Posted by: graemebird | August 16, 2015

Speculative Gravity Theory Reform: Why do orbits remain stable?

If we would compare to flying, we would want three or more stabilising forces. With a helicopter you have the gyroscopic effect of two blades and you have a pilot. With a jet you have the gyroscopic effect of both turbines. The air pressure is pushing the plane up and back. Gravity is pulling down, and there is a pilot.

We expect more than one item at play here. Since the people who model orbits need all sorts of trickery to stop them from unravelling in historical time periods. Particularly if they are stupid enough to program in the Einstein-derived notion that gravity propagates at light speed. An obvious lie.

For starters there has to be an acceleration component with two large bodies. Since this mantra of no friction is completely wrong. You have cosmic rays, the solar wind, comets, asteroids, micro-meteors, meteors etc.  So two large bodies accelerate.  Forget conservation of mass and energy. If mass and energy were conserved there would be neither mass nor energy. Our moons acceleration component enables it to produce the tides on earth and still have enough energy left over to accelerate away from us.

Next we have to consider the inverse square law as an emergent property only. The result of three or more things working simultaneously.

Gravity is the result of the fact that all nucleons are attached to every other via the aether. We know that the aether exists because light travels in waves.  But how do velocity and acceleration affect nucleon-nucleon attachments? I think that velocity and acceleration disrupt these attachments and that they are in the process of re-establishing themselves. So that we start with an inverse cube phenomenon nucleon-nucleon and wind up with an inverse square approximation as an emergent property.  Gyroscopic experiments particularly show us that acceleration strongly inhibits gravity.  The body accelerates mostly when its closer to the other body. Here there is likely to be an antigravity effect. People know all about whatever the real answers are.  But they are not about to tell us. The deification of Einsteins stupidity is part of the massive superstructure of misinformation.

The next stabilisation factor is the increasing mass of the bodies. The earths radius is growing 22mm every year. We have hit a sweet spot and are likely to be one of the fastest growing bodies around proportionately speaking. The moon is growing too. But only by minuscule amounts.

So in this model, which is not allowed to be investigated, we have velocity as a weak antigravity effect, acceleration having a strong antigravity effect, and mass increase. And these work in a way that supports orbits and avoid collisions when the bodies have reached a certain size.


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