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Greatest Archeological Find There For The Taking; The Day The Rotating Ice Ground Its Way Onto The Land.

We know that there is a massive and perfectly preserved find, which will tell us all about life just prior to the bronze age catastrophe.  This find is so well-preserved that it will put all comparable finds into the shade.  It will rewrite recent “pre-history.” The greatest archeological find is waiting there and its easy to locate.  Best of all its so great in its volume that the oligarchy, and their Jewish bully-boys, cannot possibly steal all the material and hide it from the rest of us.

This all goes back to the idea that the bronze age collapse occasioned a pole shift.  I did not originate the idea, nor did I have the tools to do so.  Rather I just think I have added a friendly amendment and update to the idea.  I have a preliminary finding that looks like it fits the data much better. The data did not appear to be pointing all in the right direction.  But with my friendly amendment it now seems to be.

The bronze age collapse was less than 3200 years ago.  But the day the rotating ice ran finally ran aground may have been many decades, or even a century or two later.  You see the ice distribution and longevity of our world, makes no sense under normal assumptions.  No-one will find ice core data much older than 3000 years near the current North Pole.  By the same token, no-one is about to find ice much older than 3000 years near the Eastern Antarctic Coast.  Or in fact for many hundreds of miles inland.  That ought to be a slam dunk for a pole shift right there.  But the evidence keeps piling on from all directions.

So-called “Western Antarctica” holds a motherload of ice and easily the major part of all fresh water in the world.  But the ice is not deepest at the poles …….

Have I gone far enough now? Supposing you are not a Jew or an idiot will you concede on the basis of what you have heard already that there must have been a recent pole shift?

Where is the ice to be found and why aren’t the ice cores at the current north and south poles? The biggest ice core record is at the Vostok station. This is not at the South Pole.  But they have a station at the South Pole and they don’t have a substantial ice core there or they would have got their core from the South Pole and not from Vostok.  Everything Jew science tells you is a lie.  Christian-era science was a sort of projectile-vomit of truthfulness by comparison.

So at Vostok we get the 450 000 year (don’t quote me on precise figures.  I developed this thesis over a year ago and am only going on memory now).   What about in the northern hemisphere? Where is the ice core data derived in the northern hemisphere.  It is derived FROM GREENLAND.  Not from the north pole.  And why is this? This is because Greenland ice is ice leftover from the former location of the North Pole.  And so the pole shift is recent ON THAT BASIS and anyone who wants to gainsay me on that matter, in any sort of arrogant fashion is a Jew or just fucking full of shit.
So we get ice core data of maybe 200 000 years vintage from Greenland, and maybe  450 000 years from Vostok, which is NOT at the South Pole as you would expect if the South Pole had stayed put.   But they are trying to get a longer record then the Vostok record had to offer.  And if Jew science had not demanded that we don’t believe in a recent pole shift, and suppose the poles had been in their current positions for millions of years ……. then we would go roughly POLEWARD to get our more extensive ice core record! Right???? Wrong.

To get the longer ice core record the science community is pinning their hopes on DOME C.  DOME C is near the coast.  Almost due South of Perth last I looked.  None of this is consistent with the lie of the poles having been in their current positions for tens of millions of years.  And the reality is that the most major pole shift in a very long time was very recent.  It came with the bronze age catastrophe.  Elsewhere we will find evidence that it came with the conversion of Venus from a massive comet to a planet.  But that is more accessible information (see Velikovsky) and lies outside the scope of this thread.



  1. One last comment.

    Precipitation is highest nearer to the coasts, and is impacted by numerous things like orographic effects. Thickness of Ice is a poor indication of where the pole is.

    Besides if stonehenge is 5000 years old how come it still aligns with the solstice if we underwent a shift in poles.

    • The Jews’ hatred for the Pole Shift Hypothesis is as great as their Lust for White Women.

    • This is only the case because the Poles are new. The old poles had been at or near the same place for a very long time. Perhaps one million or more years. They may have moved around but only 1% per cent here and 1 per cent there. Yes its true that there is no correlation. But there certainly would be, had the pole been in place a very long time. Instead of only 3000 years. Since when the snow falls at a pole-on-land it can never melt again. There is no time at all when a snowflake that falls on the south pole can ever melt. Never. Not even with the 3 months sunlight in summer.

    • Your theory doesn’t work dummy. Since the thick ice is only on one coast. That coast closest to Australia. If you were right then the ice would be deepest all the way around the coast. Which would mean under your theory that Antarctica would be concave in the first instance. Although the land may compress to accommodate all your coastal ice. No-ones getting a 450,000 year ice core near the South American coast. If they do you are right and I am wrong. But since they look for the deepest ice, more or less due south of Perth, I don’t see your idea has any legs to stand on at all.

  2. Go away then SW you great whiner.

    You have no idea how Stonehenge has been tampered with over the last 5000 years. If you had a calendar tool that suddenly stopped working what would you do? You’d fix it, rebuild it in a way that made it still work and so that dummies like you SW would come along later and look at the age of the stones and assume these pre-historic people were too dumb to fix.

    They weren’t dumb SW they were smart, and not blinded with government propaganda like you.

    • But is a Hebrew capable of the physical labour necessary to calibrate Stonehenge?

      • Ron have I covered how the hydrogen bomb is not a fusion bomb? But a proton-repulsion bomb? Have I covered how coronal mass ejections come from a phase change of water and that the sun never lost its oceans? I mean water oceans?

        Have I gone over these findings?

      • Mr B, the Hebrews will never permit the Truth to be known about the Aquatic Sun. Anymore than they will tolerate questions about our ancestor the Aquatic Ape.

        Please I beg you. Do not address these topics. The Jews will get you and you are One White Man that we cannot afford to lose.

      • Thats interesting because someone just stole my car plates and the identification that I don’t carry with me has been missing for awhile.

    • Good hypothesis.

    • Seriously good hypothesis ponzi-banker. I’m impressed. I myself was a bit stymied by contrary evidence of this sort. But I had to come out the other way, because the evidence for the pole shift is really very strong.

      • Mr B I have done an informal ranking of Hypotheses in accordance with your Methodology and I can confirm that Ponzi-Banker’s hypothesis is presently Number One.

  3. Terrific. Professionals have now pulled apart the computer image fakery during 9/11

    • Mr B what should I make of the fact that Velikovsky was an Unrepnetant Hebrew.

      • Its a bit of a shame. But he would have been unable to reveal as much as he had if he were a gentleman. And he has a proven track record.

    • GReat vid Mr B. Awful what the Hebrews are doing.

  4. when are you ever going to get over this jew hatred of yours Bird?


    • As soon as he gets over smearing himself with peanut butter and sticking cucumbers up his arse.

      • Woppy prefers Macaroni and a Salami for Play Time.

  5. el Wopperino

  6. That may be so, but at least he doesn’t get his kicks by fucking wombats and assorted innocent woodland creatures, as does Bird.

  7. Bird, what’s this weird interest you have in home water births? You are one creepy fucked up bastard.

    • It helps him get his rocks off, plus it doesn’t interfere with his stripping out the copper wiring from his house.

      • Idiot Dago.

    • Hi RPH, what’s the matter with Bird? Has he run out of deep philosophy, crackpottery and conspiracy theories to blog about?

    • You are correct but where did you see this?

  8. Poor Graeme. I think he’s run out of Asian brides and resorted to sticking bananas up his arse.

    • I’m surprised there’s enough room as all of Bird’s deepest thoughts and philosophy reside in there.

      • His backside’s so big I’d wager there’s still room for a crate of pineapples, plus a few NASA conspiracy theories to boot.

  9. Can we please have the old Birdie back?

  10. Admiring oiled-up men again, are you Birdie? You absolute tool. At least have the decency to admit that you bat for the other side.

    • go put some more Parmesan on your Macaronis WOPPY

  11. I just thought it pretty amazing that a 39 year old can beat up such a good young fighter. Later that year Lewis went up against the no. 2 who was 23. He got hurt but went all 7 rounds.

    • DJBs

      • A new feature Ron. I ran out of things to say in health, economics and the Jew world order. I have built up a lot of material on physics. So the blog will liven up a bit and teach people about real physics and the way forward with research.

  12. Yes you bet. Perfect predictive power. So no prophet could have written it. Since we prophets occasionally make mistakes. Only the people who were to carry out the plan could have written it.

    Anyway here is a good video on a related subject:

  13. No thoughts on MH370 I see. Jews?

    • Very short list of suspects. To make a plane disappear you need to be able to control the satellites or the media or both. There is no getting around this. So yes the Jews. Jacob Rothschild would be the first Jew to torture to loosen his tongue.

    • Its like anything else. So long as you have not rejected logic, you can narrow most things down. We have a pattern of behaviour with Jews. Cry anti-semitism even as you are doing rotten things.

  14. Jew World Order / Socialist Alliance gone nuts.
    More here:

  15. Wow. MarsGuitar is even loonier than you.

    • Right. I have got a massive amount of science material built up. But I don’t know whether I can be bothered compiling it all.

      • Where do you store it? Up your arse?

      • Most of it was stored on various answers on quora.

  16. Fuckwiit.

    • What you talking about dopey? You checked out the science material on the new blog?

  17. Here is a better link to get to the new blog. The new blog has been so difficult to find its almost been a secret blog.

  18. To read my stuff when I was taking blogging seriously you would want to go back to the start of this blog. The new blog is like a substitute twitter account. Few of the threads are real threads and out of those only one or two of them are completed.

  19. Its pretty clear now that the recent pole shift was earlier than I am claiming in this thread. More likely associated with the quaternary extinction even, then the iron age catastrophe.

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