Posted by: graemebird | August 1, 2014

The Aztec Royal Family On Steroids.


Not long ago we saw the Australian Prime Minister and his bigshot military underlings,  conducting a pantomime where they pretended to look for a Malaysian Airliner …. He was looking extensively for this missing Jet-plane …. ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE IT WAS NOT.  It is amazing how fucking long and fucking hard you can search and turn up nothing when you are looking everywhere except where the plane is.  It is a measure of how large our planet is that you can do this sort of thing.

Now down here we are kind of used to you Northern Hemisphere types having to accept the bribes and shy away from the standing threats and just do what you are told.  But it used to be that in the deep south we could have a bit of independence.  More of a Bungee rope then a leash.

I don’t think we should twist ourselves inside out to pretend that this is anything less or more then the Israelis proving that they can slaughter small children as brazenly and as openly as one could possibly do so and laugh at the rest of us and say what are you going to do about it.   And when a fellow like Tony Abbott or any leader who might imagine he has some sort of local independence looks at this mindless slaughter with impunity what is he going to think.  He’s going to think that it could be his daughters. His neighbourhood.  Or thousands of other Australians and he is to blame for getting them targeted.

Remember when the Americans were bombing the Serbs and bastard-Rockefeller Clinton went and murdered a bunch of Chinese civilians.  Then he did it again. Murdered more of them. He also moved a couple of air-craft carriers into the region where China was making a lot of noise.  Do you think that the Chinese deluded themselves that this wasn’t gangster Clinton, from out of the bastard wing of the Rockefeller crime family,  murdering people and getting away with it.

Of course not.  The Chinese knew what the score was. They did their best to orchestrate a lot of protests.  And then they backed off, went about bribing the White House for military secrets, and attempted not to gloat.
Same goes here. When the Jews, right before the eyes of the world start murdering kids in GAZA,  for no reason at all, and on this sort of scale, what do the rest of us who would normally speak out think. What are we supposed to think.  I’m not talking about you fluoride drinking goose-steppers. I am talking about outspoken types. And here I’m trying to focus on outspoken types who may even have garnered some influence and authority.


What they will think is I’M OUT’


What they will feel is GUILT.  They will feel guilty for putting their girls at risk with their big mouth and perhaps even their poisonous keyboard.

This is what the Israelis are up to right now.  Every action in international affairs is like an email with a cc-line.  When we write an email, any receiver knows that he is the one who received it.  And third parties looking over the shoulder of the receiver at his computer can verify who the email was meant for.  But in international affairs there is always another receiver of this oblique message.  There are other receivers.  In international affairs every action has a cc-line and untangling what is going on involves trying to interpolate the address or addresses on that cc-line.

Don’t extrapolate this  straight-forward Israeli slaughter of kids, women, unarmed men, and people who gave up fighting a long time ago ….  don’t project it as anything more then it is.  Like vampires these bigshot Jews always get restless and thirst for sacrifice of kids eventually.  But they are sending everyone a message. They have surely smuggled nukes everywhere …. Bali for example … So if Abbot and the top Australian soldiers didn’t go along with these Jews and their oligarch amigos …… If Abbott or someone like Abbot decided to defy them    ……   he has to wonder if he would do so at the cost of being guilty of getting all his girls murdered …  And perhaps he will think that to exhibit this level of defiance and courage is kind of above his pay-grade.

What I’m saying is that in the midst of this mysterious murder for no reason at all, a lot of you will be given over to awesome creativity; thinking of any number of brain-stormed justifications,  to pretend that you are not bearing witness to the straight modern massacre of toddlers in broad daylight.

But the Jews have been openly, proudly, and brazenly slaughtering kids in broad daylight for a number of weeks now. They kicked it off by dumping that Malaysian Jet, this time filled with rotting corpses, into the Ukraine,  at the exact same hour as they started the mass murder of children in GAZA….  Amazing huh.  If you think they didn’t want to take credit think again. Taking credit for all this mindless slaughter IS THE POINT OF THE EXERCISE.   This gruesome sense of humour really shows us how Jews think of the rest of us.

The mass slaughter of innocent,  and indeed victimised kids, is not happening for some sort of creative reason that attempts to be even-handed between both sides.  Its the Aztec royal family on steroids is what it is.



  1. Grame Bird
    What a bunch of lying pricks you people are. Look this fellow had to be a Jew since the Mossad/CIA/MI6 nexus would hardly leave such a critical job in the hands of an Arab would they. You haven’t brought forth even one scintilla of evidence that he isn’t a Jew working for the Mossad. Come up with the evidence or castrate/kill yourself so you don’t pass the stupid gene on.

    5:47 pm, September 5, 201428. Grame Bird
    ‘ A longer debunking of this hoax is here.’ There are lies, damned lies, and elite Jew pig lies and here we have a lie of the third kind. There is no debunking here rabbi. Your crowd has been busted doing what they always do. Busted clean. And you are damn lucky that the media is controlled by elite Jew pigs, or the scoop would be out now and your miserable little fascist country would be in big trouble.

    5:52 pm, September 5, 201429. Grame Bird
    Look at what WIKI says about the ‘journalist’ ‘Born in London to Sikh parents of Indian origin, Hundal has a degree in Economics from Brunel University. He is best known as the founder and editor of the centre-left group blog Liberal Conspiracy. Comment is Free on The Guardian’s website named him as their blogger of the year in 2006.’

    Endorsed by the Guardian. Ruperts loyal opposition. For shame. Mate you are not a journalist. You are a goose-stepping butthole. Give it up fella. Give up lying about this matter. You didn’t make a case. Because you don’t have a case.

    6:03 pm, September 5, 201430. Grame Bird
    This fellow is either a traitor or very very stupid.

    ‘The Islamic State is the current incarnation of al-Qaeda in Iraq(AQI), which was created when Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi swore allegiance to Osama bin Laden in October 2004. ‘

    Good fucking lord. For an alleged Sikh you really are a good Jew. So you can look yourself in the mirror, call yourself a journalist, and fall for that fucking ludicrous Bin Laden fairy tale. What a moron you are. The dumbest Sikh in the neighbourhood. For your fucking information Bin Laden was already dead before October 2004. Dropkick. I suppose you bought the assassination story as well. The one where seal team six kill bin Laden just down the block from Pakistanis West point and on the border where the Paki’s keep a hair trigger alert for a sneak attack from India.

  2. Hey Graeme, was Robin Williams assasinated?

  3. I had a look at that. They were talking about tipping the forces of darkness off via the FAMILY GUY cartoon. But when I went to check the program it seemed to be from 2 seasons ago. So it didn’t really constitute a smoking gun. They are claiming that he died strangling himself whilst jacking off. Like they pinned on the INXS singer. Note that the INXS fellows wife was dead soon thereafter. At least if Robin was murdered they set it up to look that way. Which is itself deeply suspicious. Particularly as Robin is in a movie where he walks in on his son attempting to jack off that way. Gratuitous to any plot, and a scene I’m sure that he would have resisted performing for the elite Jew pigs.

    The thing is everyone in Hollywood hangs out with elite Jew pigs out of necessity. There is no telling when one of these evil creatures will revert to type and carry out a human sacrifice. But I see no smoking gun so far.

    • Dirty Jew Bastards.

  4. It was about 2007 that I was looking at all the evidence and going on the evidence it appeared that we were about to go into a very cold period. If not another little ice age. Now the evidence may be wrong but its still the evidence. Now the word is getting out and from people more equipped to go into this sort of thing in much greater depth then I can. We ought to expect worsening and colder and colder weather. And not just for a few years. But for at least a few decades. If not longer.

  5. When I looked at the science what became clear is that one weak solar cycle tended to lead to cooling, but not necessarily so, and not by any huge degree. But two in a row ALWAYS lead to cooling and severe cooling. We are now at the maximum of the second weak solar cycle in a row. So the cooling will start soon and it will just keep going. We are talking massive drops in average temperature.

  6. Graeme
    Helen is back to help the LDP

    • Hey thanks for the news. Really puts me in a good mood. I know at one stage she was lamenting that there was nothing for her in this country. Hope she sees things differently and is getting to see old friends.

  7. Wow. Awesome. Are the forces of evil going to do some sort of take-down due to her presence. I hope not. Such a positive thing to have David in that seat.

  8. Just read the piece. Awesome. Good guy hey. Just putting a quality team together and the attack dogs can go to hell.

    ‘It won the Vogel literary award and the Miles Franklin award, before it was revealed that she had blurred the lines between fact and fiction, inventing her own Ukrainian heritage.’

    The horror the horror. Like some sort of war crime. You remember how young she was then. You would think that people would congratulate her for taking the role of the artist and pushing it that much further. But no.

    Anyway she would be fearful about any link to me now that I’ve got jack of that particular tribe so I may keep some distance.

  9. Just watched Davids maiden speech. Awesome. He didn’t hold back at all. Good stuff.

  10. Elite Jew pigs running fake Palestinian extremist photographs and videos to manipulate the news.

  11. Bird

    Stop the hate.

    • That is what I am trying to do Joseph. I’m trying to stop the racist hate of the most racist tribe the world has yet seen. I am doing my small part in trying to slow down their push for nuclear war in the Ukraine, and mass murder in Iraq and Syria. But its no crusade this time. Because I realise I am beat, and all I want to do is maybe tip off 20 or 30 or 50 people and then go on with growing my own vegetables and hunkering down my own self. I may well neglect to renew my internet account. That is how pointless I think these internet arguments are because you have counter-intelligence spivs working around the clock neutralising any truth that there is to be had from deeper analysts like myself.

      So its not like the 2005-2009 crusade. I’m not going to make a big splash and crusade on 50 different websites like before under dozens of names. Its no one-man counter-intelligence unit like before.

      But if I can help 20, 50 or 100 people then look to my own welfare that will be good enough.

      On a lighter note Joseph;

      Do you remember when I claimed that candidate Obama was NOT bisexual. Do you remember when I claimed that the evidence was very clear, and that he was definitely a full-blown homosexual ……


      Here is more evidence for that thesis;

  12. Nigeria (Boko Haram)

    Don’t know. Jew sponsored and directed until proven otherwise ….

    Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Assad and Hezb’ollah)

    Assad isn’t a terrorist. ISIS is just project Gladio all over again. Its a NATO-Israel front and its leader is Elliot Simon who is a Jew and Mossad agent.

    Gaza (Hamas)

    ‘Hamas’ is just a quick way of saying ‘HARMLESS.’ Hamas was started by Ariel Sharon, and in the last 8 weeks never had a strategy that so much looked like it would kill a Jew except by accident. Ariel Sharon on the other hand would shoot Palestinian children like rabbits in front of people. Its misleading to call those individuals who fired those smoky toy rockets, with a 12 mile range, out of Gaza ‘Hamas.’ That ought not be assumed or inferred. It must be deduced rather that the harmless rocket shooters were NOT Gaza residents and were merely conducting one arm of Israeli policy. Israeli policy was to practice human sacrifice and pretend that it was war. Any Gaza resident who wished to break free from their Jew oppressors would obviously wait until they had a weapon that would DO SOMETHING before trying anything on.

    Sinai Desert (Ansar Jerusalem against Egypt)

    Don’t know. Jew sponsored and directed until proven otherwise ….

    Afghanistan (Taliban)

    Sponsored through American dependents and/or allies.

    India (Al Qaida)

    CIA front but in this case may be assisted more out of Pakistan.

    Pakistan (Waziristan terrorists)

    Don’t know. Jew sponsored and directed until proven otherwise ….

    Iraq (Iranian-sponsored terrorist group, “League of the Righteous”)

    I find that very hard to believe. Hopefully GAB would provide evidence that they are a full-blown terrorist outfit rather then legitimate forward defence. Iran suffers under a absolutely murderous American/Israeli front-group who conducts more terror against Iran then Iran has ever done to anyone else and the reality is Iran was only a full-blown terror state under the first Ayatollah. A situation set up by elite Jew pigs.

    Libya (Libya Dawn Coalition and others)

    Well it was the US that just waged war on Libya. Clearly you must look for elite Jew pig involvement here.

    Somalia (Al Shabaab)

    Don’t know. Jew sponsored and directed until proven otherwise ….

    Syria again (Al Nusrah, AQ affiliate)

    Al CIAda is CIA. Always was.

    Iran (International Shi’ite terror sponsor, using Hezb’ollah and Quds Brigade).

    Way out of date. Terror is not now Iranian policy.

    Qatar and Saudi Arabia (Sunni terror-sponsors, including Hamas)

    Qatar falls under British military protection. The oligarchy there do what they are told. So this is English terror sponsorship. Qatar is really a British Empire holdover.

    Turkey appears to be a major sponsor of ISIS,. It is run by an Islamofascist regime.

    Erdogan is a Jew and Turkey was carved out of the Ottoman Empire by crypto-Jews from Salonica. Including the blue-eyed Ataturk. These Jews were responsible for the Armenian massacre.

    So we see that on the surface of things terrorism appears to be a Muslim phenomenon. But it has been crafted that way. In every case its really a Jew phenomenon. Jews are addicted to the cult of human sacrifice. As all my arguments about World War II on Catallaxy displayed.

  13. Unless the money supply has suddenly sped up, then we must conclude that its liberal party spending cuts that lead to a burst in job growth in the month of August. I just got the job growth story from unleashed, and inferred spending cuts from that. In contrast to Keynesian error. But since I haven’t been reading the papers I could have that wrong.

    However when you see a burst of job-production you are almost always seeing the results of either spending cuts, if some other measure cannot be identified. The next thing to look for is a drop in average business profits.

    Spending cuts reduce C and G. Consumer spending and Government spending become business revenues. They are the only business revenues that don’t become cost of goods sold in the next time period.

    Wages and salaries are a business expense. They come out of business spending. Not consumer spending and only SOME government spending. Deficit spending re-routes spending from business spending to C and G. So business spending is less so employment is less. Yet in the next time period profits will be higher. Since C and G are revenues that don’t become cost of goods sold, but business spending becomes cost of goods sold in the next time period.

    Business Revenues minus Cost of Goods sold equals business profits.

    So when we REDUCE deficits this effect goes into reverse. Employment increases but profits reduce. This is almost the opposite of what we are usually told and I’m sorry you had to hear it from me. I heard it from George Reisman. Still our greatest living economist.

  14. Everyone coming out now with the news that Obama is a queer and Michelle is a man.

  15. ‘DavidLeyonhjelm
    #1384786, posted on July 17, 2014 at 11:44 am
    I’m delighted to have contributed to the repeal of the Carbon Tax. Bob Day and I stood and clapped when the repeal bill was finally passed.

    The President told us we were disorderly, although I think he was smiling.’

    Superb. A small ray of hope in a world of shit. Just catching up on what has been happening since I no longer listen to the news. I hope I had an impact on this matter. Its by no means ridiculous to think I may have. I put three really hard years in 2005-2008 and I hope it wasn’t all a waste of time.

  16. ‘Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.
    #1438152, posted on September 4, 2014 at 12:05 am
    That bird really has flown.

    Birdie, you are mad. Face it, March Hare territory. Wacko. Loony. Crazy.
    Baying at the moon. Gone troppo.

    Let’s try paranoid. Yep. You’re paranoid. Take Dot’s advice.
    It’s time to see the nice doctor about some treatment.’

    Lovely Lizzie. Still believes in fairy tales like the idea that ISIS ….. AL Quaeda … et al are indigenous Muslim movements. Sweet kid. She may well come to see that ISIS is a bit suspicious after awhile. Maybe in a couple of years.

    One bit of good news is that the plane crash in the Ukraine didn’t happen. Which means the Australians were either herded into some area by Mossad and slaughtered, or far more likely they never died at all.

    It seems like the alleged Australian victims did not die at all. It looks like its another Sandy Hook false flag.

  17. ‘The Australian National Imams Council responds to textbook Koranic decapitation of Steven Sotloff by warning us that we’ll be sorry for opposing ISIS…..’

    These beheadings were fake. For example the Foley beheading actually used a woman in order to create the illusion. Foleys alleged siblings were crisis actors. The sister was used previously for Sandy Hook and the brother may have been used in a fake mass shooting 7 years before but on the other hand that latter is by no means any perfect match.

  18. A reminder that the Jews did Fukushima. Digging into the NZ archives brought up documents that showed that the New Zealanders had a joint research project on how to create an artificial tidal wave, wherein you hurt a lot of people and blame God. This is the Jew way. Damage innocent people and throw the blame onto others.

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