Posted by: graemebird | September 4, 2015

Do Galaxies Grow?

Is the diameter of our galaxy increasing over time? Are any other galaxies expanding?
The orbits of two or more large bodies always get further apart. The orbits gain energy. They accelerate and the bodies gain mass. Some contemplation will tell you why this has to be the case for a meaningful reality to exist.

Matter has a great deal of complexity. The construction of anything complex requires tasks in parallel and in series. It takes time. Therefore it must be ongoing. Old matter must assist in the construction of new matter or else new matter creation would be a separate miracle every moment. New matter creation therefore takes place inside of large objects. Therefore we see why the orbits of two large bodies must always grow larger and accelerate. Or matter would amalgamate, rather than orbit, meaning that no serious reality could ever have gotten started.

So yes galaxies grow larger.  But if this process continued forever the universe would be crowded with mass. There is periodic culling. Every so often we expect Sagittarius A* to send out a shockwave culling moons, planets and stars.

Moons grow to planets grow to gas giants grow to stars and on to larger stars. But at any stage a shockwave from the centre can cause any of these to explode.



  1. Scientists knew that the old theory that light moved in a fixed medium called the aether was proven wrong by the Michaelson Morely experiment in 1887, when the earth’s motion in the aether could not be detected by comparing the speed of motion of light in two different directions. An proposed explanation was given by Fitzgerald and Lorentz in 1889/1892, that dimension is space were not fixed, but contracted depending on their orientation relative to direction of motion, but this ad hoc explanation wasn’t entirely satisfactory. The way was prepared for Einstein to propose his special relativity theory in 1905.

  2. Lorentz did not start talking about such gobbledeygook as “the dimension of space” That nonsense only came later. His explanation was actually not a bad one.
    But no the aether theory was NOT proven wrong by Michelson Morley. Thats just Jew lies. The only people who thought that the aether was fixed were the geocentrists. So the MM results, were not even unexpected.

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