  They murdered our guys in Bali with another nuclear weapon.  And now they are casually murdering Australians by knocking out airliners.  The first Malaysian Jet targeted was a stupid hit because the list of suspects was so short. But when you look at this first hit against Malaysian airlines you find that there were multiple motives for it.


Of course when I say “Jews” this is shorthand for all sorts of arch-nasty oligarchs.  But its a good enough shorthand.

Consider this analysis from elsewhere:


This ought to be no mystery when we look at the last Malaysian plane targeted.  With the last plane there is only one party that could make a plane disappear. That party being that NATO-based oligarchical/Jewish network that can control either the media, or the satellites … or both.  This is literally the only party that could pull off the hit.   I challenge any of you dishonest, brainwashed, lying or doubting assholes to put forward even one physically possible alternative.   GIVE ME EVEN ONE.   Any cunt who doesn’t admit I’m right is in serious denial.  When they cannot so much as THINK of an alternative hypothesis.  Wake up to yourselves you piss-weak pieces of denialistic shit.  Say the word “Jew” one thousand times so that the power of the word is diminished.  We know who it is that are our overlords.  They are those who we are not allowed to criticise.  Like “The Dude” taking it easy,  to bear the burden of all us hard-working sinners ….  I am taking the abuse and anger on my head for all of you lame bastards at Catallaxy who cannot handle the truth.   The Jews (and really only their elite are eternally morally culpable) were evicted 109 times.   That means they were accepted 110 times.  There is no way to reconcile this with their Christian victims being to blame;    Again …. can you even so much as THINK of an alternative hypothesis and have a good shot at justifying it? No you cannot.  Nor is there any way to blame ordinary less successful Jews for this phenomenon.  Because the welcoming population would be endeared to the newcomers, typically for a couple of generations …………….  until the threat of assimilation loomed (at which time the elite would make sure that assimilation COULD NOT HAPPEN.)

Now this crowd usually pull off these mass-murdering antics with several goals in mind. But one of them is to put Malaysian statesmen into a state of debilitating fear.  They now have just crippled Malaysian airlines.  Someone ought to now be looking into suspicious deaths in the ranks of high-placed conscientious Malaysian politicians.  Or their family members.  Or claims of intimidation.

No-one now can seriously trust Malaysian airlines with their family.  They may chance a low-price subsidised flight on their own. But you will never now put your daughter on such a flight.

This is the clincher.  This is how we know FOR A FACT that the latest Malaysian plane shot down is a false flag:


Strobe Talbot is a new world order insider.  He’s a long-term campaigner for “global governance.”  So his part in this crime against Australia and humanity,  tells us that the murderers involved with this shoot-down are the same murderers involved with the last Malaysian airline shoot-down.  The reason is that in all false flags,  the murdering oligarchs,  rely on these insiders,  to lay down the media force-feeding.


Terrorism always works against the terrorist party.  Never once has terrorism worked in favour of the population that the terrorism was conducted in support of.  For this reason all large-scale terrorist acts are false flags;  Or must be considered false flags until proven otherwise.  And in this particularly egregious case, with Strobe Talbot weighing in,  when he ought not to know shit-all about it,  when this asshole ought to be mystified by the event like the rest of us???????? ……..  His involvement proves what we ought to have already known.  This is another false flag.   And who are the false flag masters?  Who has FORM when it comes to false flags?


Jews jews jews jews jews jews jews.

It doesn’t do any good for your less successful Jew to deny the crime gang nature of their elites.


From Elsewhere:


  • Graeme Bird See this same crowd with another false flag in the Ukraine. Another act targeting Malaysia and murdering people from many nations. This one Jewish/Oligarchical/Banking/Covert Ops crowd. The enemy of all of humanity. It took many of us so long to understand that the peoples of the Middle East were targeted and damaged by this network.
  • Graeme Bird The Israelis have an official policy of sparing civilians. And they have access to all the US technology. And yet they produce a steady stream of murdered kids. The way to understand this is that Judaism has NEVER outgrown the cult of human sacrifice. The Jewish elite are like vampires and if some innocent children haven’t been sacrificed for awhile they start getting edgy. The Jews, in this instant,  won’t kill women and children in their millions,  like they did when they founded the Soviet Union. Because they need to constantly loot the US and Germany. So they have this steady stream of disguised ritual child sacrifice in Palestine.  It satisfies the nature of Jewish elites to just murder these children in dribs and drabs, rather then pull the full-Monty Soviet Union on the modern world. 
    The reality is that elite Judaism is MORE obsessed with human sacrifice then even the Aztecs were.  Surely there can be no denying it that this racist cult,   has kept and nurtured the primitive lust for the murder of the innocent women and children ….. Surely there is no denying that they have kept the obsession with human sacrifice …… alive and kicking ……….  right into the modern age.
    From Elsewhere:
    You would think an uber-parasite like this would get it together to get good dental work.  This is the reality we face.  We find that people who are too fucking lazy lazy to get their teeth fixed ….  even though your average teenage thai chick has excellent tooth alinement ….  Well what can we say about it.  This reveals that the modern Rothschild oligarch can be a fucking couch-potato.   Because he gets to have this constant stream of loot from the financial system.   And of course what fucking female does he need to impress?   This cunt probably fires out orders whilst fondling his ball-sack.   Interested enough to decide to shoot down a Malaysian plane, inherit a bunch of patents, and abuse the better politicians in Malaysia.   But not engaged enough to fix his fucking teeth.   These are the inbred cunts who are damaging you, me,   and everyone we know.   His cousin at least seems like an intelligent fellow who has a handle on the Indian economy.   But their wealth is automatic, and sustained on auto-pilot.  The auto-pilot is sustained by bribery,  systematic murder and targeted abuse.


  1. Dirty Jew Bastards.

    • Spot on this time Ron. At least if we assume that our Nato oligarchy is Jew-dominated which it does seem to be at least.

  2. Once again Bird you are totally wrong. The Jesuits were behind this, Vladimir Putin took out the plane to prevent a Jesuit attack on his person.

  3. We know who did it because of the monolithic Western media reaction. We have that media force-feeding that always and everywhere proves a false flag. You should know what the other assholes in your industry are up to even though you have a relatively asinine job with a relatively obscure caseload to look after. A normal journalistic reaction would be to say ….. we don’t yet know who did it but here are the known confirmed facts and here are some possibilities. But as a general rule ALL major terrorist attacks are false flags. I cannot even think of one that isn’t. Can anyone? Even Pearl Harbour, which was a military attack, had some false flag aspects about it. False flag is short for “Stand down false flag denial and deception”… Pearl harbour had the stand down aspect to it and massive efforts and intrigue were made to bring on a Japanese attack. Almost nowhere do we have a pure large terrorist event. Even if we look at John Browns attack on Harpers Ferry … well this is a small terrorist attack so it doesn’t really count. But he had Eastern banker backing. And we do not know the bankers behind the bankers in this case.

    Speaking of Catholics I was disappointed with finding out that our new Prime Minister can be absolutely relied on to go along with these horrid oligarchical murders. So he was part of this pantomime of launching a search anywhere where the plane was not, and then with this latest murder he played along by warning Putin of a new cold war. Fucking idiot. But I’m too resigned to be angry at him. But its a problem I have with Catholics. I so much like so many things about Catholic intellectual heritage. But then you get this horrid goose-stepping by these people.

  4. I have mentioned many times that if I had to choose religion I would be a Catholic schismatic like Hutton Gibson. So its recognition that the church has so many righteous things about it but that its basically wrong-headed perverted and lead by the nose at the top.

  5. Its actually quite unlikely that these little fertiliser rockets are being fired by Gaza residents. A resident of Gaza, Hamas or nay, would tend to sit this one out and wait until they had some sort of weapon that actually did something. Israels way of operating is to destroy a neighbourhood by direct targeting of the launch spot of the rocket. So the rocket operator runs directly after launch. Which ensures his own survival but also Guarantees that the Christian apartment block that he fired it from will be destroyed. So the IDF and the fellow who sets off the rocket; they dance very well together. It ought to be inferred that they are partners. Its one party, operating both sides, and the net effect is Jewish child sacrifice writ large.

  6. Reblogged this on nargun and commented:
    Boycott Israel

  7. Graeme Bird on September 1, 2014 at 11:16 pm said:
    What has happened here is that elite Jew pigs have staged a coup in the Ukraine. They are doing what they always do and that is attempting to get gentiles to kill each-other. This time with nuclear weapons. Israel has murdered Australians with nuclear weapons in Bali and New York. But here Jews are attempting to get a nuclear war going with Russia and Western powers. They are obsessive about this going so far as to crash a Malaysian plane filled with already rotting bodies into the Ukraine and pretending that the Russians shot it down.

    Interestingly the Jewish takeover of the Ukraine has been achieved under the ‘deep cover’ of using allegedly ‘anti-semetic’ front groups. This is an old lark of elite Jew pigs who pulled off the same scam in Turkey under the elite Jew pig ATTATURK and in Germany under the elite Jew pig Adolph Schickelgruber.

    Reply ↓
    Graeme Bird on September 1, 2014 at 11:24 pm said:
    ‘The US took on the Russians in Afghanistan – and failed, took on the Chinese in Korea – and failed. Took them on in Vietnam – and failed. Look at Syria, Libya and Iraq. They can start a mess but never finish off. This is exactly what is termed “imperial overstretch ” and what looks eerily like the end of the Roman empire.’

    The mystery is solved with the realisation that countries don’t make decisions. Here elite Jew pigs have sought to create genocidal mass murder and to pretend that this is war. They believe in mass-murder and damage to whole populations for its own sake but they also cash in on all this mayhem.

    Reply ↓
    Graeme Bird on September 1, 2014 at 11:28 pm said:
    ‘ and semi-democratic Gaza’s persistent attacks on democratic Israel?’

    Get a grip. No Gaza resident is ever going to launch a weapon against Israel that can serve no purpose whatsoever. If they want to achieve military goals they would wait until they have weapons that could achieve something. This is simply Jew child sacrifice posing as war. The people firing the rockets are one wing of Israeli policy. They form a fully integrated part of the child blood sacrifice policy.

    Reply ↓

  8. Graeme Bird
    just now
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    The situation is not hard to understand. Always elite Jew pigs try and get people killed. The key to forcing the Russians to toss nuclear weapons around is to take the Ukraine. So using anti-Jew groups as deep cover, elite Jew pigs staged a coup in the Ukraine. They then use their pig media to demonise Russia. Going so far as to drop a Malaysian plane, filled with rotting bodies onto the ground and blame Putin. Note that elite Jew pig media spoke uniformly with one voice on this matter. Even though they had no evidence for their claims. The ‘Ukranian rebels’ have no power to make elite Jew pig media goose-step in this way. Notice also that the plane went down half an hour before Israels 7 week straight murdering spree in Gaza.

  9. They are fucking DEMONS! Satans lirlteral chosen.
    I feel your pain the day I saw the real Palestine changed my life . I couldn’t even leave the house, I was so depressed. When you find out everything is a lie all the way back JESUS its insane. The old testiment even warns us of these vile morherfuckers!!!
    They kidnap Palestinian children rip their organs out return the dead bodies …than when the family reports it they are called anti semites ….ARABS are semites not these Rotten bagels ! They have done everything terrible on the world to each race then blame a different race so we are all confused and angry. God help us.

  10. Yes its terrible. These Jews have organ snatching rooms in Turkey at the moment. They seem to be an unstoppable evil force.

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