Posted by: graemebird | September 6, 2015

Galaxies: How are spiral arms formed and why do they exist?

The answer that I gave is perhaps a little thin on the electrical effects that go into the formation of galaxies.  The reason is that I do not understand much about how this side of things works. I need to go and read the old guys on the subject of electricity.  People like J J Thomson and Steinmetz.   People operating before the influence of team-Einstein and the Jew takeover ruined all our understanding of electricity and physics generally.  Here is my answer:

The important thing to understand is that gravity has not had a scientifically valid update in more than 300 years. Its very evident now that it does not operate as advertised. In reality gravity is such that large objects like to orbit and not to crash. There are hundreds of millions of large objects all having some sort of gravitational attraction to each other. Yet no known crashes.

So orbits are very robust. Moons grow to planets grow to stars. Stars to bigger stars. Our sun may have been once a planet revolving around one of the big Orion stars. Looking at a single spiral arm I would assume that the very largest stars are in the centre of these bands. With generally smaller stars revolving around them.  And these smaller stars, at any one time, being toward the outside of the spiral arm.  So its kind of natural that over time that these bands would form. The spiral arms will never unwind. Because the velocity will be equalised between adjacent bands, because of these gravitational tendencies towards robust orbits and non-collision.

The solar wind amounts to an electrical current with a powerful positive charge. So there ought to be an electrical repulsive force between two stars that is not present between a star and a planet. This could well have a segregating effect on these bands.



  1. Idiot.

    • Okay dummy. Tell us all about how the spiral arms develop. I will pay close attention and see if I learn anything from you.

  2. “The important thing to understand is that gravity has not had a scientifically valid update in more than 300 years.”

    You clown.

  3. True story. You did not think I would include that ridiculous space-bending nonsense by Jew conmen did you?

  4. One day I shall run into Sinclair and beat him senseless. Traitor that he is. Here is the comment he felt necessary to wipe:

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    Am I being fair to the gentiles on this sight? You have no idea how proud you are making people like Abaddaba, and all his synagogue buddies.

  5. Bird, what is your position on the Islamic invasion of Europe. Are you kind of in favour of it because it will dilute Jewish power, or against it because you claim immigration is a Jewish plot? Your position is pretty murky.

    • Muslim immigration is way too fast to Europe. The oligarchy gets the Jews to cause it, in order that any potential coherent culture that could oppose them will be watered down and disoriented. Its just so all individuals will be deracinated. Become floating atoms. Its genocide. They of course want us killing Muslims and they want Muslims killing us. But they are happy to wipe us out racially and culturally via immigration policy.

    • When I did not understand that the oligarchs, via the Jews, were dead set on destroying European culture, and indeed “whiteness” as such, my immigration policy was to steal all the young maidens. That is unlimited single female immigration to Australia. On the male side it would be like we were skimming the cream of the crop but the numbers would be very low. And I wanted to pull out of all our treaty commitments, so that we could have this massive guest worker program (no-one would get within 1000 kilometres of the four main centres) to develop the inland.

      Now as you would know the last idea would always become a bait and switch. Plus the Jews and their gimps on the left would always target anyone who talked about pulling out of treaty commitments that do not allow us to be both smart and kind. Self-interested and humane. This is the “chicken” that these people have set up for us. We have to be bad bastards to be self-interested. This is truly sickening.

      So for practical purposes I support the Fisky take on immigration. Its a crying shame. It ought not be that way. But that is the way it is. I support us always running surplus trade balances, repudiating a lot of foreign debts, nationalising the big banks, aiming at having more cash then debt ….. I support a lot of things that I would not normally support if local sovereignty were not the overriding issue for our survival. So in that sense I am no longer a libertarian. Being a liberal or a libertarian is just taking away our capacity to fight the oligarchy and their Jewish errand boys.

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  6. And who the hell is Abaddaba?

  7. Abadabba Bermin was the numbers rackets guy for Dutch Schultz.

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    “Hey Chuck, if the Jew is so cunning, why did he claim such a horrible piece of land.”

    Partly its like English as a second language. Its everybody’s second choice, so it wins out when you need everyone to agree. But partly also its this heresy that goes back to Sabbatai Zevi. Millenarian prophecy and all that. Most of these bankers are probably atheists. But this satanic heresy is the same thing also. Everyones second best religion. They would be normally known as “Frankist” Jews. With Jacob Frank claiming to be Zevi reincarnate.

    “Also, why is everything they are involved in so convoluted? Surely there are easier ways to achieve their perfidious ends?”

    Absolutely not infidel. It has to be all lies, or the truth shines a light into the abattoir. No corner of truth must be left unsullied. So for example in physics its not good enough to hold out on us the true nature of gravity. You’ve got to have this garish super-structure of physics bullshitartistry. Physicists in wheelchairs. Black holes and singularities. Universi bursting into existence at the tiniest sub-twinkling of a nano-eyelid. All bullshit just to cover up a bit about gravity, fusion and electricity.

    Now it may be convoluted as you say. But its not without structure. Always they set up a series of concentric circles of lies.

    t turns out that gravity is very easy to control. In the normal course of events we could have had control of gravity follow hard on the heels of control of electricity. That is why the anti-aether campaign, and the parallel campaign of physics mysticism, under the Einstein banner had to happen about the time we were on the verge of getting electricity under control. Special Relativity is a bit like “the nothing” on that kids show “The Neverending Story.” Its not merely wrong. Its not merely false knowledge. Its a way of destroying everything that was known beforehand and everything we ought to have gotten under control since. For example Newton’s system was badly in need of an update. But we could not get the data necessary to make such an update until at least about 1960. But with the Einstein Jew mysticism farce in place no-one sees the need for any improvement. Even though the Newton system leads to the doctrine of hydrogen self-compression in star formation. Which is by no means the most stupid thing a Jew has ever come up with but it beats any gentile idea for dumb that is sure.

    Most of modern junk science appears to be a campaign to hide the idea that gravity is easy to control, fusion happens in cool unpressurised conditions, and that the solar wind is infinite free electricity. There is an oil prospector that comes here now and then. He would understand everything about the science side of this. Louis Hissink.

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    “I’ll concede that orthodox explanations for gravity are clearly wrong, but you have no evidence that this is an institutional conspiracy conducted collectively by a people who represent a mere fraction of human population.”

    Don’t give me that no-evidence rubbish. We have a pattern of behaviour. The oligarchs use the Jews when they want to do something really rotten. Once a Jew does something really rotten he can simply rely on the rest of his community to double down on the idea that nothing rotten was done. So this Einstein campaign was there to nail in and make compulsory a number of propositions which could not be true under any circumstances. At the same time these anti-logos loony-toons ran another campaign to see to it that something whose existence was already proven (ie the aether) was outlawed, ridiculed and abused out of the physics classes over a number of decades. The Jewish community is indispensable when it comes to these sorts of things. Like they are still demanding that Leo Frank is innocent. And when the idea gets old they will commission a musical just to prove it.

    “Chuck, what’s the deal with Uncle Milt and Rothbard? You still down with those guys?”

    Rothbard and even more Reisman show just what would be possible if we could get this perverted hobgoblin of a system off our backs and get a functioning economy on the fly. But the ideologies that come with this crowd cannot be separated from the current system, which is dominated by derivatives (derivative money, derivative persons, derivative shares in those derivative persons, and derivatives on those derivative shares).

    Rand and Rothbard were both incredible geniuses. But look at how they handled the crimes of their people? Instead of blaming their own people for the murder of tens of millions of Jews in the Soviet Union …. Rothbard went down the road of blaming government as such. Rand blamed religion and then spun it that communism was a secular religion. Now good things may have come out of their tendentiousness. But what neither seemed to do in public was to own up to the reality that it was their community that was genocidal. This skews both their works and it means that though we ought to read both these people, we ought to read a little between the lines also. The community will not take responsibility for the murder of one thirteen year old named Mary Phagan. They were hardly about to own up to the murder of tens of millions of innocent kids in Russia.

    Reisman is still the gold standard in economics. But we would have to go social credit and outlaw derivatives when we went to implement his economics. Simply because we underestimate the pervasiveness of the finance cartel and all its abuses. There is a graph in Rothbards book which I could use to show you why all derivatives are anti-social.

    . tens of millions of CHRISTIANS in the Soviet Union.
    Charles Martel
    #1792726, posted on September 12, 2015 at 2:58 am
    “Get smart Graeme. Whatever your objective, you currently sit at 0% progress. You’re trying to sell shit sandwiches to fat kids.”

    Right. I agree. But the Christian heritage says that we must not give up on any sinners. No matter how powerful the bubble of delusion they have backed themselves into. Not everything is profit and loss Mordecai.
    Charles Martel
    #1792727, posted on September 12, 2015 at 3:01 am
    “True. The central protagonist likely existed, but there is no evidence for divine guidance. What follows from your comment is pure supposition.”

    No he did not. There is no contemporary evidence for him. So that someone must have dreamed him up for a reason. And yet the nomadic tribes were united into a single military unit and not for the last time. That is proxy war until proven otherwise.

    • Fucking Good Post, Mr B if you’ll Pardon my French.

      Have printed this one out for Mrs Hanson to have a squint at.

  9. You should do more posting at the Cat.

  10. I have been doing saturation posting at the Cat. Wasting too much time there. But there has been some payoff. One or two of them have expressed some doubt about the official story of 9/11. Its not much but 14 years on its progress. Perhaps in 14 years time they will have this glimmer that Islamic extremism is encouraged from the West. They have flat learning curves over there.

  11. JC
    #1794842, posted on September 14, 2015 at 4:08 pm
    There an orthodox Jewish dude sounding a freaking horn contraption outside a coffee shop. Sounds horrible. What’s with that?

    Cambria knows whats up with that. The Jew favourite was getting his shot for the top spot. Just a few hours later he’s Prime Minister.

    • No he doesn’t he’s a stupid Wop.

  12. Turnbull is a Jewish plot?

    • Of course he is. He shows up in the wrong party, after only being part of the Republican campaign. Right from the start the media and everyone was talking about him as if he’s a presumptive future leader. Always number two or three contender, for no known reason. Its just like when Goldman Sachs people were taking over one country in Europe after the next. Three-Card-Monte takes over Italy. Another banker, who once worked for Cambria, takes over NZ. He subjects Paul Keating to a massive bribe to sell off the national carrier. Same story all the way down the line. Note the NZ pm is a Jew. Well here they have been pitching Malcolm to us steadily for the past 15 years.

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