Posted by: graemebird | August 16, 2015

Evidence For Growing Earth Theory

Is the Earth growing bigger in diameter? If so, why?

Yes its very clear that earth is growing.  Also if it wasn’t we ought to be completely perplexed at where our matter is created …. or at least converted.  The matter is here, so it must get here somewhere and somehow.  And it would be very surprising if it didn’t arrive in large objects like planet earth.  Every large rotating body whose surface is visible helps answer the mystery as to the location of new matter creation.

The growing earth hypothesis is probably the most proven proposition in the history of science in that the proof keeps coming in at multiple convergent angles;

1.  The age of the ocean floors 2.  The shape of the continents fitting together if the Pacific and Atlantic are factored out 3.  The  fossil record showing that these continents were once joined 4.  The physical impossibility of tectonic plate theory

5. The confirmation  of past mega-fauna on a smaller planet.  Megafauna that could not survive in our current gravity…. 6. The evolution of flight, quite ridiculous on a planet of our size.  Lacking all plausibility, but more than plausible on a small planet.  7.  The manifest dwarfing of subduction zones by these massive rifting areas proving that the earth grows via stretch-marks.  8.  The ease at which a thoughtful growing earth cosmology fits into the data without all these appalling creation theories that the gullibles are always demanding we have faith in.  9.  In terms of a satisfying hypothesis to fill in the mystery when we apply the laws of logic to a string of alleged physical laws and find them to be logical impossibilities.

10.  The capacity of our planet to maintain an atmosphere, when standard gas laws would have our atmosphere thinning over time.   11.  The existence of ore grade deposits when in gullibles science higher elements are believed to only come about via supernova explosions.  11.  The NOAA observations of ore grade magma coming clean out of the deep ocean volcanoes 12.  The abiotic oil findings which show oil to be a juvenile product of the earths crust.  13.  The way that this cosmology means we don’t need to look at every supergiant star or fast-spinning dark ultra-heavy object and interpolate a creation myth where this object starts from a pool of very cold hydrogen many light-years across without any explanation as to how the hell such a hydrogen set-up got to be this way in the first place.

The deniers really have to take a good long look at themselves.  Its not acceptable to be accepting a string of alleged physical laws that are in defiance of the reality of growing earth, and actually in defiance of logic itself.  But they go further than this.  The gullibles over at the Amazing Randis internet sewer insist that all of us MUST BELIEVE in alleged laws that are in fact logical impossibilities.



  1. What is the mechanism by which the earth expands? Brainfarts?

    • New matter creation. The only way it can expand.

      • So brainfarts confirmed then.

      • Over in Jewtown logic and reason is brain farts and Jew Voodoo of the type the fraud Albert put about is genius. Albert is their own personal science Jesus.

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