Posted by: graemebird | October 27, 2016

Latest Medical Emergency Realtime

They systematically rob Dad of salt in his diet, then they double down on that by giving him Lasix/Furosemide. So there he is ……. low on vitamin C and desperately low on Salt. He almost dies. They give him an enema. The enema is called a

Fleet enema saline solution. So suddenly Dads body is no longer constipated, so he can clear some toxins. And suddenly he has this very small amount of salt in his system. He gets better two days in a row, and starts fading again earlier today(ie 27/6 evening).

He was not real good my last call. Get him some salt first thing in the morning. He won’t last if you use science to systematically rob him of salt. He bounced back slowly now he is falling again. He needs many things but on the face of it he needs to stop this Furosemide rubbish, and get a workup for salt deficiency.


If you look at the pdf for the Fleet enema saline solution its all sodium sodium sodium.

Click to access 2015-PDR-for-Fleet-Saline-Enema.pdf

The way I think about it he may not survive tomorrow if I cannot convince them to help him get more salt.  I have to set the alarm to talk to the duty nurse. But I think it will mean staying up all night.


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