Posted by: graemebird | September 2, 2015

What Is The Cosmic Radiation Mystery All About?


In what way can the cosmic background radiation be construed as evidence for the big bang?


The CMBR cannot possibly be construed as some remnant of the Big Bang. This mantra is drummed into people with such ferocity because the CMBR is definitely proof of something. If NASA is reading things right and not accidentally reading something else, then the CMBR is proof of the aether.

Now this is not to say we need further proof of the aether. The existence of the aether is proven by the wave nature of light.  But that the CMBR proves the aether and makes no possible logical inference for the Big Bang tells us why the oligarchy seeks to pummel everyone with the anti-logic mantra, to whit; CMBR implies Big Bang.

You see the pummelling has to go so far as to override the very logical faculties of the meme-disease spreader. There can be no letup. The denial of aether is the kingpin of science fraud. The mother of all science lies. The Big Bang is the most ambitious fairy tale ever told. So the oligarchy wants the Big Bang. The oligarchy does NOT want the aether.

So this meme-disease must be hammered in with extreme prejudice because its dual purpose. One mantra doing double duty nailing in two of the most important science lies the bigshots have.

The CMBR shines on all of us. It will hold you and your Andromeda girlfriend together when you are far apart. But I ask you:  If the cosmic radiation is not the RESONANT FREQUENCY of the aether itself, then where the hell is this light shining from?


What is the cosmic background radiation


The CMBR is the luminiferous aether resonating.

True story. Accept no science lies.



  1. All crap, dummy. Michelson-Morley proved aether doesn’t exist.

    • Go soak your head in a bucket of olive oil you stupid Wop.

      • Those Jews at quora reckon my discovery that the CMBR is coming straight from the aether is a “joke answer.”

  2. What do you make of this Ron? Do you remember when this strikingly funny, and really intelligent fellow was making fun of me. It was like total immersion and he phoned into this talkback radio show. He was calling himself “The wet male” or something like this. I think good ole Jason (Tis A Pity He’s A Quisling) pointed out this recording to me on Timbrr or what have you. It was brilliant parody. Like the dude, a natural comedian, had been going for total immersion in my blog, back when it was busy and not anti-Jew. And he’d done this magnificent performance on this radio show.

    Anyhow I cannot find the recording any more. But then just ten minutes ago I noticed this link. And I wonder if we are talking a real person. Or are we instead talking another fellow like this who doesn’t know what to make of my activities. Wants to laugh at them in a good natured way. Or could he be the real Graeme Bird and me just an imposter:

  3. For fucksakes come off it. Get with reality guys. This fucking idiocy about the Pakistani pantomime is too much. And its fucking Peter Bergen. Longtime bullshitter. Clearly he must be fucking MI6. Help set up the war on terra with his relentless lies. Set up the Dr Moriarty version of terrorism. Take this cunt out the back and shoot him. Think of the slaughter this assholes disinformation has helped lead to. Looking at this MI6 bitch should make people think of carrion. Rotting toddlers.

    Details details details details details. This is how you flesh out a ridiculous lie and make it sound less ridiculous. It all sounds good if you aren’t watching Peter. But just look at his lying eyes. Such condensed and distilled fantasy as has not been seen since the ink dried on the Arabian Nights. 

  4. How about questions. Usually there is a roving microphone. You usually see the questioners from behind and you see individuals in half-frame. The cameraman tries not to show the audience too much, but they wind up in front of the camera now and then just the same.

    Often there is a requirement that the questioner says his name and affiliation. None of that jive here hey. Usually a bunch of questions grate. No grating stories for the MI6 fantasist. Everything working too smoothly. And at one stage MI6-Peter is basically reading his answer straight. Note the careful way MI6-Peter promotes torture while making it seem like he’s advocating against.

    What an endless series of lies this fellow has buried himself in.

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