Posted by: graemebird | August 11, 2015

The Real Deal On Energy And Matter In The Universe

We can get an idea of how the universe works by simply noting that current physics is Jew fairy tales and reapplying the laws of logic to the situation.  From Elsewhere:

Mass-Energy is NOT conserved. If mass and energy were conserved there would be neither mass nor energy. Mass and energy are not convertible to each-other. For a meaningful reality to exist the sort of matter that needs to develop is matter that “wishes to” amalgamate when small and orbit when large.

So orbits between a large body (eg Mars) and a small object (eg Phobos) tend to degrade.  Whereas orbits between two large bodies (eg. the Sun and the Earth) gain size and energy.

To have a meaningful reality, existing matter must aid in the creation of new matter. Or else new matter creation would be an independent miracle each moment.  But for the prior stipulation to hold, new matter must come into existence,  with disproportionately more energy, or orbits of two large bodies would degrade.

There is no evidence that energy does not disappear.  There is however evidence that new energy is being created all the time.

To answer your question: The universe is growing in mass and energy all the time.  And it has to be that way.


Since all of you have been propagandised all your life about the nature of the universe, I would expect that you need to ask a great many questions about how the universe really works.  You will find that my system (worked together from the best dissident ideas out there) is the only one that conforms to known facts and the laws of logic.  The idea is to understand how things work first, and then find the evidence over time.  If you get bogged down in the “you cannot prove it” mentality, you will never get your head around what is after all a pretty simple paradigm.


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