Posted by: graemebird | November 2, 2016

The poisoning is over. What now?

43 minutes in:

Raw milk, eggs, phytoplankton

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  1. Mr B

    Have you seen Mr Trump’s latest campaign ad?

    Mrs RPH and I were weeping tears of Joy to finally see someone sticking it to the Hebrews.

    • Sure. Its not surprising that the Jews keep trying to kill him.

  2. Mr. B, what are your thoughts on the Trump’s big victory?

    • Well he has been pretty hard to kill. They haven’t been able to kill or bankrupt him. The next thing is for the Jews to go after his family. An amazing run of bad luck the Jews have gone through, for Trump to have made it.

  3. A terrible time for Jews everywhere:

  4. Good times, Birdy, good times!

    • Here is one of my threads on Candid … It goes a bit like this:

      “He has safe havens everywhere. He is surrounded by loyal New York heavies. Old guys. Impossible to turn or penetrate.

      Donald Trump stars in the remake of the movie HARD TO KILL.

      So suck shit you evil Jew troglodyte bastards.”

  5. The globalists got totally smoked. Yuge defeat!

    • Yeah amazing. I have turned agnostic, rather than atheist. But I am not a closet believer. But I must say, that the series of coincidences, that have Donald in the White House …….. well its just amazing just how much bad luck the bad guys have had. Its almost supernatural how lucky we have been.

      Doesn’t fucking Sinclair and Dot give you the drizzling shits?????? Like you’ll put the reality of debt and investment before their fucking stupid fucking eyes, and they can never get it.

      Fisky I got published on real paper. I got a big essay on economics published as a letter to the editor, in an intellectual Catholic magazine. You can take a look at it sometime if you want.

      • They certainly did want Hillary to win. You only have to look at the pattern of their commenting over election week to figure out what they deep down wanted.

        I might as well have been trained by the KGB to see through all this stuff. Nothing ever gets past me!

    • I am kind of pleased you got the complete shits with libertarianism before I did. Its such a powerful intellectual force in the hands of its BEST theorists. But as a movement its just deaf, dumb, blind, suicidal and stupid.

      You know why very low tariffs actually work? It actually forces bankers to lend to people who want to buy producer goods. I don’t think we ought to have the tariffs. I think we should bring the slipper down on the bankers and make them do their job. But I would rather support someone like Trump who recognises that losing all your manufacturing is a serious matter. Unlike that fucking traitor Jew cunt Sinclair who refuses point blank to admit the obvious.

      • As a movement, libertarianism is worse than useless. I regard it as one of the greatest threats to liberty. The whole movement is an unconscious bait-and-switch that always leads to greater consolidation of power by the Left. And because many libertarians (not all) are autistic, it is very difficult for them to perceive their errors.

        So that’s why I just call myself a generic “liberal” now, not a libertarian.

        Good to hear you got published Birdy, keep it up.

      • Look as an example that thread the trillion dollar party? Not one of those morons understood that private debt is a big problem. They treat the private debt issue as if the ubiquitous usury was the result of some sort of perfected financial market and not a rigged market. Its like they are possessed by demons. Sinclair is the most disgraceful of them all. I maintain that it would be better just to have evicted Jews like Sinclair like we used to in the old days. He cannot be reasoned with and he will destroy this country like the Jews destroyed South Africa.

  6. Under fiat currency, bankers just do not want to do their job and lend for producer goods. They don’t want to earn a fucking living. Now under 100% backed silver, they would PROBABLY do quite a good job MOST of the time. Not a great job, not all the time. But probably quite a good job, most of the time.

    Under fractional reserve gold, when they were in neither boom nor bust, they would do a pretty good job. Because everyone knew if you went into a lot of debt, for anything else but to improve cash flow, come the next recession, the monetary crunch would wash away anything that the auditors did not pick up. But that means that economics was only really working maybe one half of the time. It was enough to make the working man fantastically well off. But really thats still not good enough.

  7. Reverse Speech picking up what we already knew about the JFK hit (“The Big Event”) by other means.

  8. Here’s some good news. A bunch of failed neo-con morons applied for jobs with the Trump Administration. Doesn’t look like they are getting a friendly reception!

    From Twitter –

    “Eliot A Cohen
    After exchange w Trump transition team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming “you LOST!” Will be ugly.”

    • Catallaxy is just a microcosm of the real world in that its really just Jews manipulating the gentiles, with the goal of destroying Australia. Thats how it functions on a 24 hour basis.

      • You are entitled to your theories, but I think there is a much more simple explanation. Most people don’t change their worldviews, or not very much. Stuff that made sense 30 years ago or longer still seems right to people. So they just keep repeating the same old solutions in spite of mounting evidence they don’t work anymore. I don’t think it’s malice, it’s just people getting shit wrong like they usually do.

  9. In fact, most of the ex-Catallaxy regulars – the movement libertarians – are bots on autopilot. If you ask them what they will do about any given problem, the answer is always the same, “privatize it” or whatever. That this is totally divorced from reality doesn’t seem to bother them. In fact, it seems to comfort them that their ideas will never go anywhere because it means no threat is posed to the Left.

    • Yeah they are Jew-bots. I spent many hours on Catallaxy trying to talk about how to make a competitive infrastructure market. I would point out that all that we were doing is giving all this wealth away. And the bankers taking all the value. But in the end you have to accept that this is what they want. Its predictable what they want. They think these inbred troglodytes with all the money are genetic superiors. And they want them to have more and more wealth, on the basis of rigged markets.

      Many times I have tried to ask Sinclair, if we are all in debt, our mines are own by foreigners, and our strategic assets too, the shares of our mining companies are all owned overseas …. On what basis do we then get into wealth creation? If you look at South African Jews, they were the ones who incited the blacks, trained them and so forth. Like when they arrested Mandela he was surrounded by Jews, who somehow didn’t get arrested. So now we have to have this complete cunt in our country doing the same thing. Closing down debate when he cannot win, putting a few posts that refer to the problem and then he just has these Jews hammering the person. Its a disgraceful thread and it shows why we must get rid of these people and block them from our internet space.

  10. I will just copy and paste the unbridled idiocy of Sinclair Davidson. You follow this advice and the nation is ruined:

    Sinclair Davidson
    #2206304, posted on November 13, 2016 at 3:28 pm
    Australia’s foreign debt has reached an all-time high of $1.04 trillion

    “Australia” does not have debt. Individual Australians have debt, Australian domiciled companies have debt, and Australian governments have debt. The only debt we the public should worry about is the public debt.

    the nation’s international credit card

    See previous comment – “the nation” does not have a single credit card.

    Australian households have the highest level of household debt relative to disposable income in Australian history

    So what? Debt should be evaluated relative to assets or future earnings not current earnings.

    Australia’s national savings is not sufficient to fund our national consumption and investment requirements

    This has been true for the last 228 years.

    In 1993, Keating Government Treasurer John Dawkins commissioned the Fitzgerald report on national savings.

    The 90s called and what their economic fallacies back.

    The bottom line is that the Australian way of life is unsustainable.

    This may well be true – but debt (foreign or otherwise) has nothing to do with it.

    Australia’s 25 year uninterrupted run of positive economic growth has been financed using other people’s money.

    Just to repeat; the entire 228 years since colonisation has been financed by other people’s money.

    Australians are now significantly more vulnerable to international movements in interest rates and global economic shocks.

    Again – this may well be true, but again debt (foreign or otherwise) has nothing to do with it.

    If global interest rates were to rise, the interest which Australia pays on our foreign debt would balloon from the current $24.2 billion we paid in 2015-16.

    This is trivially true.

    The current account deficit would blow out …

    The current account is matched by the capital account. Nobody cares about one or the other. As long as the Aussie floats it is irrelevant what the CA is.

    … international markets would lose confidence in our capacity to meet our debts …

    This could happen for a whole host of reasons – in the near future simply because the government shows no urgency in containing its own spending. I do not, however, believe that there is an “Australian premium” that would contaminate all Australian debt. In short, I doubt there would be a contagion (again because the Aussie floats – in a fixed exchange rate regime there might be a different outcome).

    if a global economic shock were to occur resulting from a fall in global production and trade, Australian businesses would struggle to generate sufficient income to service their debt and interest obligations.

    This is trivially true.

    This would result in rounds of cost reductions, higher unemployment and lower tax revenues for government thus lowering the income of households and governments to meet their debt obligations.

    Maybe maybe not. At the same time, however, limited liability would deal with many of the problems if in the unlikely event there was such a global meltdown.

    The Prime Minister and his government need to abandon their fantasy economic optimism and level with the Australian people about the economy’s structural challenges.

    Completely agree – government spending and public debt is far too high.

    The Treasurer, in particular, needs to take a leaf out of Paul Keating’s play book and use his office to educate the Australian people on the need for reform …

    The current Treasurer is more likely to walk on water than be able to educate the public. In any event Keating is now so 80s – take a leak out of Costello’s book perhaps.

    In doing so, Morrison should also look to leverage Singapore as a central case study.

    Hmmmmmmmm, no.

    Singapore transformed itself from a nation which only saved approximately 11% of their national income in 1965 to becoming the world’s largest savers with a national savings rate of over 50% thirty years later.

    So what? Our national Super balance (bearing in mind there is no such thing as a national super balance) is well above the level of foreign debt that John is so worried about.

    Singapore’s long term commitment to high rates of saving and investment underpins the high standard of living which its citizens enjoy today.

    Singapore is a city-state. I’m quite sure that their GDP per capita would be equivalent to either just Sydney or Melbourne if those cities were city states.

    We owe the world a trillion dollars and at some point they will want their money back.

    Two fallacies in one sentence. It doesn’t matter who owns the debt. People who lend you money never want it back – they want you to continue paying interest on the debt.

  11. Ford has just announced they are not moving their plant from Kentucky to Mexico. Lots of libertarians are going to be very angry!

    • Yes good news. Its hard to know how a libertarian would react. But the libertarian Jew might shriek with terror at this minor reversal of their deindustrialisation of the United States. Sinclairs comments are so idiotic you would think it was DOT making them. What we have to realise is that Jews don’t do logic.

      We cannot let these guys keep their definition of economics as “allocation of scarce resources”. Rather we must impose the definition of economics as the science of wealth creation. Once we do that it makes it clear that people like Sinclair have been spinning nonsense for a long time now.

  12. Hey Tillman, you excited by The Donald replacing Barry O in the White House?

    • Who is this Tillman of whom you speak?

      • Hahaha. Now now, Tillers, it’s ok. Barry O is a nice guy, but he’s just too weak to be President.

        We need the Donald to move in and get the job done FAST.

  13. I consider this a very apt metaphor … basically iy accurately sums up the struggles imposed on a honest working man. Whether it be the cruel opposition faced in a cynical financial quagmire OR even a dissolved drunk coping with reality.

    • She is a good girl. But I don’t think we want to turn this into a porn site.

  14. I’ll overlook your patronising attitude by calling her a ‘good girl, but I was more concerned about the homoerotic of a single promiscuous wench performing before a barn yard of stimulated ‘Borats’.i

    So can we please return to the rational evaluation of medecine!’

    • Dad cannot be more than a few days from death now. He just is unable to eat because they robbed him of his capacity to make stomach acid. So his real cause of death will be starvation. But they will not say that.

  15. Sorry, your latest paranoid rant just demonstrates your stupidity. Suddenly the porn seems agreeable.

    You seem to believe that mortality is assured in your world. I think as he’s in seventies that’s more reality’s doings..

    Maybe, you should ease up on the conspiracy too!

  16. If you want to put some sexy stuff on my blog, at least put some thought into it. Some discernment:

  17. Judging by your offering, well I’m confused, are we supposed to be aghast by sheer wild provocative sexuality that simmers on the floor? Or should we be marvelling at the spell binding eroticism of the female-dancer? As an avowed bloke, it’s safe to assume that weren’t excited by the except it’s the athleticism of males. You weren’t were you?

    Also, I’m curious why you haven’t incorporated the recent seismic activity into the mysteriously freaky conspiracies against your Dad.

  18. My God! It’s started …

    • Hopefully that means my brothers will be pinned down in Christchurch and unable to show up in Kaitaia requesting to take Dad off life support.

  19. cid:B7A959EB-2227-454F-9F9F-F315013F6FB2

  20. As you’re rather doubtful of conventional medicine, I think you’ll agree that her integrity is beyond reproach! And remembering your previous skill in successfully finding lass’s you’ve been impressed by. I imagine iit will merely be hours before she’s parachuting into Brian’s ward.

    Carpe Diem!

    • That reminds me of the reality that the girls give Dad a shower every day. What a sucker the rest of us are hey? Having to shower ourselves.

  21. You describe a bloke at death’s door then you suddenly vee towards hanky panky in the showers! That just reminds me of how full of shit you are!

    Surely if he was as sick as you’d described why is he transformed into a feisty Don Juan larrikin on the ward? Yet again your grasp on reality seems tenuous.

    Also, Christchurch isn’t isolated either!You might want to be more factual.

  22. Then again, you shouldn’t assume that every hospital will be ideal!

    • Benny is a comic genius. Dad died today. I think he choked when no-one was around.

  23. Sorry to hear that Birdy.

    • Well I’m not grieving, because I saw the situation as more or less doomed from the moment my troglodyte brothers demanded that we place the poor fellow at the mercy of the medical system. The poor man has spent most of the time dying from medically induced thirst and malnutrition. That is despite the reality that everyone attests that the girls who attended to him were very good and kind to him. I have no beef with them. But the medical treatment amounts to induced concentration camp conditions, in the midst of feminine kindness.

      So horrible. To know he was bent over and parched most of the time.

  24. Jews get the Kuru from eating gentile childrens brains. Hillary probably has Kuru from her Jew behaviours.

  25. So they finally found out what was wrong with Hillary. Its not Parkinsons. Its Kuru. And it comes from eating the brains of children in her Jewish pass-times.

  26. Jews eating childrens brains.

  27. Jew Podesta brothers captured Madelaine McCann.

  28. An explanation as to how Hillary got her very bad case of Kuru:

  29. What do you think of the Carrier deal, Birdy? It seems to be upsetting the right people!

    • Its magnificent. He can do things without legislating only threatening to do so, even when he is not yet President.

      See this is where these traitor faux-Australian libertarian posers are so useless and ignorant. Always I try and point out that their models only work if the bankers are doing their job and sending loanable funds to producer goods. Once these bankers are pampered, useless, and the currency is debauched, then they start sending money to standard usury, land-inflation, “investment” in derivatives and all that rubbish.

      The Carrier deal, and other operations to improve local manufacturing, divert loanable funds, from wealth destruction, to local producer goods. So in the context of these useless parasites running finance its always going to be a good thing to divert loanable funds to producer goods. I certainly wish we could do so without trade barriers. But we’ve got to get the bankers to do their job by any means necessary.

      • Really weird how they oppose the Carrier deal (cost = $800/year per worker) but support massive refugee resettlement, which is about 20 times more expensive.

        Very odd!

      • You know why don’t you Fisky? They are at war with the gentiles, or they are under the influence of ideology. Libertarian piety. But the people who formulate these crap ideas are at war with us. They are trying to exterminate us or breed us out.

    • Fisky if we transition to bankers only lending to sole traders for producer goods, and welfare as being set up as our way of being able to compensate working age people for the restriction on being able to borrow for other reasons ….. Now just think of the consequences …..

      After making a lot of Trumpist moves just to salvage the current absolute disaster that Jews like Sinclair have landed us in … after a just a few short years none of these trade barriers will be necessary except for haggling purposes.

      If you lend more than you borrow you end up exporting more than you import. If the locals can only lend for producer goods to sole traders, they will have heaps of loanable funds to spare for overseas people. We will endemic surpluses without even trying. Endemic surpluses and explosive investment in durable producer goods.

      Of course we must force our local banks to cancel their debts to foreign banks. The exception would be China. Where we have the THREAT of default and pay back quickly but without interest. This for purely diplomatic reasons. Also Japan of course because we must be fabulously tight with the Japanese.

      A few years of low-interest, or even zero-interest loans to sole traders for durable producer goods only …. And we are just pumping with jobs, exports, labour shortages. Its only a bunch of assholes in the Sinclair mode that are getting in the way of the good life.

  30. Notice that the Jews at catallaxy are running for cover over Pizzagate. They know its Jew adults murdering gentile kids. Something that has been going on without a break for hundreds of years.

    • We need to ask Ron Pauline Hanson for his take on Pizzagate. He probably knows all the personalities on a first-name basis.

      RPH, what is the deal with this #Pizzagate thing? Give us the inside on it please.

      • Ha ha ha. But notice the usual suspects over at your hangout are trying to hose it down. Guys like Cambria know full well that the blood-drinkers and child-killers are Jews and Crypto-Jews. So they will do their best to distract everyone.

        Over at Catallaxy do the realise that Hillary has Kuru?

  31. Hillary died months ago. She has been replaced by a Jewish body double.

    • Right. Well she didn’t show up for the first debate for example. You could see the latex in that one. I wasn’t so sure after that. But you may be right. Still she’s either got the Kuru, or she had the Kuru when she was alive. So are the Jews all still scrambling over Pizzagate? Do we expect that they will take the other side of the story? I don’t THINKso. I think that every Jew at catallaxy will cover for Jewish ritual murder of gentile kids.

  32. Jill Stein is doing a great job! I’m loving her recount strategy. She’s stealing money from dumb Leftists and inadvertently exposing election fraud.

    • Yeah. Its great when the dumb left fall for their own propaganda. Trump let it be known that if he did not win he’d take legal action. Since the only way he could not win was if the elite Jew pigs cheated. So they cheated anyway, but gave him the win, and developed the fiction that Hillary won the popular vote. A complete lie.

      To be fair they usually rig the votes in favour of the Republicans. But this time it was clear that the rigging was going to favour Hillary. But then they come out with the myth of the popular vote win, and also the lie that the rigging was in Trumps favour.

      Out comes this Jew traitor Stein and makes a complete cunt of herself.

  33. The Jewish slave trade menace.

  34. Notice how the CIA are trying to reverse the election. You were right when you said the CIA was riddled with Leftists!

    • Even the CIA-right probably would wish to reverse the election. The leadership on both wings would be repulsively evil. But there will be lower down people, who have been around awhile but are not eligible for promotion …. they will be bristling under the tyranny of their treasonous Heckle and Jekyll leadership.

  35. Check out the video, Birdy. Hillary’s body double!

  36. Yes I deduced that she had a body double for the first debate. But I did not know one way or the other for the other two. I guess they just fixed up the disguise better for the next two debates. She has the Kuru, but in the modern context you ought to be able to get rid of Kuru, at least one would think.

    Killing gentile children, and eating them, is all fun and games until some Jew catches the Kuru.

  37. On happier topics: Jim ought to know:

  38. Oh no! JC is running interference for Yellen and the Fed. Tut tut!

    • You see? The Jew menace. I remember when he was gunning for the carbon tax. Once you get this perspective you see the Jews are on Catallaxy just pushing the conversation towards dysfunction.

  39. What a crock of sh&t

    • What specifically hey dummy?

      • All of it.

      • Busted. You don’t know what you are talking about dummy. Focus on something specific so that we can all have a laugh.

  40. Looks like the Jews are really going to go hell for leather attempting to kill Trump.

  41. Explaining light:

  42. Well well! Yellen might just get her recession in time for Trump’s inauguration! I predicted this.

    “Michael Norman ‏@mikenorman 11m11 minutes ago
    Yesterday’s data on unemployment insurance claims, highest in 7 mos. Highest one-week increase in over 2 yrs.”

    • Yes I haven’t kept up. What has she been doing exactly. She hasn’t been jacking interest rates has she?

      • Yes, she has! I predicted this. The Fed always does it to undermine non-Leftist Presidents.

      • The world won’t be good until her bodyguards pack it in. We have to kill the most culpable Jews and I would never advocate killing civilians. But in a war that is furious enough, the killing will be so furious that no security person would want to go near this traitor.

        Anyway here is a smooth number. This is the real stuff. When you find a nice song. This is like a one of those old Van Morrison numbers, without the Van Morrison brass.

        You know when the Jew is stealing and destroying all things it is love and culture that is the most important stuff to hold onto.

  43. From Elsewhere:

    Debt, taken as an whole, reduces the capacity for consumption. The problem is that there is a scintilla of truth to the idea that debt can create wealth. But only if it is used for durable producer goods. If the loanable funds go to any other destination they merely crank up the prices. Even the better schools of economics are weak on this subject. The best schools are the British Classical school and the Austrian School. On the one hand the leading lights of the Austrian school condemn funny money systems. And yes 100% backed silver would be an excellent system. But even in this best monetary system consistent with near-minarchy, still loan money would be misused to a more than negligible degree. The idea is to acknowledge the intellectual strength of the Austrian school but not get locked into their extreme dogma. We can get rid of usury and produce plenty of loanable funds for wealth creation and inhibit loan money going for any other purpose.

  44. Nice President you got there, Tillman. What a guy.

  45. Wow, the Donald is throwing everything at the CIA. This is now a fight to the death.

    • They tried to kill him at least twice already. I think they ought to make a remake of the Steven Seagal movie “Hard To Kill” But have Donald play the lead role. Because he says he’s low debt. But he’s got Trump citadels all over the country. He’s got these old guys, real hard core New York cops running his security.

      Reagan was great as a cheerleader, a philosopher, and best of all a war leader. But he couldn’t negotiate the details like Donald. He couldn’t go into a Jew dominated field like negotiating with the drug companies, and take tens of billions of dollars out of their pocket and return it to the community ….. one reason is because he was running with the classical liberal ideology. But the other reason is that Reagan was EASY TO KILL.

      Donald is hard to kill. And look at those disgraceful Jews at BUZZFEED lying about Donald and trying to blame it on the Russians. The basic Jew modus operandi ….. All that was about is to take the heat of Pizzagate. Jews murdering our kids. Jews raping and murdering our kids. Jews murdering, raping and eating our kids in their human sacrifice rituals. Fundamentally Pizzagate is Jewish ritual sacrifice in the age of viagra.

  46. Cunt!

  47. An ugly, little. fat, bald, alcoholic loser with an obsession for muffins, unable to find work, let alone maintain a marriage or sanity for matter. But rather than accept responsibility for this ridiculous situation, he instead concocts a ludicrous excuse. Oh boy . pathetic but being a loony, he propels his excuses astrofuckingbomically:

    My mate the cunt!


    I bet he’s into DJT, (not in gay way either!) the pro-Israeli stuff could quite the conundrum!

    Also to hate ‘Seinfeld’ when he’s George Costanza’s doubleganger is sheer irony!

  49. No doubt hr’s either busy at the Inauguration, swishing his chunky ass somewhere to sexually hypnotising some idealistic third world peasant girl … unless he’s lying dunk somewhere

  50. Another Aussie ex-swimmer with an obsessive personality & a weight problem

  51. What the hell’s this hijacking of Graeme’s blog?

    This is too much, too fucking much.

    Here’s a chap saving humanity by expertly identifying the credible link & ultimately the terrible effect of ghosts on Democratic policy

    Bird deserves praise for being brave enough to deal with the unorthodox. What might be considered crazy within the ordinary conventions of accepted normalcy.. Clearly he hasn’t compromised & chooses to jettison crap.

    So keep it up!

  52. Despite the somewhat, snarky tone over the last day, please be assured that I at least am extolling sincerity like you wouldn’t belief.

    Unlike the snivelling sarcasm directed at you, you can completely trust my manner! Yes by hokey, I”d say I know you best. And Christ, with some of those uncharacteristic erratic, double whammy stutter steps were, be honest, a surprise to you!

    But hey, you were avoiding predictable sameness … right! But fear not because I think I can accurately predict your moves.

    Please don’t read that as a boring critique. i’m incorparating a type of science into the equation. So although you’re overweight, rather ugly, bald & are prone to sudden tantrums & unable to fulfil your masculine duties. Being unhappy with life, I imagine your anger will be fair perculating in you.Sadly I’m not a betting man, because I don’t see this ending happily.

    I mean if you didn’t destroy yourself, they’d certainly be celebration in this land. But you’re currently in your permanent Don Quixote phase, it seems it’s a race between stupidity & destruction.

    Good luck!

  53. Huh, Shame on you bed wetting poofters! Now, in spite of your wild allocations & your soothsayer predictions Peter, I think I know Graeme better than you claim.As it is, I am amazed that even pretend that you somehow know claim to know the guy!

    Oh sure, you might have known him last century during the exploitation phase when he was forced to subsidise his family through recovering dropped change in swimming pools Of course we the public were fooled, as we just assumed he was an avid swimming buff! Next thing he was sent hundreds of kim’s away to expand the business. He of course dutifully served his masters. Poor little guy! It really isn’t surprising that he ended up seeking solace in booze!

    Even though it’s predictable, it’s rather like watching a car crash in slow motion.

    In hindsight watching him strut provocatively dancing around in his little speedos is sheer agony. Then again when his audience really seemed ‘that the cat got the cream!I ‘ll always remember that gig ‘C’mon, you’re not ready!’ I cautioned, But he made a exaggerated clucking mother hen type response, OK then, what the hell is a Jewish Mens group’ then? ‘Oh look, don’t worry!’ he tut tutted, as he added several layers of oil to his glistening buttocks & leapt onto the stage, as the lights faded & the ambience pumped.

    I lost contact with him after that, but judging by his attitude today, well as he no longer capable of wearing speedos,the alcoholism & his gait is markedly different, I’d say he’s a different rooster …

  54. Birdy, you need to delete these people. They’re not very nice at all!

    • Yeah I’ll clean it up a bit. Getting pretty weird. Great speech by Trump. Imagine that a non-leftist pushing the case for the worker. Man when I’d try to get the case out of manufacturing at Catallaxy, these clowns were all agin it. They all hated manufacturing. They all fucked up with the theory of comparative advantage.

  55. He’s right! Well not in that special nude wrestling that 2 sweaty guys would confront each other in the damp, grimy solitude of a changing rooms .. I mean it’s ridiculous that 2 red blooded ,strapping nude pals can’t confront one another as respectful friends, yet be dismissed as untoward homosexuals

    ….Whoops, sorry Birdy, delete with extreme prejudice!

  56. Tinkittee tonk old fruit & down with the Nazis

  57. These reversals aren’t as good as usual. And the reason is that you get the best reversals from contemporaneous speech. And not from memorised speeches.

  58. Her trick of bouncing off her lovely booty is something that I’ve never seen before.

  59. Modern transmuted Jewish ritual murder of babies.

  60. How are things going with you, Birdie? Is everything ok?

    • Yeah everything good. I joined twitter. Pretty good that President bypasses the media and just tweets what he is up to. I usually get a few messages from the President each day.

  61. Very good to hear Birdie, I just found your account. Check out this thread by the way. It’s a bloodbath!

    • Its just amazing that we are surrounded by all these people whose thinking is so fantastically alien. Even when we were discussing matters like this more than a dozen years ago, I always had a sense of being able to differentiate between idealised theoretical models and conditions on the ground. Of course I erred on the side of the former in those days. But when it comes to Sinclair and others, well for starters he doesn’t understand his own models. I am sure you will underestimate just how tribal these people are. Thats the key.

      Think how it is for Victor Davis Hanson. He was in the national review. Writing articles for the national review. Its a high quality mag. but really its a CIA gimp site, way too Jew dominated. So here he was and the whole fucking lot of them turned against Trump and were just short of endorsing the most evil living (if she is still alive) woman in the world? Just like they have gone fucking crazy.

      Thats how it was for me with the economist adepts at Catallaxy 12 years ago. We wanted floating currencies to ENCOURAGE manufacturing. But when things went wrong these monkeys actually came out AGAINST manufacturing. Sinclair, Humphreys, even Soon to some extent. Their position was completely nutty, and really its their loyalty we have to question. We can have dynamic manufacturing with or without tariffs. But we have to want it. And we have to be serious about it. But they don’t even want such a thing. Imagine that? These are alien freaks.

  62. Hey Bird. There’s a chick over at Catallaxy calling herself Anne. We’ve seen a pic of her and she ain’t bad looking, even though she had her fringe cut short.. (I don’t like that). Anyways I think you two could really hit it off and would talk lots. She reckons world leaders have been making trips to Antarctica because there’s some sort of alien presence down there. What do you think? Should I send her here?

    • Yes but they aren’t going to Antarctica due to aliens. One of the last two planetary disasters, and almost definitely the bronze age disaster, occasioned a pole shift. So what these evil bastards are trying to cover up is the most amazing archeological find imaginable. All you need to do is find the ancient rivers under the ice south of South America. And there it all will be under less than 3200 years of ice. So these fucking Jews like John Kerry (Kohn) and Barry Soetoro (Dunham) are hiding this from us.

      The old South Pole was north of todays Antarctica but South of Perth.

  63. Bird, you still have absolutely no idea about banking. None!

    • Stop your Jew lies Cambria, I was in corporate banking. I used to sign off on all the overdrawn credit limits of the big banks, when I filled in for the boss. It was called the global limits system at the time. Now what brought on this burst of Jew dishonesty on your part. There you were playing Eric Cartman the matchmaker, and now you are returning to type.

  64. Putting a pro forma signature on piece of paper doesn’t mean you understand what was going on, you fat oaf. Stop talking about stuff you don’t understand.

    • Ha ha ha. “AUTHORISED”, yes it was all quite ridiculous. But I knew what was going on by other means. I was obsessed with getting monetary policy right. They set up a 4 million (1988 dollars) trading setup on the fourth floor and I would be dealing with the Partnership Pacific guys every day. I’d go out drinking with that crowd, and it all came back to me when I was working out the theory of it many years later. So I know all about it. Its got more obscurantist and complicated in the interim. But the principles stay the same. Its almost all utterly useless activity. And its an imposition on price discovery. Whereas people who don’t know about it think its a facsimile of perfect competition. So for example Sinclair is a fool who thinks its the very perfect example of Frank Knights perfect competition.

  65. Testing testing one two three

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