Posted by: graemebird | August 16, 2015

Hot Fusion Myth

You organise a dance and you want people to latch onto each-other.  Should you set up cannons all around the dance hall and fire people out of them and to the centre.  This is no way to make a meaningful connection.  But I have seen a meaningful connection.  And the connection that I see is that in so many areas of science, disproven, implausible, and outright stupid ideas are promoted and tolerated, and the motive often seems to be to deprive us of niche energy.  They want energy.  They just want it big.

What about the hydrogen bomb.  I don’t believe it was a fusion weapon.  Convince me.  Whereas fission weapons lead to the possibility of monitoring mining, enrichment, and all sorts of other things, how do you control a more powerful weapon when no mining is necessary.  Well all you can do is tell everyone how you made this weapon ………….  NOT.

As Christopher Walken says in the movie ‘True Romance’;

‘What we got here is a little game of show and tell.  You don’t want to show me NOTHIN …..  But you tell me everything …..’

Clearly this is the only technique you could expect from an oligarchy who controlled the Soviets almost totally, and influenced the Americans on so many levels that medium-term control was sort of doable.  When they had developed this bomb, and successfully smuggled it to their, colony in the far north …. Why would they turn around and give us all the secret.  It was just a game of show and tell.  Show us everything tell us nothing.  And it makes no rational sense on a scientific level.  Fission should be good for bombs.  Fusion should only be good for low-level tepid energy production.  Because you break things by blowing them up and you construct things by patiently bringing them together.

The reversal of this fundamental reality, has been brought to us by the department of making you sad, working with the bureau for the retardation of science …… theoretical division … who then outsources to the dirty tricks department, the foundation for promotion and firing, and the office of publications and refusals.

Now I may be wrong.  But I think its time we the public took a good look at fusion. Because so much crazy mainstream science seems to be in aid of this reversal of normal assumptions when it comes fusion and fission.

In nature fusion can happen easily and without great pressure or temperature.  Fusion happens in our atmosphere above the clouds where Nitrogen is turned into Carbon 14.  It happens in comets, and it happens above the photosphere of the sun.  So all fusion in nature we have observed doesn’t require high pressure.  What it does require is high ELECTRICAL pressure.  The atom bomb produces an electrical magnetic pulse.  Its possible that this pulse could outrun the speed of light for a few metres.  So we have the electrical pressure for fusion one supposes.  Its at least possible that this type of fusion is what is going on.  I doubt it myself.  Perhaps the pulse strips the standard high-pressure hydrogen of all its electrons.  Then what we would have is protons forced too close to each-other.  So it need not be a fusion bomb.  It could be a proton bomb.

The main ulterior motive I have is not so much to do with the bomb.  But with all these lies to do with super-hot-high-pressure-fusion more generally. With this nonsense about super-hot-high-pressure fusion being the source of our heat from the sun.  With the idea that you are going to need to contain materials under massive heat in order to have fusion energy.  All of this is nonsense even if the artificial bomb really is an example of fusion and not something else.


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