Posted by: graemebird | March 30, 2016

Too True For The Jew

The Jew site Quora has finally thrown me off by linking all my identities with my ip address and ethnically cleansing all my superb answers.  This is the intention of the site. Its to plagiarise all the gentiles, handball the Jews all the good answers that they could never come up with themselves, and ethnically cleanse anything that goes against their universe of tribal lies.  Soon I will post a few contributions that I saved, that were too true for the Jew.  I will come back to quora when I have unlimited ip addresses.



  1. Look at the excellence of integrated love AND REASON that comes out of the Athenian/Mature Christian culture. Compare THIS to the rubbish we have to put up from the warped Jew culture, that still relies on the gentiles, bribed and confused, for its creativity.

    • Jew Music


      • My goodness Ron. Was there a small penis competition in Hell? What ought to have been a personal private tragedy, until he could get to the right Thai surgeon, became a stage act.

        And in fact the very life of this man was a stage act of Satans surely? Since he was born with the name “Jesus Christ”.

        You can almost hear that old British homo saying “Don’t call your boy Jesus Christ Mrs Worthington …..” Since he may wind up on the stage doing very stupid stuff. Its like a toddlers penis. Only smaller. I will have to wipe that video soon Ron. This site allows a lot. But I cannot abide that video for more than a couple of days.

  2. Aggressively forgetting the Scott Walker.

  3. Musical sophistication without Jew influence or warping:

  4. Culture unsullied by Jew influence. The blind man sees more with his heart then the Jew will ever see with his eyes.

  5. From Elsewhere:

    Are Jews the most intelligent people in the world, considering their achievements?


    No they are almost unbelievably retarded. Both morally and intellectually. Their success comes from applying political pressure to lock their ridiculous lies in. So we have to put up with Jew stupidity like space bending, the Big Bang, the Keynesian multiplier and so forth. Some of these lies are so self-serving that they need gentile patsies. So they have Keynes to justify wrecking the budgets of gentile nations and instituting debt slavery. They blame a Catholic for the Big Bang. They blamed a blind man who slept beside the fridge for their 1993 attack on the WTC, and they blamed a sick man in a cave for their 2001 attack.

    Their academic pseudo-achievements are all in the same vein. Jews crowd around and rubbish all innovative thought not attributable to a Jew. Just mindless abuse. That way they can obstruct matters until such time as a Jew can forward his ideas on the subject in well worked out form.

    So consider the criticism of the excellent Aquatic Ape idea to do with human evolution. Now we may be the subject of genetic meddling by aliens for all I know. But it ought to be clear that the gaps in our understanding of our own evolution just cry out for suggested explanations. The three people who made a fist of this theory were not Jews. So when Elaine Morgan started fleshing out these ideas every synagogue buddy in the world had to lay out the abuse. And they are still doing it. This racist behaviour guarantees the tribe will hog all the awards and credit. They only heap great praise on gentiles that help hammer their own idiocy in.

  6. Vuee, Thanks for the link to this fascinating grandmother story. Too bad Ms. Sarah cannot relate more appropriately to the larger Alaska. About to g Click

  7. It’s like every other Jew/oligarchical undertaking to fleece and enslave the population. Basically you promote all these Jews into strategic jobs and they become a sort of abuse chorus to anyone who deviates from their lies.

    You have to look at how this works generally but specific to this hobgoblin of fraud, sent to us to mock climate science ….. Well one thing they did was they had one organisation and pretended they were three different independent outfits.

    Hadley, The climate division of NOAA, and Goddard are billed as three different outfits but they are one. The USGS and the British equivalent can CO-ordinate together in the same lie. The dirty bastards actually tried to tell everyone that CO2 output from below and above water is roughly the same. Every Jew liar in the climate science world still sticks to this as if they were defending Leo Frank.

    It’s the same every time. Same formula as they used to outlaw the aether and promote Einstein’s fraud over a century ago. It’s really too big a subject to detail everything. But their schemes have been going a long time. Inbreeding and science are a bad mix.
    Written 2m ago

  8. The North Pole has not melted away as their models predicted. So they are just liars. All of them. Their minor plausibility comes only from graphs wherein they have rigged the figures. The public looks at these graphs and they think they see some minor warming that must be due to CO2. Any fair-minded look at these graphs, if related to solar cycle strength, would convince Joe public that there is a sliver of warming that we would think was due to CO2. Somewhere between 0.1 and 0.2 degrees Celsius per decade. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is no such warming present in the data. But thats what a fair look at the matter would come up with if one did not know that these frauds ruthlessly falsify the data.

    The CO2 figures themselves are monopolised and faked. No-one can audit them. The measuring stations purport to come from many different nations but its a lie. Its just NOAA. The temperature records are a subject of relentless fraud by the one organisation, pretending to be three.

    Now how do they do this? Like all global frauds you need money and Jews. Thats all you need. If these guys want to say that ISIS is Islamic. they can create the ISIS stage-show. If they want to say space bends, they will abuse society until there is not a physics professor left employed and alive who does not swear black and blue that space bends. This is not science mind you. Its political abuse.

    You can prove that its transparent fraud very quickly. Ask them for a CO2 record, or a CO2 reconstruction and watch yourself abused and blocked.

    Here is what you need. You need a CO2 record. Then you need an honest temperature record, unsullied by the hands of inbreeds. Then you need to find correlation between these two records. Then you need to prove causation between these two records. Now have you seen Scott Welch come up with either of these two of their own accord? Have you seen Rupert Baines. No because they are lying Jews at war with non-Jews.

    It ought to be obvious that a CO2 reconstruction or record matched with a temperature reconstruction or record would be the starting point. But this is science fraud. So you won’t get it out of the synagogue with a blow-torch.
    Written just now

  9. Yes very good question. Before the internet the people running this fraud could just learn a few quick stalling tactics, and then find a reason to get the hell out of the conversation. Now they bore you to tears with endless bad philosophising that just come from the fact that they will not admit this is science fraud. Once its admitted that this is science fraud, and a new generation of people not subjected to the psychological operation get a chance to realise that its really obvious science fraud, then a closer look will be had into the tribe that keeps all these lies alive.

    If you are a women you fabulously attractive behind will be pressed against your chair as you read this. You don’t need Jewish peer review to tell you that there is a force present between your awesome Tush and the chair. So we already know, without Jew peer review, that GRAVITY IS A FORCE. We know this and we know that anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

    Now if gravity is a force and exists between two planets this will mean that each planet will affect the movement of the other. So what do we need space bending for? What? We know its a force! To insist that space bends is double dipping, since we already have the explanation that matter exerts an attractive force on other matter.

    Thats a TOTAL REFUTATION of these lies right there. Its inherent in your question. But a Jew will not take no for an answer. It must be realised that this was all known to be nonsense from the start. This was an orchestrated litany of lies. And you would have to think that some banking parasites are immortal. Since they go into these projects knowing they won’t see substantial progress inside of 30-50 years.

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