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Brian ….. The Piglet ……. Of Moorabbin

There is this policeman on Catallaxy called Brian. He’s just the sort of officer that you expect in a stereotype. Brian is busy trying to get his way through a string of intimidation attempts. Brian is wanting to intimidate some other fellow into staging a demonstration, or seminar, in front of a group of policemen. The subject of the course is; How to deal with a small 22 year old woman without killing her.

You would have to expect a high failure rate from a course of this type now wouldn’t you. One supposes that might be like teaching a group of hogs to walk a tightrope. But in the scenario the police are to be heavily armed, the girl lightly so, and the police are to outnumber the girl.   So you would think that even with very poor diets and flat learning curves the police may be able to grasp the material. It is after all their job to do so.

Brian characterises this Alfonso as being a kind of ‘keyboard warrior’ for thinking he could cope with the prospect of a 22 year old girl, without having to put her in a hole in the ground, for the worms to eat. Without leaving her Mother to cry at nights for her daughter lost to incompetence and callousness.  Brian thinks that this is fairly improbable, being as there is ONE young girl in this scenario, and only one of Alfonso. Presumably that means that Alfonso would be ridiculously overmatched.   Perhaps if there were five, six,  or ten Alfonso’s, then Brian may be thinking that this is not mere bravado on the part of Alfonso. The odds of being overwhelmed by the young lady are just too much in Brians presumed view, without having all the firepower, and backup,  that is available to the police.

Where I come from a man didn’t have to be a warrior in the face of a threat from a young lady.  I don’t wish to imply that there was any threat because there was no report of the girl threatening anyone before the police showed up.  But to sissy-boy Brian ……. Alfonso is trying to be a big hero,  and is unrealistic in his otherworldly view,  when the reality is this growing war on the streets.

Its a war that I knew nothing about. Until Brian …. the piglet …. Of Moorabbin tipped me off.  You see there is a problem blooming within our midsts that is still under the radar.  Under the radar of most of us anyway.  Under the radar of all but the experienced Brian of Moorabbin and his colleagues. This is the shadow that stalks all of us, or soon will. The fearful threat that dogs our every step.


That one woman menace is making me shake in my boots just thinking about it.

So the training scenario that Brian has proposed to Alfonso is this; Alfonso is to be surrounded by hostile people who are armed and in uniform. He is to conduct a training course in front of these sneering armed bully-boys. Brian, who really didn’t have much of an argument, and just shouted at people to go away, now is using this scenario of intimidation as the stand-in for the argument that he failed to come up with.

So his pseudo-argument all the way through is;  intimidation intimidation intimidation.  If Brian wasn’t so wise and prudent in the face of the building threat of THE LONE SHEILA, you could be forgiven for thinking that he was a bit of a one-trick pony.

There wouldn’t be much use Brian taking a training course of this kind. Someone like Brian is too stupid to learn how to deal with a young lady and let her live to tell her side of the story. The main thing is to get the guns off people like Brian, who are too dimwitted to be carrying them. Take their guns and take their pensions.  Until the people who still have their guns and pensions realise that the rest of us are very serious about getting our girls home, or in front of the magistrate, safe and sound, without permanent injury.

As it turns out the evidence does not favour the cops or their training, in the incident in question. The girl wasn’t a monstrous woman. She hadn’t been threatening anyone. Like the officers firearms; her knife was visible. They negotiated for only around 40 seconds before killing her. And the murder didn’t take place under conditions of constricted space. So the only conclusion one can make is; if the pig murderer isn’t blamed for this killing of a young, lightly-armed woman, who wasn’t hurting anyone  ………… then its the TRAINING that we need to change.

Its the training that this is really all about. In nearly all cases of this sort, in Australia at least, you find this psychopathic training doctrine at the bottom of cops murdering people. And this may not be an oversight by the people who originate the training. It may well be deliberate. Good on Alfonso for at least trying to stand up to that feeble unmanly piglet, Brian. But Alfonso is being beaten down by the sycophantic crowd at Catallaxy,  who are swayed by whoever is brandishing the biggest wallet or the largest stick. Infidel Tiger stuck up for Alfonso a little bit at first. I was getting under the pigs skin. That was never going to last. Sync was right to get rid of me this time. I was going to work on Brian.  Make that girl-killer-in-spirit cry. How would he like it if it was his daughter they murdered.  What would he think of that.

From the very same open thread we have direct testimony that the problem is in the training.  Apparently you cannot pistol-whip anyone, fire warning shots, shoot to wound, no deviation can ever be employed. The sacred nature of firearms combat means you must send the sacred bullet through the heart organ and toward no other place.

Here we have this testimony from Kev;

Can we bury this “shoot ‘em in the leg” rubbish. I am/was well qualified in the 9mm browning from my Swanbourne days and believe me pistols are not sniper rifles. We trained to double tap to the centre of the seen mass (the chest) because any other body part targeted would leave you in the situation of taking return fire. To easy to miss a leg, or arm, or head. The SASR Pros don’t train for it, why do you expect the police to do so when they would only get one hundredth of the range time.’

Note well the dimwitted Kev didn’t for a moment think that his training was not appropriate to a situation when the menacing little girl is not in possession of a firearm.   So its a training problem.  We see it clearly from the dopes with the relevant experience.

Always we have to steer clear of that false street cred.  This false street cred infects everyone.  Often it will infect just those hoodlums in the pub, who would be likely to be shot themselves if their luck ran bad.  Its devastatingly infective because it comes directly from these guys who have the experience in the field.  They see one of their incorrectly trained colleagues screw up and kill someone and they say to themselves ‘there for the grace of God go I.’  From there on in they become partisan advocates for whoever it is holding a smoking gun and cooking up a series of excuses.  It was for this reason that I was for a long time very wary of the gun rights crowd. Its true that I have come around to the policy of concealed carry and to gun ownership.  But its an enormous responsibility.  You have to take responsibility for your weapon and for every last bullet that comes out of it.  You should not let the kids even play with replica pistols.  Its very much an adult thing.  Kev pointed the lack of training time for armed police.  That is just unacceptable.  If they are to carry firearms they have to be tremendously skill-full with them. As stupid and as immoral as Kevs statements are, they contain the entire solution to the problem.  Not every policeman has to carry a firearm.  Yet all policeman who do need to carry a firearm have to be very well trained to do so.  Plus if a citizen carries a concealed weapon he too must be extremely good with it, because there ought to be no excuses of the sort that Kev was trying to pass off on people.

The way that sissy-boys at Catallaxy bow down to people that have taken the time to do firearms training is just deeply depressing.  When you practice firing a rifle, no-one gives you an honorary doctorate in philosophy, majoring in ethics.  You don’t gobble down encyclopedias when you do firearms training.  So if you get a young version of the stupid Brian of Moorabbin, and you give him firearms training, he’s just no smarter then he was before.  No more ethical.  If anything he may be less ethical as the effect of the uniform and the firearm go straight to his head.

These guys are both making excuses for failure.  But the job of the policeman is to get everyone home, or before the majistrate,  without permanent injury.  Its not up to the policeman to deliver the death penalty to young girls, they have outnumbered, who will not obey them.  The crime is to not obey them.  The firearm gives the illusion of control of the will of other people, rather than the actual control.  Just point out the philosopher or the ethical theory  that says that disobeying a meathead like Brian should mean the death penalty.

We have the ethics of the individual.  Is he guilty of murder.  We have his resources ……… his equipment and backup ………  and his training.  If he fails in his goal, we don’t make excuses for him.  We have to look at these areas to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  No matter how bad the menace of the lone little girl gets.  No matter of how frightened Brian is of lone girls without firearms, and no how matter how unrealistic he thinks Alfonso is in being able to handle such an overwhelming threat,  the fact is there was unacceptable failure, and that has to be cured.  Or just better to take the pensions away of recalcitrant bully boys until the remainder get the message.


  1. Just went through the argument again. Its really quite good seeing just how sound Alfonso’s arguments were and what the menace the thug Brian is. Its just guys protecting their own tribe. And not always from wrong-doing. But often from idiotic training. But a meathead like Brian serves to double down on the dysfunctional training.

    There is so much evil involved with doubling down on past mistakes. Socially and institutionally.

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