Posted by: graemebird | August 26, 2015

The Scandal Of Newtonian Gravity In The Era Of Jew Science

How heavy would a man who weighs 100 kilo on earth, weigh in a balloon 50 kilometres high?

According to Newtonian Gravity you suss it out in this way:

The Earth’s radius is about 6400km and gravity is proportional to the square of the distance from the earths surface.  So a man who weighed 100 kg on the surface would weigh about
100kg×((6400/6450) squared))  ≈ 98.5kg           in a balloon 50km above the surface.


Well guess what? No-one has checked this.  And it ought to be clear to you that Newton did not have this data. But we have been able to check this sort of thing for maybe the last 50 years.  This is the question I bandied about:

“What empirical evidence proves the inverse-square law for gravity?

What I am after is for someone to prove this alleged law empirically. If the empirical evidence is not there then the law will be wrong. Since science is not about dumb luck or informed guesses only.”
They didn’t have anything.  They have not sent any robot weighing gear up in a balloon.  They aren’t testing gravity meters that people use for prospecting in a controlled environment.  You could hover over a huge sphere of tungsten and see what it did for your gravity meter.  Then put the same tungsten ball under 20 metres of water.  Keep working on your tests and working on your theory. They aren’t doing it.  They won’t do it.  Or if they have done it they won’t tell us.
I would myself like to come up with a better model but there is no data.  They don’t seem to know how to do anything.  They do not even know when a theory has been disproved.
Its obvious to me that if you tried to work with very many planets and moons, and you tried to use such crude formulae,  the planets would not fucking want to orbit.  And even if you could get them orbiting somebody’s would sneeze and everything would fall to pieces.  Worlds would collide because the Newtonian system of gravity is inherently unstable.
Here is another question.  This one is not my own but if I knew we had not been lied to by our oligarchy and denied a true understanding of Gravity then I may well want to ask the same sort of question:
“Why are physical laws like Gravitational Force free of additive constants?
Why is it that the formula for physical laws are so simple and pure mathematically?
The formula for gravitational force is F=G*m1*m2/r squared and not F=G*m1*m2/r squared     +C.Why is it that mathematics even works for describing physical phenomenon? Why is it that physical laws can be stated using elementary functions?”

I told him is the reason is that they are lying.  But my answer got down-voted.
Have the effects of horizontal velocity and acceleration on gravity been tested?
I asked the above question and of course its gotten no answer.  Because everyone knows there are no such public tests.
Well how does gravity really work? What understanding of gravity explains the habit of planets to orbit rather than crash?


  1. Jewtonian Physics

  2. 10 For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: 11 Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.

  3. The King James Bible, book of Titus Ron. They had the number on our Jew physics boys all the way back then. There is not a great deal you could hide from the people who wrote that book.

  4. You see, Bird, Newtonian physics works whereas the pseudoscience of cranks doesn’t. Got it?

    • Jewtonian gravitational theory doesn’t work. It leads to the doctrine of self-compressing hydrogen balls. It doesn’t explain the tendency of large objects to orbit each-other and almost never crash.

      • Newton wasn’t a jew and planets are incredible distances apart in stable orbits, all in line with newtonion gravitational theory, so why should they be crashing into each other?

      • No its not in line with Jewtonian Gravity. If the planets followed the formulae they would all crash. Particularly after a supernova there would have to be a cascade effect and planets would go into chaos in the wake of such an event.

      • So what are you proposing to do about this anomoly, dummy?

      • What can I do? Anyone who gets funded is only getting funded by the Kosher Nostra. If I got to where I could fix this menace on my own a Jew would pop out of my green rubbish bin and put a lead projectile in my heart. They would likely have a muslim patsy to blame for this.

        When I was a logical guy responding to what I thought was a wave of Islamic crimes and threats against civilians they gave me all the space in the world to type about what should be done. Now that I can prove that it was Mossad that did 9/11 I can type as much as I like at my own wordpress site.

        We know what these Jews are like. They will depopulate the planet before admitting they have ruined physics for a century. They are still campaigning for the pedophile sex-murderer Leo Frank. After 100 years they still support this filthy dog and spit on the grave of Mary Phagan. There is no prospect of them supporting me and my ideas. Not unless I start getting behind the policy of genocide against the middle east. But if I become part of the carrion-production they have going in the middle east, which I would never do, they would say that I had my chance and that I blew it.

      • You can prove that Mossad did 9/11? Really? lol I know your standards of proof are like that of other demented cranks (ie no proof whatsoever) but for laughs, what have you got?

      • Too easy. Since it was such a massive operation we just take the operation apart and see who was there on all levels. And it was these Israeli connected Jews at every level. Ultimately there was no long-term way to cover up such a massive undertaking. Obviously someone did it right? So its just a simple matter of determining who. And since its such a huge operation that makes it easy to see who did all the hard yards.

        Starting with this fellow. Someone was needed to murder the passengers in two of the planes:

      • Newton was a Hebrew you stupid Woppy

  5. Danny is still alive of course. And he’s a great Jewish patriot, having murdered so many gentiles. So of course when you are a Jew who murders gentiles the Jews go about naming streets after you. Giving awards out in your honour. Pretending you did something really great by putting it about that you are the guy who invented the internet. I thought it was Al Gore, but you see the Jews will say its you who did it if you murder INNOCENT gentiles which is the most wonderful thing you can do if you are a Jew. The Jew cult is a cult of the sacrifice of specifically innocent gentiles. Like none of the people on the flight manifests …. that is to say the people who really were there for sure and not there because of make-believe, would have wished Jews any harm. But they were all murdered just the same.

    “After his death, the intersection of Main and Vassar Streets in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was renamed Danny Lewin Square in his honor.[12] The award given to the best student-authored paper at the ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing (STOC) was also named the Danny Lewin Best Student Paper Award, in his honor.[6] In 2011, on the tenth anniversary of his death, Lewin’s lasting contributions to the Internet were memorialized by friends and colleagues who knew him.[13][14]”

    Fucking Jews got no shame. This dirty dirty killer. And they reckon he invented the internet. That really gives the whole game away. The way these dirty Jews just lay it on so thick.

  6. Ron is that you asking excellent questions on Quora? In the past we have never had such good questions. For example.

    “Why is gravity such a mystery in modern day physics? Why can’t we just nail this bitch down? I mean what are the fundamental blockades in unlocking a ‘theory of gravity’?”

    This sounds like it comes from the keyboard of Ron Pauline Hanson.

    • Mr B

      I have many Questions about the Gravity Lie but I have a family (White and Christian, thank you – no Hebrews or Wops in the Hanson family Tree) and must therefore choose my Battles.

      The Hebrews will permit some topics. You can even discuss Fractional Reserve, Panspermia and the Aquatic Ape with minimal harassment apart from the occasional Halfwit Dago from Catallaxy. I’m looking at you Cambria, you dopey Stooge for the Hebrews.

      But Gravity – one must not go there. Gravity is the High Temple of Jew Science. It’s too dangerous.

      Please think of your Womenfolk Mr B who need you Healthy and not Murdered by Hebrews.

      • Amen. And if me and my girls were not many years estranged, I would not have been able to get up from under my desk after merely THINKING ABOUT Jewtonian gravity errors.

        I guess my being able to muster a bit of pluck in this regard, is one tiny scintilla of good, in the general tsunami of bad, that comes from me being a failure at marriage.

      • Now Ron. Do you want to know about the mystery of the cosmic microwave background radiation?

  7. Mr B, there is no mystery about any Hebrew Science. It’s all just a bad vibe emanating from your local synagogue.

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