Dyson-Harrop And Tesla: Energy At Last.

Energy at last.  The first time an easy solution to an impending glacial crisis has come to light.  And we now even have a way of bringing terra-litres of fresh water to the deserts of the world in a cost-effective way.  Energy to burn. And a reason to get hundreds of thousands of people up and working in space. We ought to get moving.

So how are we going to do all this? Well we aren’t doing any of this unless we can defeat the fractional reserve banking network. Libertarianism and all other Isms can wait. The Northern Hemisphere banking system needs to be busted up by any means necessary and subsequently fractional reserve banned. And anyone who tries to do this has to realise that they are coming up against covert ops resources and the people who have had more medium-term influence on government then anyone else.

There is no point making the point that none of this would be necessary under capitalism, since this is a true point but a pointless point just the same. Once banking becomes the senior partner of the banking-government racket, then no good policy can so much as be hoped for until we break up their act any way we can.



  1. I will be very interested to hear how you can achieve this without violating any of the major laws of thermodynamics.

    • Magnificent. The Big Lebowski. The Dude Abides. There he is, taking it easy for the rest of us sinners.

  2. You are reducing the energy differential by discharging the solar capacitor. There is a buildup of charge in the sun, and any object moving through the solar system finds itself akin to an insect moving through one of those zappers.

    You leave the outdoor zapper on all night and it doesn’t use up too much energy. Every time an insect flies into the zap-region, it is helping along the movement towards entropy by discharging the capacitor-situation within the zap region. A comet, upon entering the solar system, does the same. But then any reasonably long body, particularly in a non-circular orbit, will do this.

    Now as proof to this view of the solar system, as opposed to the contrary propaganda put out by NASA you have the strange story of COMET HOLMES.

    Comet Holmes was of course lit up some when it was first spotted or else no-one would have seen it. Its supposed to have a small nucleus, about 30 miles across. But at one stage it was the largest object in the solar system, its long tail of dragging objects, more volumnous then the sun. So anyhow its already lit up right? Then it comes close to Jupiter. The interpretation is that a SUN-JUPITER-HOLMES electrical connection is made. The fact is that it lit up 500, 000 times more. There is no way to explain this but through the electrical model of the solar system.

    We know we can harness this electrical energy. We don’t know how accurate we can get the laser. The most powerful electrical energy will be found 1000 kilometres ABOVE the path of earths orbit to avoid the blocking action of the earths magnetic field.

    But that is extra for experts. Because though there is less electrical capacitance in near earth orbit there is still far more than what we can look a gift-horse in the mouth about. In fact there are likely excellent ways to draw this energy down, at least in some equatorial regions, without recourse to even satellites.



  4. When did Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 light up similarly to comet Holmes, as opposed to the normal behavior of comets?

    I don’t recall it increasing in brightness or size too much in the lead up to it breaking apart and crashing into Jupiter.


  5. Bird

    Last time I looked the action was in ‘unconventional’ oil and gas, which puts your earlier Peak Oil obsession firmly to the sword. I was part of the trouncing that you were dealt on this issue back in 2007.

    Now give up this crazy obsession and get fracking. Or invent the watermelon magma I taunted you with before.

    best regards


  6. You idiot spiv. The peak oil model is silent on synthetic oil. We must have gone over that 1000 times when there was virtually no censorship on catallaxy. It was this endless loop of anti-logic with you low IQ types.

    I was pushing against the carbon tax precisely because of the peak oil model which meant that synthetics were vitally important. There is no getting around this.

    In any case the peak oil model is proven in that we are still hovering around the 2005 plateau. So you were, proven wrong 8 years ago.

    But there is a couple of caveats. Oil and most hydrocarbons are abiotic and ongoing juvenile products of the earths crust. With that modification we see that the traditional wells have peaked but they won’t drip away precipitously as in the original model.

    You must be a Jew spiv to be in such rebellion of logic.

  7. He’s a Dirty Jew Bastard.

  8. Yes. I wish I had known this earlier.

  9. Reminds me of last days in Hitlers bunker. About the time the Goebbels’ kill themselves. Soviet tanks in the tiergarten. Medication time you loser anti-semite.

  10. Christ-killer.

  11. Jimmy. Get yourself a logic implant and a dopey-bastard tumor removal you complete tosser. What are you talking about these Jews for all of a sudden? Goebbels was a Jew as was Hitler and the Braun family were full of Jews. What is the point you are making here …. I mean in your own tiny mind?

  12. watermelon-face !

  13. For the love of Large Breasted White Women can you please ban this Insolent Hebrew already.

    Thank you Mr B

  14. Yes well I cannot blame you for that assessment. When Jason, Rafe, Edwards, and that boot-nigger first met me I was still looking kind of reasonable. But by the time that well-known internet photo was taken I was in very bad shape and got a lot lot worse. But that photo serves me as a way of disguising me from the world because I am a lot better now and am on the way to getting better still.


  15. ………………..apart from your crackpot views and tendency to rant and use coarse language, and be a class A anti-semite, I had no idea anything was wrong with you…….

  16. PZ Myers is an anti-Christian right? Does that make him a racist? I am against Judaism because it is the most racist religion ever invented. It is genocidal in its racism, which is why once this crowd were fully resourced after the founding of the Federal Reserve, we entered into the era of genocidal mass-murder. From there on in we have had acts of genocide and malicious damage masquerading as war. First against the Armenians, then against gentile Russian and Soviet peoples, then against the German people. And on and on. Elite Judaism is the worst religion ever invented. Which is why when the Jews took over Turkey they immediately started murdering Christian Armenians, and when they took over Russia they immediately started murdering millions of Christians and when they took over Germany by stealth they set her up for the appalling mass-murder of German people.

    So I hate elite Judaism. What about you? Its a crime gang. The Kosher Nostra. Genocidally racist, based around deception and malicious damage. No other cult or religion can boast these facets.

  17. anti-semitism is the last refuge of the village idiot !

  18. Jew individuals are good, bad or indifferent. But the culture is shit and we should preserve the individuals and obliterate this culture.

    Now tell me about this insight of yours? Was it logically formed, or as a Jew did you reject the logos when you rejected Jesus?

  19. “Did you know that Osama bin Laden quite probably had been awarded civilian and military decorations by the United States? Osama bin Laden is responsible for more high risk intelligence and combat support operations on behalf of the US than any member of our military today.

    Sources indicate that his equivalent rank, when representing the United States government to the Mujihideen was that of Colonel and that he qualified for combat awards including, not only the Bronze Star but multiple Silver Stars as well.”

    Bin Laden’s other name was Colonel Tim Osman. And he was in and out of the Pentagon when he came to the US.

  20. By and large mainstream-elite-Jews are pests, and they can even be a menace to the society they inhabit. Non-elite and maverick Jews may be a great help to their respective societies.

    But clearly Sinclair Davidson is a mainstream elite Jew. And tonight he fulfilled his role of being a complete pest. Not only blocking me, which is to be expected. But this low-life got rid of even my most informative posts. Even the stuff to do with the effects of deficit spending, which this pest is too stupid to learn about.

  21. It appears that Obama is a Jew. It seems his Mother was a Jew and that makes him a Jew. This could account for his repulsive evil.

    • Hi! MOSSAD here. We will be getting around to your excrutiating demise but there’s a bit of a backlog. Please be patient.

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  23. Graeme violates the laws of thermodynamics, socialism and gravity; also he’s rude to little girls and kicks dogs – https://birdsarentreal.com/blogs/news/birds-arent-real-newsweek

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