Posted by: graemebird | September 15, 2015

Faces Of Evil

Murderous Jews

Here is Danny Lewin.  Murderer of innocent passengers during 9/11.  Trained killer, he did not go into 9/11 green.  So he has killed before, killed during 9/11 and is still at large, and has to be assumed to be killing still.  So the Jews name streets after him.


Of course he will look different now.  He will be 14 years older and he will have had some plastic surgery to hide his identity.  But he’s still the same scumbag and he will need to be brought to justice.  He’s easy to find also.  Because all you do is follow his wife and children around. Easy to find but hard to take down.  He is a living weapon.  Which is why this Jew story of him being killed by midget Arabs with boxcutters is just ridiculous.  We may as well say he was taken out by Smurfs using feathers.  He was actually a specialist in foiling hijackings.  If the situation had been real he could have colluded with the flight staff to sort things out.  But the actual situation was for him to get the phone calls and then murder the innocent passengers.

From one evil bitch to the next:

This evil twat had a shady background in Hollywood.  Enough time in that Jew citadel to be fully trained as an agent.  She then went to a Jewish law school for two years.   Both her parents were Jews.  After school she was promoted to be a partner in a zionist law firm. No need to work for 20 years to become a partner if you are a Mossad agent. This law firm goes under three names but its really just one den of evil.  It had a hand in stitching up Senator McCarthy on television back in the day.  So its always been an instrument for Jew plotting. Anyway this bitch was a handler on one of the planes during 9/11.  So she has to be considered one of the murderers of the passengers.  Her public image was that of a conservative.  One of the people who stuck up for Clarence Thomas when he was getting rained on.  This is just Jew deep cover.  They are cuckoo babies, and a lot of trouble is made to set them up as beloved in the eyes of the people who really matter.

The idea of the Jewish handlers was to arm-twist phone calls out of people then see to it that they went smoothly to their deaths. They make us conservatives fall in love with these people so that we want to go to war.  Think of how many years this Jew was posing as a conservative.  Its a bit like the Jew Hitler posing as a German nationalist when what he was really doing is setting up Germany for the takedown and founding the state of Israel.  So these are tricks these people use again and again and again.



  1. This is an example of just how dangerous Jews are. This woman made herself absolutely loveable to American conservatives. And all the time she was a zionist agent. Look at her on television. Whats not to like?

  2. Who is she? What’s the story? Are you saying she killed all the people on the flights and the planes didn’t crash into WTC? Where did they put the bodies?

  3. No planes crashed into any buildings on that day. Only two planes were commandeered and flown to Israel. Where they were converted to be part of the airborne refuelers inventory. They are part of a squadron of airborne refuelers for fighter and bomber planes. Or as part of the spare parts inventory.

    The other two planes kept flying and were retired only some years later. The bodies of the murdered passengers were disposed of somewhere in Israel. Her name was Barbara Olson. Her name is now Lady Evelyn Booth.

  4. Another Goldman Sachs Jew takes over. Malcolm Turnbull is a Jew. That is why he has been forced upon us.

    “On the surface, Turnbull has much in common with Abbott. Both are middle-aged white men who attended prestigious schools before becoming Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University. Both worked as political journalists for a time. 
    A closer look shows marked differences, not the least of which are their positions on the political spectrum. 
    Less known is Turnbull’s Jewish roots and his position on Israel. Speaking to the Australian Jewish News back in 2013, Turnbull said that his “mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish.”
    read more:

  5. “Australia’s new PM may be Jewish, but hasn’t given it much thought”

    The Israel Times. Malcolm was always a fucking crypto-Jew.

  6. “A.D. 117. From the account of Dio (Cassius in 78th
    Book of his history Chapter 32:

    “Then the Jews in Cyrene (on the modern Tripoli
    coast of North Africa) choosing as their leader one
    Andreas, slew the Romans and Greeks, and devoured
    their bodies, drank the blood, clothed themselves in
    the flayed skins, and sawed many in half from the
    head downwards; some they threw to wild beasts and
    others were compelled to fight in single combat, so
    that in all 220,000 were killed. In Egypt they did
    many similar things, also its Cyprus, led by one of
    them named Artemion; and there another 40,000 were

    A.D. 1936. From Daily Mail, 17th September
    (describing the horrors of the Red Revolution in

    “Baena (Cordoba Province): Ninety-one
    assassinations, mostly by shooting, hatchet blows, or
    strangling. Others were burned alive. Two nuns who
    had been dragged from the convent of the Mother of
    God, had their religious medals with the figure of the
    Virgin, nailed into the sockets of their eyes.

    “La Campana (Seville): Reds, led by a woman,
    Concepcion Velarde Caraballo, who either killed or
    was responsible for killing 11 persons in prison. The
    prisoners were fired on until they fell, covered with
    petrol, and set on fire. Some were still writhing in the
    flames when the city was entered.

    “Lore del Rio (Seville): 138 assassinated. They were
    dragged to the cemetery, lined up, and shot in the legs,
    being buried alive as they fell in a trench. When the
    town was entered hands could still be seen writhing
    above the ground.”

    I cannot see much difference in outlook between the
    Jewish devils responsible for both these massacres,
    even though there are 15 centuries between them!”

    This is the sort of thing that the Holocaust lie was meant to whitewash. But they haven’t changed. Malcolm can be expected to systematically destroy Australia in the interests of the Jewish tribe.

  7. The arrival of the Jew Turnbull is fully Described in the Book of Revelation.

  8. How do you explain actual footage of planes crashing into WTC and the plane that went down in Pennsylvania?

    • There is no footage of a real plane hitting the WTC. Those are easily recognised computer images that no-one saw in the morning footage. At the (non)crash site out in the country there were no bodies or plane parts so there was no crash.

    • They put a great deal of effort into getting the phantom planes having identical trajectories, no matter what vantage point the fake footage is coming from. They also got very convincing spontaneous reactions from people in the background in those situations the planes were allegedly being filmed from. There may be some pretty easy trick to the latter. Or it could be laborious planning years in advance. But they only had a few hours to mock the night-time television planes into existing footage. So they did not prioritise realistic planes. But they did make a serious priority over trajectory. Since a lot of people thought that the trajectories were bogus. But after a great deal of work, some people were able to come back years later and confirm they got the trajectories correct.

  9. Very disappointed in Gab for the following:

    “Really? You think his rants about the j3wish people DESERVING TO BE ANNIHILATED amounts to being “insightful and homourous”? Perhaps St0rm Front is more the blog for you.”

    Its like her programming must be such that she cannot think straight as soon as Jewish crime gang behaviour is pointed out.

    Say sorry Gab.

  10. Oh come on
    #1805343, posted on September 22, 2015 at 12:18 am
    Our defence depends on sea and air forces, not land forces.

    My apologies. I assumed you would have been intelligent enough to realise that my comment was not a critique of the defence arrangements of our territory.

    Moriah The Wind

    #1805345, posted on September 22, 2015 at 12:23 am

    It ought to have been a criticism. We have land. So we need a land force to defend it. Otherwise we are telegraphing that anyone who can get a foothold on the continent has already won.


    #1805350, posted on September 22, 2015 at 12:31 am

    Turnbull has revealed his leftward leanings by vowing to keep Abbott’s socialist ‘direct action’ policy, rather than moving to the market-augmenting mechanisms, such as an ETS, that he previously supported.

    Moriah The Wind

    #1805353, posted on September 22, 2015 at 12:38 am

    So you reckon a bankers ETS is a blow for liberty? I think we have a turd in the punchbowl here.

    Moriah The Wind

    #1805370, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:02 am

    “So, you see Harry, it really doesn’t matter how many tanks we don’t have, or how many the invasion force do have. Unless they land at Darwin, there won’t be a tank battle.”

    Sure. And yet just a modest investment in anti-aircraft would complicate the plans of the adversary immensely. Then it may be that Darwin would be the last place to land. Then they have to be worried about us transporting the tanks from Darwin and into their own skinny little country. What I am saying is that if we neutralise the traitors in decision-making, it doesn’t take all that much more investment, to be able to make us a much more difficult target.

    Oh come on

    “#1805375, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:10 am

    It ought to have been a criticism. We have land. So we need a land force to defend it. Otherwise we are telegraphing that anyone who can get a foothold on the continent has already won.”

    Nonsense. Learn something of logistics before commenting further.


    #1805378, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:14 am

    Turnbull has revealed his leftward leanings by vowing to keep Abbott’s socialist ‘direct action’ policy, rather than moving to the market-augmenting mechanisms, such as an ETS, that he previously supported.

    Listen dickhead… A cap&trade has nothing to do with markets. It’s a cost imposed by the government. Direct action has a bidding process which is also (in your terms) market based. STFU and stop plagiarizing ABC 7.30 topics.

    Moriah The Wind

    #1805381, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:18 am

    I think we have another turd in the punchbowl here. So let’s try again:



    Moriah The Wind

    #1805384, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:23 am

    “Direct action has a bidding process which is also (in your terms) market based.”

    You need neither. It’s to landowners advantage to build deep rich soil. So you just need to tweak settings so that people are more likely to develop deep rich soil.

    Oh come on

    #1805392, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:40 am



    You’re that stupid?

    An INVADING POWER requires a CONSTANT SUPPLY of FUEL and all sorts of RESOURCES so that its UNITS can ADVANCE from whence they LANDED. Thus, it is absolutely CRITICAL that they maintain SUPPLY LINES across VERY DANGEROUS WATERS – a scenario which FAVOURS THE DEFENDER GREATLY.

    I’m still with you, but what you’re describing is basically Dunkirk minus the evacuation.


    #1805393, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:45 am


    Moriah The Wind

    #1805394, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:46 am

    Okay so what is your point idiot? You dumb shit you are arguing for my case. But turds in the punchbowl do not do logic.

    You have just reinforced the idea that we need a ground force. But you do not do logic. Because you are a turd in the punch bowl.

    Oh come on

    #1805395, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:48 am


    Whoops. Disengaging.

    Moriah The Wind

    #1805396, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:51 am

    So, as you correctly point out, if we have a ground force we (the defender) do have the advantage. But without a ground force they have won once they have a foothold. But circumcised people do not do logic, and they wish for the people they sponge off to lose. So I won that argument. But being a turd in the punchbowl you want to undermine our defence and you hate logic.

    Moriah The Wind

    #1805397, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:53 am

    It’s the same every time isn’t it? They get caught out every time. We have these turds in the punchbowl and they want us to lose.

    Oh come on

    #1805398, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:55 am
    You’re right, JC. Bird is a superior troll.

    Oh come on

    #1805400, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:57 am
    Deep rich soil, yes. And keep that water alkaline.

    Moriah The Wind

    #1805401, posted on September 22, 2015 at 1:59 am

    Yeah start running quisling.

    You see that people? Do you see that? You lay some home truuutthzzzzzzz, on one of these traitor joooooozzzzzzzz. And quick as a flash the turd-in-the-punchbowl starts running. But they are deadly serious about ruining our nation.

  11. Jew terrorists murder 18 year old Muslim girl. Notice how they are both fully armed, have her covered, she is a tiny slip of a girl, but still they somehow cannot resolve the situation without a human sacrifice. The link suggests that she is trying to stab someone. But there is no evidence for this in the pictures.

  12. The Jew Menace. Here the Jews are in damage control. They have chosen the superb scholar Webster Tarpley to be part of a debate on 9/11. Now they have chosen him on the basis that he is a fellow who plays down the Jew role in 9/11. But I actually think it was a tactical mistake. Since Webster is so very excellent, so choosing him may have cost the Jew menace more than it benefited.

  13. Getting fully pissed that truthers are not getting serious about which Jews did 9/11.

  14. Hang on. Hitler was a Jew? Why did he kill so many of his co-religionists? And were the Jews responsible for you losing your job as an economic authority?

    • Adolf Hitler (true name: AMOS HOROWITZ) pulled the old Double-Reverse Switcheroo.

      It’s a classic Hebrew Trick that’s fooled plenty of people smarter than you, you idiot DAGO.

      • Yes they do it all the time. Its the good old double reverse switcheroo. Exactly. Its childish but it always works.

    • He did not kill many Jews. He enslaved them technically, in order to generate a willing constituency to go to populate Israel. There was no holocaust. The holocaust is a ridiculous lie. Or should we say that there was no burnt offering OF JEWS. There was a holocaust of German people, who were burnt from the air by incendiary warfare. Meanwhile the Jews were safe in work camps while the Germans were being burnt alive. Then later the Jews had all the German girls pack-raped by asiatics.

      • Don’t get me started on Operation Keelhaul, Mr B.

  15. Keelhaul was what made me finally realise that Catallaxies inhumanity was fundamentally a Jewish problem. They all loved it. They approved.

  16. Do you think Steve Kates could be a Jew as well? What about the Pope, as he’s certainly gaining a bit of traction especially after the US visit.

    • Steve Kate’s is in fact a Jew. Do not know about the current Pope. But the founders of the Jesuits were from Jewish backgrounds by and large. He could be and the Polish Pope who helped win the Cold War was from a Jewish background. Not everything the part-Jew does is wrong or evil.

    • The Pope appears to be an outrageous and sexually-obsessed homosexual.

  17. One of the evil Jews responsible for the English Civil war:

  18. As night follows day …. First our guys stage a false flag terrorist attack … And just a month or so later they up and announce the establishment of this new Australian spook agency. Great work from our new Jew leader.

  19. So, the Russian airliner. Another false flag?

    • Fuck off you Brain Dead Wog

    • Greasy fucken Dago

    • Have-a some-a more-a mozzarella you dumb Wop

    • Tell me which incident Rum Tum? If there is anything suspicious about it the answer is almost definitely YES. The Jew/CIA/Oligarchical powers are in too deep as inveterate liars now. Yet they still hold more influence then the Russians. So for the Russians to be provocative without being decisive lacks plausibility. The focus of outrageous lying has shifted from the Soviet Union to New York and Washington. Probably in line with the shift in Jewish influence.

      Are you talking about the Malaysian Airlines plane that was shot down over the Ukraine? That was a false flag yes indeed. With dead bodies, already in a state of rot and decay, loaded into the plane in advance.

      We simply have to get used to our guys as the most outrageous liars there are. It wasn’t always the case, at least on a superficial level…. But it is most certainly the case now.

      Richard Perle, in the early 80’s, described Moscow as a place where “people lie all the time.” But now its us. And we just have to get used to it. What shames me the most is that the same fakery has come all the way down to Australia. With Tony Abbott entirely complicit. A man like Tony, 30 years ago, would never have been armtwisted into this bullshitartistry in Australia.

  20. More of the same bullshit in Paris. Ridiculous idiocy about militants wearing exploding vests. So fucking stupid its childish.

  21. Purely audio overdub of explosives in the Paris non-attacks:

  22. The next election is the first one since Reagan that actually has any meaning. Because reverse speech analysis shows us that Trump is sincere. Yes he is real estate so the oligarch-Jews control him to a great extent. He also can be framed up for association with a convicted pedophile. I don’t like to think that he was breaking in 12 year old virgins. But they will have him compromised, hopefully in a less extreme and despicable way.

    Other disadvantages is that he is fully behind the Israeli psychopaths and has the wrong idea about Jews. He is completely sincere in this and so has been mislead. But all that should be set aside. Because reverse speech analysis has shown him to be fully sincere and patriotic on all levels. He really does want to fix the situation. Word is that the vote-riggers won’t try and reverse more than a 4% margin. So if he wins the NWO plans will have to slow right down. Because he will be a President on a bungee rope, rather then someone doing pure evil and on a very short leash.

    • Bird, what do make of those jews beating up a black fella?

      • It’s a physical manifestation of what the Jew is always doing to the black man. The Jews were the slave traders. They orchestrated the modern sad condition of the majority of African Americans. It’s just just Jews. It’s what they do.

      • In this particular case everyone appeared to act in a reasonable and humane fashion. Good show and no disrespect to the black man either.

  23. that’s the graemebird i used to know. purge your hatred,, Graeme

  24. 2 million dead Muslims. The REAL terrorists must be held accountable.

  25. There could be some inaccurate allegations on this thread. I don’t know yet. I found Rebekah Roth very convincing. But people are investigating her act. And they are finding that she may herself have been part of deliberate deception.

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