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Graeme Bird Discovered The Oceans Of The Sun.

In reality its just one big ocean.  But “Oceans Of The Sun” has a better ring to it, in keeping with my new-found discoverer status.  Think about my awesome historical majesty as compared to Columbus!!!!! I am now a big man. Columbus is a little man.   The “oceans of the sun” are far bigger than America.  Whereas I have legitimately discovered the suns gigantic yet mildly brackish ocean,  Columbus did not find America.  Columbus got lost and Americans found him. Columbus got lost and Americans found him. 
I made a bigger discovery than Columbus, who made no discovery at all, and I didn’t even get lost doing so.
The “oceans of the sun” are my discovery and mine alone.  I discovered it very much same way that Anne Elk discovered a little known but crucial set of facts to do with the brontosaurus.
As you guys might of guessed I am trying to claim ownership of the idea through recourse of the internets search engines.  This may seem really petty. Particularly for someone so historically important and with such contemporary gravitas as myself.  But what I am really trying to do is stop the Jews from stealing the idea and crediting it to one of their tribal members.  They always do this.  I will never get a prize for the biggest modern discovery in the entire fucking solar system.  Because prizes all go to Jews with stupid ideas,  and to gentiles who bring pseudo-evidence to the fore in service of the stupid and wrong ideas that the Jews have thrust down our throat. This is the very purpose of the prize-awarding system.
Jews have this terrible terrible habit of opposing all ideas not thought up by another Jew.  When the Jews can no longer impede progress, they see to it that all the credit for the long-awaited “new” idea is heaped on one of their tribal members.
The Father of little things.
 For example the IQ challenged Feynman (a real dummy) is described as The Father Of Nanotechnology.  
Graeme Bird discovered the “oceans of the sun.”  What did Feynman discover?  What did he find out which gives him the plausible claim to the title “The father of nanotechnology”?  He fucking made a speech.  Thats it.  Thats all he did.  Make a speech. These Jews are simply unbelievable.
 In 2015, when high school children in Thailand learn about nano-technology (Thailand seems to be angling to have expertise in this area) they are told that Feynman is the father of nano-technology. A lame quote, that is supposed to be profound,  is taken out of the speech and drilled into the Thai kids.  The racist Jews just have no shame.  So while I don’t expect any prize money for my genuine discovery, as opposed to Columbus and Feynman who get all this credit, when in sober reality they discovered fuck all …….. what I am really trying to do is cut off the tribe from one of the expropriation rackets.  In this small way I want to stop the Jews from this pretence that their mob is replete with all these great scientists. When in reality the Jews are the biggest,  and most intractable hindrance there is to new knowledge.
Below is a thread as it originally appeared.  Modified from a question I answered in Quora.
The True Cause Of Instability At The Suns Photosphere
What could cause an explosion as large as a coronal mass ejection?
Forget about the standard model it is complete rubbish and its not what my question is about. Think about what could cause an explosion that big.  Anything non-artificial anywhere and for any reason. The standard model is embarrassingly idiotic and ought never have been adopted.  But what possible cause could anything that powerful have?  Bearing in mind that the explosion must come from a long way below the photosphere and it will arc up much higher above the photosphere than the diameter of Jupiter.  So the force has to be millions of times larger than a hydrogen bomb.

Lets see them use heat and magnetism to make something go kaboom in the lab before they imagine it in the sun. The biggest explosions we know of are where water goes through a phase change. And this will also be nature’s greatest explosions.  Here we give no credence to Jew mandated science and rely only on science as such.

Super-massive explosions occur when protons find themselves in too close a proximity, having quickly lost their electron and neutron shielding.  There is not much scope for achieving this with hydrogen-as-such in nature.  Hence the really large explosions in the universe will likely have planetary sized phase changes of water as part of their cascade.

Moreover phase changes of water under high heat and pressure will tend to cascade to ever larger reactions until the water has drastically cooled. This is because the initial explosion is followed by a moment of low pressure over a wider area than the explosion itself. So one explosion is naturally followed by a larger one.



  1. As far as I know this thesis is original to me. You could say that I discovered the oceans of the sun. Graeme Bird first discovered the oceans of the sun.

  2. Graeme M Bird is far more majestic than Columbus. Being a Jew it was put about that Columbus discovered America. What really happened, is he got lost, and Americans found Columbus. Typical Jew reversal of reality.

  3. Columbus is thought to be responsible for the murder of one million humans. Which shows that the American project was Jewish and genocidal from the start. You don’t just kill a million people in a fit of absent-mindedness.

    This means that the Jews, or their Venetian or other oligarchical bosses, retained the institutional capacity of biological warfare, so well used in the 14th century black death. They must have had this plan to roll out the death to the Americas as well. We have to stop pretending that killing people in the millions is accidental. It was not accidental in the 16th century or in Korea or Vietnam. We just have to stop this even if it hurts a few peoples feelings over at Catallaxy. Its more important to save the next million potential victims than to save the feelings of the Jews over at catallaxy.

    • Dirty Venetian Bastards.

      • Yes it does seem that way.

    • Dirty Mormon Bastards

  4. I cut this bit out for fear of embarrassing Neal Adams:

    “The only person I could possibly allow to lay prior claim to this discovery would be Neal Adams. Graeme Bird discovered the “oceans of the sun” based on presentations constructed by Neal Adams, and on discussions he had with Neal Adams. (Placed in the third person for search engine quote reasons).  So its at least possible that Neal Adams thought of the “oceans of the sun” first.  If so he has chosen not to talk about it.” Probably would not wish to be associated with me.

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