Posted by: graemebird | February 15, 2015

What Is Going On In Copenhagen.

When I speak of Jews in reference to Copenhagen, its really Jews/covert ops/the oligarchy.  But this particular set of parallel events has Jew written all over it.  We have two almost parallel attacks.  One was on a synagogue.  The blame is projected on Muslims, but no good evidence that Muslims are involved is presented.  But the media at the same time was throwing a pity party for the Jews of Copenhagen.  This is how Jew-town operates.  Murder locals.  Throw a pity party for Jews.  Blame a third party.

All major terrorist attacks are false flags.  Both in theory and practice.  So if you haven’t investigated a major terrorist attack, simply assume its a false flag until proven otherwise.  Because if you investigate any major terrorist attack with any competence, it always turns out to be a false flag.  And there is a good reason for this.  Bigshots act in their own interests.  And its never been in the interest of anyone to conduct a terrorist attack unless they can blame it on someone else.

Now the story is very dim so far.  But already its just completely incredible.  Firstly no Muslims have been caught, but some patsy has been murdered already by the perps.  After awhile you get sick of these attacks where gentiles are murdered, and Jews throw themselves a pity party.  Its just so repulsive.

They do it all the time.  Same formula as in Argentina.  There they murdered heaps of Argentinians, threw a pity party for themselves, and tried to blame Iran.  Its just so disgusting and this is the exact same formula we saw in Copenhagen yesterday.  They will cook up some pseudo-evidence blaming Muslims again.  But it will prove to be very suspect. They are just lazy these days.

Jews will keep murdering gentiles and blaming other gentiles, just so long as they are still Jews.  If they stop being Jews they may decide to stop murdering gentiles and blaming other gentiles.  But otherwise they won’t stop,  because everyone just keeps buying these really pathetic and transparent setups.

UPDATE.  Another 3 days have passed and all the signs of a false flag are still in place.  A dead/silenced patsy.  Media stories putting a lot of second hand information out there …… so for example Tim Blairs commentary ….. but devilishly difficult to confirm anything close to source.



  1. Bollocks

  2. Tell me what else you bought. Did you buy the one about the blind man who set up a bomb in the world trade centre the first time around. The one about the fellow who made the world trade centre disappear from a cave.

    What story did you NOT buy hey dopey.

  3. Is there any conspiracy nutjob theory you *don’t* buy into?

    • Nope, Bird’s feeble mind is filled to the brim with every zany, bigoted and impossibly stupid conspiracy theory ever conceived.

      • All persistent conspiracy theories are there for a reason. They are not sustainable without merit. It is the simple tension between Jew media and reality.

      • They are there because they are sustained by conspiracy theory nutjobs. They are very clearly sustainable without merit, because, there they are …

      • No no. Its just that you have oligarchical/Jew controlled media lying all the time, and on the other hand you have reality. Therein is created a tension. Added to this tension, in order to hide a real scandal, a lesser or unreal scandal must be placed in front of the real scandal. So it is the oligarchy who place the false information for bad conspiracy theory, as well as creating the real conspiracies and the media tension that sustains them.

  4. What did you buy into you dumb low-IQ twat. Did you buy the raid that was a couple of blocks from Pakistanis West Point. Right on the border where they are on a hair trigger alert for an Indian attack.

    I guess you are not that bright are you Mordecai. What story did you NOT buy. Answer the question Quisling.

    • Did not buy into any dumb-assed hypothesis you ever farted out

      • So you bought the Obama hit right dummy?

  5. Still looks like a false flag. Charlie Hedbo did too but that was a little bit each way. Another way of saying that is Charlie was a more competently run false flag then the ludicrous Boston Marathon bombing or the idiotic Sandy Hook. In these latter two there can be no controversy about it.

    The trend was that these guys were getting sloppier and sloppier. Whereas Charlie and this one may be a move in the other direction. You really could not get more sloppy than Sandy Hook.

    On my own bat I’d be waiting a couple of months before taking a firm stand either way. But luckily I have a real false flag expert for you.

  6. This was recommended to me as an effective JFK conspiracy lecture.

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