Posted by: graemebird | August 16, 2015

Why does the universe exist? Why is there something rather than nothing?

I shall try and avoid the usual ontological Anselm-esque jive by starting with a concrete incident in statistics class. Ivor got us trying to produce random dots on a piece of graph paper. We were asked to make these dots as randomly as we could contrive.  He then handed out booklets filled with random numbers. We then did the exercise over using the random numbers for guidance.  In every case, authentic randomness had the dots more bunched than any feeble attempt at randomness any of us had tried and failed at.

So FLUX is natural. Reality must somehow flow out of the flux.

Endless time and space can be taken for granted. But what is it that is fluxing such that reality can emerge out of it?

What we need is two subsets of space such that when they meet they don’t pass through each other. One subset of nothing that will not pass through the other subset of nothing.

To even get this far is pretty miraculous and I doubt we can go further back than this.

So we have bubbles of nothing that don’t pass through each other. From here it may have developed in one of two ways.

1. A three-dimensional aetheric cobweb may have formed first in which case the matter which came later is less substantial and in comparison like a ghost which moves through the aether. Or …..

2. It could be the matter which is of greater substance and the aether more ethereal. When a neutrino passes through the earth is it the earth or the neutrino which is less substantial. If an arrow passes through a marshmellow we usually would think of the arrow as the more solid object.

Whatever the truth from there combinations can come out of the flux over trillions of years. And some may be akin to matter as we know it. But it’s all for nought until the emergence of reproductive anti-entropy.  Insofar as straight matter is concerned a form of matter must emerge that aids in the conversion of new matter. The proof is in the reality we see. Since all evidence shows earth to be growing and no evidence shows otherwise.

It may have been a trillion to the power of a trillion years before a system of reproductive anti-entropy emerged. But matter must help create more matter or new matter creation would be a new miracle each day.

It follows from this also the peculiar nature of orbits.  Although this is largely covered up:  Small objects want to come together.  But large bodies want to orbit.  Matter that did not comply to this may have briefly come about.  But it could not sustain a working reality and so it would have lost out to the matter we have now.



  1. Very good post Mr B.

    • Thanks. Once you really internalise this it requires a complete audit and rewrite of modern science.

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