Posted by: graemebird | December 19, 2015

Fisky’s Scoop At Catallaxy

“Fisky” has drawn attention to a documentary that blows the lid off the origins of Islam and the cause of the great Arab conquests.

What is going on here is proxy war against the Roman Empire. The invention of Islam being made after the fact to consolidate the gains and cover the tracks of the third party sponsors. And actually when he gets to the Jerusalem part of the story, with the contemporary testimony, we find what really happened. The Arab tribes were united under third party sponsorship and Jews were infiltrated into their leadership ranks. This is shown quite clearly and then deliberately dismissed by these guys pretending to be scientists, fearless but somewhat apologetic in the face of Muslim disapproval. But they are shown to be wimps who back down in the face of the Jew menace. History is about primary sources. And the only primary sources in this documentary that matter show Jew involvement in the uniting of the tribes and in proxy war against the Persians and Christians. And yet when they had their chance to be serious historians they back the fuck off and pronounce the eyewitnesses as “paranoid.”

To get a quick idea go in about 25 minutes and look at the rationalisations of the data for the next 10 minutes.



  1. A full and thorough explanation of the most sickeningly evil ideology the world has yet seen. Judaism: 1. The driving force and real inspiration behind all modern terrorism and most of the deaths associated with unrestricted war. 2. The monstrous tradition that sits behind the ubiquitous practice of social engineering and the endless everyday unhappiness that this has brought us. 3. The cause of the black slave trade. 4. The reason why communism was associated with vast slaughter.

    So we are talking about the disgusting filth that brings the bloodshed AS WELL AS the unhappiness to those amongst us that they were not able to cut to pieces by physical wounds.

  2. This version is easier to listen to.

  3. We all are repelled by stories of how evil Jews are. This is because they are so evil we cannot believe it because we cannot understand it. Case in point. Mike Wallace Of Sixty Minutes. Turns out he’s a Jew and nauseatingly evil. His families real name was Wallik. His real name is Myron Leon. So lets call him Myron Leon Wallik. Jew quisling. Here he is covering up for despicable murderers.

  4. Jews can abuse seven shades of shit out of the black people in the sixties. Never mind. They just bide their time and they can pick up their blaxspoiltation a few decades later:

  5. Soros and other Jews trying to start race war in the US:

  6. Jewish patriotic anti-communism was always fakery. It was really just infiltration and controlled opposition. Here Piper talks about these Jews that infiltrated Joseph McCarthy’s act.

  7. This comes under the heading of Jews I have a soft spot for. For all I know he’s running strategic treason and loyal opposition for the traitors. But I find him very likeable. Like “Simon The Likeable” on one of the best Get Smart shows.

  8. “Good show for Ben. But it cannot just be two hypotheses. We need to also be open to a lot more ideas. Evolution starting at the centre of growing planets. Various types of panspermia as well as the intelligent type that we see from people like Lloyd Pye. A more sophisticated view of evolution including Lemarckian effects. The fact that the universe is really trillions of trillions of years old instead of this young-universe creation idiocy that we are forced to believe by the Jew idiocracy we call physics …. and so forth. Secular atheists really ought to choose between evolution and the most embarrassing idiocy of science ….. ie the big bang…. They cannot have both except that they suffer from some sort of IQ deficiency.

    Intelligent panspermia ought to be a given. We know that planets can explode or there would not be rocks in space. The first impulse any seriously smart society would have would be to terraform other planets and colonise the insides of large asteroids. Its a natural follow-on of permaculture which is the only sensible way to live.

    So as worthy as Ben Stein is there is always this hateful tendency to control the narrative by way of segmenting the debate into two warring hypotheses. When we realise that we should age the universe beginning at a trillion to the power of a trillion years just for starters, and we should ignore Jew thought-nazi idiocy in physics, then we see that there are very many alternatives. Even the theists have a look-in once real science is followed.”

  9. One always keeps finding out more about the involvement of Jews in mass murder. What was special about Hiroshima and Nagasaki before war crimes were committed against them? They were centres for Christianity in the East. Look what the Jews are doing through ISIS. They are mopping up the last centres for Christianity in the middle east. Their evil never bottoms out.

  10. The oldest brother. A damn fine-looking man:,+Jr.&rlz=1C5CHFA_enAU503AU503&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwijuNGo4IbKAhVhL6YKHf93CrUQ_AUIBygB&biw=1810&bih=920#imgrc=o8xQpBbikt52VM%3A

  11. You’d have to wonder if Jews ever feel ashamed at all the evil things their tribe has done down the centuries. Think of how they used phosphorous on the children after they were trying to plead just war theory??!!!! They simply cannot help themselves. Killing other peoples children goes way back with this monstrous community:

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