Posted by: graemebird | January 27, 2015

Massive Step Forward In Explaining Evolution

More Later

Notes;  Fungal evolution as going back 100 trillion years ….. Fungal evolution as explaining pre-existing complexity of plant and animal life.   Easy explanation of retention of fungal life after planetary explosion and supernovae.  Mycelium analogous to the aether.  Higher panspermia though almost certain not now necessary to explain evolutionary history in principle.  Importance of void at the centre of the earth.  Importance of gateway assumptions to how the centre of the earth works.  Complexity of mycelium networks makes new-age Gaia-like voodoo not quite as silly as all that.   Next post; potential of hydrogen dirigibles so powerful that oligarchs will destroy it.



  1. Mr B

    Some very Dangerous and Powerful Insights here.

    The Hebrews won’t like you touching on these Subjects. The Wandering (Panspermic) Jew is descended from Fungus and will do all within their Power to prevent this Truth from coming out.

    • Yeah. You bet. But many good Jews do many good things Jason. Look at Von Mises or George Reisman. An understanding of George Reisman integrated with Bill Mollison is the way forward. Reisman integrated Mises, Boehm Bawerk, David Ricardo, Adam Smith … You know he integrated Austrian school with Classical school AND WITH MODERN ACCOUNTING …… And you can then just steal a few neoclassical models off-the-shelf, and make good with many excellent insights by five or six religiously handicapped Keynesians…… Professor Keane is my best example.

      But there has to be ONE MORE INTEGRATION. And its a very hopeful one. It has to be integrated with Bill Mollison.

      In economics there is not enough dwelling on the Boehm Bawerk concept of the lengthening of the structure of production. BB invented it. George Reisman ……… our greatest living economist …….. talked about it a bit more than any other economist that I am familiar with. But not enough.

      If we had dwelled upon it a great deal more we would find out that we NEED TO GO THE OTHER WAY with agriculture. We need good food and close to us. And the only way to come to this conclusion is integrating the best economics, with Bill Mollison curriculum.

      But we also need more massively wide canals and the sky full with hydrogen-dirigibles. Because that leaves us with a more competitive trading system for business-to-business goods.

      • One can only assume that many of Reisman’s Hebraic Ancestors copulated with White Women. Thus the Fungus does not dominate all aspects of his Personality.

      • That could be it. HA HA HA.

    • Remember that I’m not down on all Jews. I think the culture is scary. Like watching the Cohen brothers ……. A Serious Man ……. Like one day I will learn to love that movie. But the first pass over was just shocking. My mind reeled away from the hatefulness of the culture. People have no idea just how fundamentally healthy NZ and AUSSIE culture was up until the late 60’s. The photos of all us kids at NANAS place and most of those kids went on to do very well.

      For me George Reisman is a great hero. A real man. The greatest intellect and the most loyal friend. He’s a little bit too long in the tooth to talk about clamping down on usury, redirecting taxes against the super-rich, or skewing the tax system towards permaculture and working AGAINST the lengthening of the structure of production.

      But to me he’s the example that I will fail to hold to.

      He is the best man. And he happens to be of Jewish extraction.

    • Don’t want to send the piano player to an early grave by pointing out that he is a cousin of mine. An over-achiever. The singer is alright but outrageously over-doing it. Note how Graeme Bird stays right out of her way. Doesn’t try and compete with her. I kind of wish he did. But check how good he is in the solo. Yet he’s a full time harvard academic. And quite diverse just on the academic side of things as well.

  2. I’m probably a lot more interested in any of the rest of you in this discussion. I believe Graeme’s father and my father are first cousins. I’m wondering if he still retains a slight NZ accent.

  3. I seem to remember that Graeme’s father is called Derry Bird. I could have my Dads uncles mixed up. Anyway I looked up Derry Bird. And I found a 22 year old that has just put in prison for five years for beating up and robbing a known drug dealer.

    I suspect we are all in the same broad family. Although the young bloke has to be a couple of centuries separated. Since his roots aren’t in NZ.

  4. You get about 20 minutes in and its actually a very engaging discussion.

  5. Magnificent. He goes over a lot of the historical criticism of Homers work. And the controversy is to what extent Homer comes out of the oral tradition. And he runs a lot of angles to do with the meaning of improvisation. So then he uses his jazz experience as an analogy to oral improvisation. And as a didactic tool its not only useful but pretty delightful. Its masterful didactic work and it actually brings a smile to your face as you are trying to understand him. Because he does a number of variations of the tune ‘Night And Day.’ And he also does so with a number of variations on the meaning and level of improvisation. No doubt he was a fine lecturer.

  6. People putting a great amount of effort, expertise and focus into sounding exquisitely relaxed. I post this youtube since Graeme mentions it in the course of his lecture.

  7. Here Graeme makes the theological students laugh with his lame vocals, inside jokes and exemplary piano playing.

  8. ISO Valentines Coffeehouse looks like a pretty healthy and civilised student hangout. Probably some balance in the culture here. Things are looking up when the Christian theology students can dance like this;

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