Posted by: graemebird | October 28, 2016

Assassinating My Dad With Furosemide And Metoclopramide.

Dr _________________ you MUST NOT give Brian Bird any more Furosemide or Metoclopramide. Don’t give him anything that I don’t specifically authorise.

Right now I am only authorising you to give him Nattokinase. You should be able to get some from ___________________, if its not readily available for prescription.

You have been robbing Dads body of salt, and you would have killed him but for a massive stroke of good fortune. He was so dehydrated (thanks doctor) that he couldn’t take a crap. ______________ and _____________ were there. So the staff were doing all they could and they gave him a Fleet enema. Just so happened that the enema was a Saline solution and so he slept peacefully and was on the upswing for two days before the salt deprivation came back to start laying him low again.

I took his constipation to be a vitamin C deficiency. And the staff were very helpful seeing to it that he got more of the right juices. But it turned out his problems were more directly related to your assassination combo.

I consider Furosemide particularly, to be a direct assault on my father, no matter who gives it to him. So to me its the exact equivalent of someone beating up my Dad in front of me. I must act accordingly. Now I would normally be very happy to protect a persons professional reputation and would be fine with people making understandable mistakes. But I won’t be thinking about your professional reputation at all if I see my Dad suffering again, and there must not be another pill not authorised by myself, going in his mouth, or I will start acting in the way that you act when your father is being kicked and punched right in front of you.

So its inevitable that there will be tarnishing of your image given my time constraints, and it could get a lot worse for you than that. So you are just going to make sure he takes none of this rubbish, and he gets salt back into his diet, then you will hand the problem to another doctor.

You will say “this is an experiment” in front of _____________, as you prescribe Dad Nattokinase. You might wish to use that phrase two or three times, and somehow this phrase will filter back to me, and I will know you have done the right thing.

Thats when I know that I won’t have to cause a fuss any more.

Don’t write back to me. I’m not interested in talking to you until I hear that phrase filter back to me. This is a monologue not a dialogue. I really don’t want to hear from you and will be furious if I do.


The Doctor is systematically murdering my father through salt and fluid deprivation.  He isn’t being given any salt in his diet, and at the same time he is being forced to take a drug which leaches any remaining salt out of him.


  1. This is nuts

    • Yes it is completely nuts. They rob him of the salt in his diet, and they double down by robbing him of the salt from his body with the drug Furosemide. Now Furosemide, or any diuretic, plus denial of salt, is going to give him chronic hiccups. So to deal with the chronic hiccups they give him Metoclopramide …. This has him doubled over with pain inside his stomach. Yes it does reduce his hiccups for the most part. But he would not have hiccups if he had a normal salty diet, and he wasn’t assaulted with these poisons that he has not consented too.

      • No, as stated previously (before you deleted the comment) what is nuts is your theory.


  2. They have been denying him salt in his diet all the way through. But since about September 7th or so, this denial of salt has been taken to really ridiculous extremes because of the introduction of these “water pills.” I thought they must be some sort of rehydration pills. But it turned out to be the opposite.

  3. September 7th is when they changed his medication. Went from Thorazine for hiccups, and some other thing for blood pressure, and then changed to the current medication.

    (A brother has corrected supposedly this assumption of mine. But I am not totally certain that he is correct. But in fairness he could be right. Because I assumed they were giving him Thorazine from earlier symptoms, which did not seem to have changed radically until after September 7th).

    In any case if they challenge Dads will I will subpoena the medical records and we will find out what is really going on here.

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  5. Depressing subjects require some sort of distraction.

  6. Furosemide is on the WHO list of essential medicines, idiot

    • Yes of course. These are lunatics, beholden to the oligarchy. Killers.

  7. As a decent, rational & sane fellow, I am shocked & disappointed that a chap, as magnificent as you report, seems happy to have to display such floozies
    . For shame!

    PS Is it true that these costumes are merely Jewish designs to extract $?

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