Posted by: graemebird | September 17, 2014

The White Death Is Upon Us

….. Or how to avoid a full-blown glacial period.

Just a short note to bring people to the reality of what is going on which is the direct opposite of what the usual suspects are trying to tell us. This post is currently on moderation at ABC UNLEASHED;

There are probably things we can do to avoid a full-blown glacial period. However there is nothing we can do to avoid the nasty little ice age bearing down on us right now… Still every little bit helps. One thing that can help is to reduce SO2 and particulate output. But that is about it. China seems to be serious about doing this now.

To avoid a full-blown glacial period the main consideration is to keep the ocean currents unobstructed. Not to use them for power generation and not to allow them to get blocked by ice. Currently the Gulf Stream is being used for power generation off the coast of Florida and this ought to be frowned upon. Colder water is more viscous then warmer water and the consequences for global temperature resultant on that fact is very serious in and of itself. But the natural stabilisation that three phases of water on a planet tends to bring should prevent us from having a full-blown glaciation just so long as we can maintain a civilisation advanced enough, to clear such ice as would block the great ocean conveyor.

The consequences of blockage are not merely to do with failure to bring warmth to cold places. The formula associated with Stefan-Boltzmann’s law implies that any impeding of the flow of the ocean currents would bring the equilibrium average temperature right down.

When the glaciers are on the move this is not something that you need to write a letter in a time capsule for your great grandchildren to worry about. The glaciers come down off the mountains and crush whole towns. They subject the general area to drought, and they keep moving and nothing can stop them. Its important therefore that we plan in accordance with the evidence and not in rebellion to the evidence. There is a great deal we can be doing to prepare for the menace of cooling which is upon us.



  1. Moderated on abc unleashed.

    Terrorism reality driven home by raids’

    Said with all the logic of a global warming advocate. This is getting pretty close to the sort of media force-feeding we always see after false flag terrorist attacks.

    ‘Australian authorities have a history of disrupting plots early – ‘ They are going to stick to that story though they failed to stop us from being nuked in Bali.

    ‘Australian authorities have a history of disrupting plots early – ‘ That is not the point. That is not what we really need to know. What we need to know is if Australian authorities are like those of the US, the UK and Israel. Do Australian authorities start these plots in the first place. You see those mid-east Leprachauns are very tricky. Very crafty. They are able to conduct fake beheadings for the camera, and a world away they can compel American crisis actors to pretend to be the siblings of the fellow who didn’t have his head cut off.

    Now surely if these middle eastern Maggi are so clever as to get two crisis actors on television with Katie Couric, then they would be clever enough to magically get people pretending to run some sort of raids over here as well. We ought to all pretend to be Muslim so as to inherent such magic powers.

  2. 800 Police hey. But its really just the camera rolling and the reporter talking up a storm.

    800 police. Reminds me of the Paper Lace song ‘The Night Chicago Died’ which depicted a legend of open gang-on-police warfare during the Capone era. Like the story we have here, the song was mostly fiction. We ought to refer to this legend of yesterday morning as OPERATION SYDNEY-FEMA just to remind ourselves of the theatrical nature of the story.

    Having said that i suppose I’ll have to keep clean underwear on for the rest of the year lest I encounter the wrath of the NSW police for impugning their honour.

  3. I would doubt that more then twenty police would have had to wake early for this story. The amount of coffee beans necessary to get 800 coppers to wake up at that hour of the morning just doesn’t bear thinking about. Yet this is an act of psychological terrorism in and of itself. That Sydney-siders believe this story will add a great deal of stress to the lives of four million people. And particularly to our Muslim friends, who don’t deserve to be put-upon by pantomimes of this sort.

    Its pretty simple. Assume that the Sampson option is for real. Find the Israeli nukes. Assume that there are Mossad agents trying to corrupt some of our younger and more stupid Muslim friends. Take the nukes and reverse-engineer them. Take the Mossad agents and reverse engineer them also. Open up their minds and see what makes them tick.

  4. capoleon18712:29 AM

    biggest load of shit ive ever read in my life..another consipracy theorist..not to mention also how fucking disrespectful it is to the families that lost loved ones..

    they are recruiting from london, from aus, from the hague from every corner of the earth, we have a serious problem here and people just dont see it yet…. 
    Show less


    Of course they are. Local Iraqis don’t want to fight. Anyone with any fight in them has been killed three or four times already. Hence the CIA and Mossad is getting people from all over the world for their terrorist outsourcing. That they have just enormous global reach to be recruiting in this way ought to tip off even the drooling seats as to the nature of their newly branded front group. 
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  5. Dirty Jew Bastards.

  6. Right. If we just take Syria alone, when we look at that part of US foreign policy, we see that its only there on the basis of Jew-influence. That war alone has lead to maybe 200 000 deaths. The Jew-influence is an endless carrion production factory just like it was under communism.

  7. Deeply suspicious. A cop killing someone in Melbourne and claiming that the fellow is a known terror suspect. You couldn’t get timing more dubious then this.

  8. Elite Jew Pigs destroyed our compressed air energy source in 1936. They threw the concept of the TROMPE down the Orwellian memory hole.

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