Posted by: graemebird | September 6, 2016

My Poor Dad Stuck In Pill-Land

I know I can eventually get him out.  But I don’t know if I can get him out before they kill him.  Don’t let this happen to your family.  Find a way to bring down blood pressure. But never ever use a pill to do so.  Because the pill can only bring down BLOOD FLOW to the Brain.

Tribute to my Dad stuck in Pill-Land.  A never ending vicious cycle of abuse. The cash-flow for the pills then gets stolen off the taxpayer, and used to justify ponzi-debt created by Jews buzzing around the City Of London like locusts.  So Dad is just one more victim of the worst mistake in modern human history …. Jewish emancipation.

Here we have the upper limit of achievement in the craft of song-writing.  Consider the first eight words to the song. 



  1. So Graeme, is Trump right? Is it Jews for Hillary? What can we do about it?

  2. Hey Graeme
    Did you read what Bob Dylan had to say about globalism?

    So, to summarize: Sarkozy and his wife got backstage to meet Bob Dylan. Bob asks Sarkozy point-blank if “globalism is dead,” and tells him that Americans need to get back to being the United States, and then he can get back to being France. Sarkozy gives no quotable answer on this, but at some point asks Dylan where he lives, to which Bob responds, “The Lone Star state,” and then gifts Sarkozy with a “Texas-style” belt buckle. (There’s no word, by the way, on whether Carla Bruni thanked Bob for writing You Belong To Me for her.)

    • Wow. Good old Bob hey? He never let us down.

    • Where have you been by the way? We are supposed to be good friends and semi-pseudo brothers are we not? Or did I misunderstand when Johnny Cash was singing “Heavy Metal Don’t Mean Rock And Roll To Me.”

  3. What kind of 2 bit, half assed blog is this???

    Occasionally Bird miraculously reappears like some hovering demigod to wisely officiate over his minions.. No doubt, he’s peddling his chunky ass at the Sen. Joseph McCarthy Appreciation Society fundraiser for Donald Trump instead of nursing his Dad.

    As I see it, your priorities are just wrong!

    • Dude I cannot get Dad to come here. My brothers are against it and Dad, when he isn’t crazy as a box of hammers, wants to stay in the far north. The problem is simple. He cannot resist these guys forcing pills on him. The pills give him dementia. The nursing home is good in every other respect but they will give him permanent dementia because of the pills they insist on giving him. Because he will have dementia he won’t be able to treat his Cirrhosis of the liver. So he will die. I have tried to get him to Kingsgrove but everyone is against it.

    • So my next trick was to get him his own telephone. But this is taking many weeks longer than I thought it would.

  4. It seems to me, a cynic might get the impression you only want to ‘look’ after your beloved Dad to ensure you will be well remunerated in the future. The long term plan!

    ‘Yes Dad, can’t you see only I can be trusted.They are content to ignore your suffering…yes, SUFFERING…Of course you were unaware of it, see you were delirious & weren’t aware! Still I’m here now & together we cure you. Now Magnesium is the key, so swallow these & while you’re at it sign that pesky right of attorney paper work …Oh by the way COMPLETE CONTROL OF FINANCIAL DECISIONS is just legal jargon. And don’t worry I’ll date it! Now there you go, we make a great team that’s able to manage without THEIR interference. Just sit there … No sorry Dad, I get the Lazy-Boy, that’s my regal throne now…BECAUSE YOU JUST GAVE ME CONTROL! lOOK, THIS IS MY HOUSE & REMEMBER, YOU CAN ALWAYS RETURN TO THE OTHERS YOU DISINHERITED!

    • Thats a thought. I am so disgusted with the others that I would be happy for Dad to regain his intelligence, and control of his property, and disinherit the others. That would be justice. But I would not want to sell the 12 acres.

  5. It’s interesting that you pride yourself on being uniquely independent yet like the Donald, you’re a paranoid conspiracist. And you both cling to ridiculous/improbable excuses to justify being totally feeble.

    As his support vanishes, he concocts an excuse to explain that it ‘…wasn’t his fault folks! …’ And you also are always quick to blame anything else Other than you being a totally hopeless git.

    Gee, the similarities fair abound!

    • At least in public, Trump is insufficiently conspirational.

  6. Here my influence is felt in the scientific blogs:

  7. Oh c’mon! He has influence baby.

    What do you honesty think that choosing an ugly, obese, balding , a paranoid, alcoholic conspirator must influence the machinations of the World? …whoops …OK, I’ll rephrase that!

    … When a drunk paranoid conspiracist mysteriously reincarnates into another paranoid conspirator from upward of 60n years ago the makes sense right>

    I accept that without an appreciation of the era’s logic, it may seem kinda reckless! Especially as most sane folk are embarrassed by that naive era. See much like Trump, McCarthy relied on fear, hate & ignorance to generate his popularity. His policy, well threats actually, worked well for awhile, but eventually Society tired of his bullying threats …

    … Hey um … sorry Bird but Mr R.T Tigger is inarguably right… Doh!

    • You dirty Jew Bastard

  8. Boy,you really told me!

  9. A brother tells us that Dad will be dead within the next few days. Thats probably right but he seems to bounce back each time because the quacks likely reduce his pill load when he’s almost dead. Its the pills fucking him up.

  10. It’s a shame you never been able to apply your cosmic abilities.There you are with mere a y remote power, hundreds of kilometres away with absolutely no physical contact or even practical experience. Yet amazingly, you’re able to make these concise assessments


    • Right. Its just research. I figured out that they were giving him Thorazine for his hiccups. So I managed to put an end to that, but was told I was not allowed to speak to anyone else in the nursing home other than Dad OR THEY WOULD CUT ME OFF FROM HIM. Then it seemed that a brother stepped in and told Dad that he was “on the right track” which was complete horseshit. The ear-cutter did no research but merely stuck up for his fucked fraternity. After that Dad was in compliance and would not protest his prescription any more. That is why he had to die.

  11. I guess the possibility of suggesting that you not being there, let alone having nil experience. As pesky conspirotist, you just immerse yourself in ceap & instantly see danger. Really you’re a menace! …gosh, imagine some maverick intercepting muffin H.Q. & demanding an overhaul, of muffin conventions!, simply because he’d once learnt that according to the Torah that the holy Muffin isn’t as sacrosanct as you’d have us believe!t

    • He almost died yesterday. The doctor was saying that he will probably not last more than a few days if that. How much worse could I do? Under the circumstance, how could I possibly do any harm? The unscientific/undifferentiated approach has failed. What possible harm could be done with individualised strategy and the application of science?

      Their treatment may work for someone else. In fact we know it DOES work for other people. One old lady was 92 and taking a handful of pills daily. They celebrated the 96th birthday of another old girl. But dad never suffered from too much blood to the brain. He is more like me. Philip could probably take blood pressure pills and still be pretty functional. If I took them I’d be confused and even less able to be organised. Dad is like me not Philip. He is like me but a bunch older.

      I happen to know the pills knock him around. The doctor may not know. He may not care. But I know because up until recently I was calling twice a day trying to figure out what was going on. And eventually I figured what was going on. Only because I was only thinking about one patient who I happen to know quite well.

      He’s almost dead. What possible harm could a different approach do?







    • The point is I could not do any worse. So something different ought to be tried. I’ve bought more vitamins to send to Lois. Dad is now so fucked up that only Lois and no-one else can talk to him. Sisters are cool. We could have done with some. She still calls him “Briany” and has an optimistic attitude around him. I think she holds onto him and listens as he talks really quietly. Its these pills they give him. They fuck him up every time. He was good last Tuesday.

  13. While I applaud your concern, your rampant paranoia & suspicious pretty much dominates.It seems you think without your contribution Brian’s a goner, Why? And what makes your vitamins so elixir like?

    And I’m puzzled, however I certainly can’t fault your long term plan though.. In spite of the availability of pristine omnipotence & risk displaying the credentials of a ‘winner’ which which will invariably upset the minions. Thus instead, you’ve opted for a red faced, bald, chubby bad tempered/argumentative cat.

    Bravo & best wishes to Brian!

    • You think I was paranoid then. Its white knuckle time now. I have this terrible feeling that Dad could die in a matter of hours if they don’t give him some salt.

  14. “Thus instead, you’ve opted for a red faced, bald, chubby bad tempered/argumentative cat.”

    A perfect description of Sinclair Davidson.

  15. Mr R.T.Tigger, I’m sorry this is just not the moment for frivolity! In fact, shame on you. Graeme just sobbing quietly to him while you jeer from the fucking sidelines. Where your sense of decency?

    I admit that it’s seems natural that a hard ass, even a self-appointed, waste- of-space, angry , bald man with a butt like rejected Blancmange may well agree, however I hope you’ll respect the Queensbury Blogging laws!

    • Ben you too. Think about what you can to get Dad some salt over the next few hours. Talk to your Dad. Tell him something. Our families were dug in at the same trench man. Your Mother (My model for my adult understanding of what an awesome wife/girlfriend ought to be like) wiped my Butt Ben. Not once but many times. She wiped my asshole, and never a scintilla of an inkling of a sign of nappy rash.

      And I think I am not going out on a limb to suggest that Beverly bloody well wiped your asshole clean with great care and changed your nappies also. I KNOW the former but I extrapolate the latter.

      Do something. Get Mr Peter Principal to ring them tomorrow expressing some sort of generalised concern. Make like that my Dad is really important or something. Even though right now its like it seems that he’s only important to me and to Aunty Lois. But make like he’s a bigshot in the human-human human-like human department? The time is now Ben. Aunty Lois’ Briany is in trouble. Don’t make Aunty Lois cry.

      The Catholic Church is run by Jew pedophiles now. But it has the most wonderful intellectual history. The traditional Catholic Church taught that all humans were Gods children and important in their own right. But right now, if Brian is only important to me and to Lois, we must create and ILLUSION that he is a kind of Gandhi figure important for his saint-like qualities. Saint-like qualities that in sober reflection might not have been noticed all too often since he was in his 30’s. But never mind. I need your help Ben. Its too late to pay respects at the funeral, when I happen to know that Dad has what it takes to live another 20 years.

  16. Golly, and you reckon I’m weird! Still as a wordsmith perhaps you were merely demonstrating an alternative definition of irony.

    Sadly these Graemeisms or weird obsessions merely show how fucked up you really are. It’s bad enough that you;re an anti-Semite & you choose to ignore the simmering gene pool. But having briefly attached some ludicrous historical justification you proceed to focus on nappies.& being creepily obsessed with older women .

    Geez, but wait … then you proceed on with Briangate!

    Look as a 50 year old, I thought that by now you might have accepted that reality doesn’t always meet your expectations.

  17. Hey isn’t remarkable how even after 44 years you still have the urge to establish yourself as our venerable leader as your orders Alas your desires didn’t come to fruition then & they certainly won’t today!

    You’re a delusional nuisance. Just accept the fact that the rational component of your brain has left the building long ago.

    Phil is actually qualified & as Dad lives 100+ miles away, so you’re shit out of luck! Also I’m not your BITCH. And remember nowadays you’re regarded as an ambitious, albeit a dangerously delusional disgruntled looney!

    • Yeah, Ha ha. I didn’t know the difference between a leader and a conductor. Who was the third person in that anecdote? Was it Sussich?

  18. Oh gear, I WASN’T joking! No you’ve ALWAYS sought leadership/importance/power. Why would I refer to anyone but you? Even as a6 year old it’s obvious. And as your horrid appearance increases & your sanity diminishes,that ol’ urge is unwavering.


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