Posted by: graemebird | August 29, 2015

Key Motives Behind Physics Fraud


Why is gravity such a mystery in modern day physics? Why can’t we just nail this bitch down? I mean what are the fundamental blockades in unlocking a ‘theory of gravity.’


It seems that its in the natural order of things that mastery of electricity leads to mastery of gravity. So there must be some connection between the timing of the misinformation explosion headed up by the conman Einstein and developments in electricity.

What I am saying is its deliberate. And the explosion of lies and garish idiocy is such a huge effort that it can be inferred that gravity is very straightforward and easy to manipulate. Townsend Brown discovered how to manipulate gravity by accident as a child. That is how easy gravity is to toy with. His families workshop had spinning lathes and things.

Consider the scope of the coverup. This constant brainwashing of the public to do with just how smart the charlatan Einstein was. All these lies about black holes. The compulsory dogma of the self-compression of hydrogen to make stars. The portrayal of a cripple as some sort of physics genius. The cult of Feynman. The brain drain of string theory.

Reverse engineering junk physics we see what they are really hiding. Their main target is our understanding of gravity, the second is our understanding of fusion and the third is the denial of the reality that the solar wind represents infinite electrical energy there for the taking. But its the understanding of gravity that is the central organising target for all these science-lies.

Consider the scope and gaudiness of the misdirection and compare it to what they refuse to do?

They will fund people to look for make-believe gravity waves. But they won’t send a balloon up with a robotic weighing machine to collect data. They won’t compare this to weighing exercises in a jet.  They won’t get a 5 tonne tungsten sphere and use a prospectors gravity meter to get together a database of the gravitational effects of the ball in order to refine our understanding of gravity.  They won’t fund an electrical anti-gravity workshop, and hire the well-known and impoverished Canadian anti-gravity expert to teach researchers the basics. They won’t pay for computer modellers to come up with visual interpretations of the role of the aether in electricity and gravity ……….. That is to say they will not do real science.

In fact they go so far as to pervert our understanding of what constitutes real science by virtue of the vigorous use of personality cults. They portray greatness in science as being acts of alchemical conjuring. Where the “great scientist” makes inferences he cannot possibly make, given his access to data, and then they mystically turn out to be right. Whereas real science is about getting the damn work done.



  1. Just imagine if these bastards weren’t getting in the way. We would quickly have anti-gravity, and then with access to the solar wind infinite electricity and all sorts of fusion. But its not clear that fusion really can provide much energy. I would want a electrical power station that took the solar wind, converted that to usable electricity, then used that to make helium 3. Export the helium 3 back to earth for easy fusion energy. With economic reforms and all this cheap energy we could all finally be free.

  2. Ridiculously large explosion in China. Nuclear size and no conventional cause plausible:

  3. Sayeret Matkal

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