Posted by: graemebird | May 2, 2016

Full Employment Now.

If Jews were not calling the shots in Australian economics, how would we go about quickly getting full employment? Getting a manpower scarcity?

From Elsewhere:

How is full employment achieved when we get away from thief-economics. When we get away from the economics of the tribe?

G+I+C+X-M equals GDP. But G plus business to business spending plus C plus X-M equals Gross Domestic Revenue. Business to business spending becomes cost of goods sold in the next time period. So if we do all the good things, get people to save, run big surpluses, cut government spending, what happens is profits will fall.  This is because profits is total revenue minus cost of goods sold.  Consumer spending and Government spending do not become cost of goods sold in the next time period.  So reducing them reduces profits in the next time period.

Good policy change leads to low accounting profits. Which is all the more reason why no sole trader should ever have to pay taxes on retained earnings. In a soundly run economy its hard to make a profit. If you doubt the above think of the situation which has prevailed in the US.  Record profits for big companies,  running neck and neck with depression era employment.  Thats what these big deficits and low savings rates produce.  They produce huge profits and very few jobs.

Employment is a business expense paid out purely from business-to-business spending. Keynesian policies boost GDP and profits, but reduce employment directly.

To create full employment and upward pressure on wages,  we need sole traders to be awash in the producer goods they need to make a profit with. Supposing you have a beekeeper. If he’s got too many hives,  too many flowering trees, he grows the timber for a mead-making brewing operation,  well he cannot use all these producer goods on his own. There is too much work BECAUSE there are so many producer goods.  He’s got to employ people.   He cannot do the work himself. So a workers paradise comes out of the retained earnings of a sole traders paradise.

Thats really the secret of it all. Bringing up the density of producer goods so we are struggling to find the people to use them. Now how can this be done, if the sole trader is getting taxed on his retained earnings, and if everyone and his Momma is trying to divert loanable funds into the collection of rental properties? Or indeed loans are going to anything else but durable producer goods? That so much loan money is going into negatively geared rental properties is anti-economic craziness.  New houses and major renovations is what the funds ought to go to.  Not buying and holding and failing to build.

For us to have a trade surplus we must be able to lend more than we borrow. But how can we lend if we are all jacked up on debt? How can we have the funds to spare to lend overseas, if we are already starved of low interest funds for the sole trader to buy durable producer goods?

So our success comes from what we DON’T lend for. Its not okay to be lending for shiite. The funds have to be applied for wealth creation. Durable producer goods. Not investment in consumer durables, shares, takeovers, gearing up the balance sheet of big corporations to make that balance sheet “less lazy” or any of this other bullshit. This is all pretty obvious stuff.




  1. You got to go to Catallaxy right now. A fellow called John Adams has written a very good article on a Catallaxy fucking heresy!!!!!!! He would never have been let on in the first fucking place in past years. Yet the crafty Jew Sinclair has let him on. This is the Jew at work. And its thanks to the pressure I put on him. I know it seems a bit mean-spirited that he has fucking responded at last and I am giving him a hard time about it. But we must resist the urge to put lavish and great praise on the Jew every time he acts a tiny bit like a human being.

    You see how these fucking crafty cunts operate. Last time he neutralised me and Gerry Jackson by banning me, belittling Jackson with the aid of suspected homosexual and crypto-Jew John Humphreys, and bringing the Jew Steve Kates into the Catallaxy circle. Kates was there to give an approved anti-Keynesian narrative that yet left everyone confused and unsatisfied. His input was actually designed to make Keynesians feel good about themselves. He started brilliantly with a historical reinvestigation of Keynesianism, going all the way back to Malthus, and the post-Napoleonic experience. He brought in James Mill and David Riccardo and it was all very good stuff. He somehow got a speaking gig at the Mises institute which gave him an immense amount of street cred. But we waited in vain for him to give a wider view of the situation with monetary effects as well. I tried to post stuff about gross domestic revenue into this now tightly controlled Jew network of the blinkered. I tried to clarify matters. But note that while Sinclair was scrupulous in blocking out any of these technical questions and solutions, none of them were the fucking least bit interested in passing any questions or solutions onto Steve himself. So its just the old Jew control operation again. If I explained it to people who understand how they operate they would just want them to have their heads on the end of pikes.

    Household debt is an absolute disgrace. Its very existence is proof of misallocation of resources. The loans that become household debt, are under fractional reserve, extorted off society in the first place. But that the money is being sent to consumption, as opposed to durable producer goods, is a market failure. And this has devastating consequences for the economy and for upward mobility. This is just drug-pushers of the worst type, who have extorted a subsidy in aid of their rococo burglary. Its banditti but with obscurantism thrown in so that very few people understand the matter.

    Supposing if we had eternal youth? Then anyone with a high IQ and who lived to be 100+ would just recognise the simple truth every time of the usury scam. And the scam of tying debt-creation to wealth creation in the public mind. When you know about it its straight-forward theft, parasitism, and slavery. In the old testament debt is recognised as a form of warfare against another tribe. Well nothing has changed. Except perhaps that economic science has revealed that a smidgen of usury can potentially be a good thing. A spoon-full of sugar helps the medicine go down. The flavour of a cake is enhanced with a tiny sliver of icing. A marriage lasting 70 years can be made better if a wife can look the other way as her husband, infrequently harpoons a younger whale.

    Where a total ban is proven to be not-the-best-of-all-possible-worlds this doesn’t even yet justify infidelity, icing, sugar, or compound interest. These are dangerous things. These are fucking societal hazards. The question of how to let a little bit of sin to grease the wheels has to be argued out, but its never an excuse to just assume that whatever is happening is bloody marvelous, against all sense and reason.

    So if economic science reveals that a total ban on usury would be sub-optimal, thats a very slim reed for suggesting that a free-for-all, is some sort of libertarian manifest necessity.

    In all of human history there is only one system so far that has probably ensured that a majority or a substantial minority of loanable funds went to wealth creation. I would suggest that was a silver standard. The gold standard would fit, but because it lead to bankers controlling the money supply too much, then loan money was badly misallocated in the boom phase. In the bust phase the investment good of choice was cash balances and the whole place ground to a halt. Its just been such a waste.

    • Well well well.

      So we have another good old double-reverse-switcheroo from that Crafty Hebrew, Shlomo Davidowitz.

      Wish I could say I didn’t see it coming.

      • You should have seen last night. All these dumb Jews arguing with me about permaculture. They didn’t have a fucking point, but they would not concede. These people are just fucking terrible. And they kept me going all night until the morning, and never conceded that they were wrong, but we were an argument free zone. We have just have to get rid of these inbred troglodytes.

  2. Look at this Jewish menace. They are appalling. They cannot be cured and they will not change. What George does not say is that Jews are a genocidal and racist menace. He tries to separate Jews from zionism. Which is like separating Jews from Judaism. Which is like separating Jews from themselves. And of course he is supporting the Jew lie of the holocaust. No matter how long it goes on it may as well be Catallaxy. They are just animals. They cannot be reasoned with. They will not shut up and listen. The audience may as well be the current Catallaxy usurpation:

  3. Mr. B, what’s your assessment of this guide?

  4. Terrific isn’t it. She is only 18. Consider her idea about the jutting foreheads? Like Malcolm Turnbull for example. I find that a very scary look.

    I am just depositing this freedom quote from Catallaxy for later. Its not how the economy actually works. Its how the economy ought to work. So the quote is inaccurate if it is meant to describe the current setup.

    “Men trade their goods or services by mutual consent to mutual advantage, according to their own independent, uncoerced judgment. A man can grow rich only if he is able to offer better values—better products or services, at a lower price—than others are able to offer.”

    • The young lady’s channel has just been terminated. Why would youtube do this?

      • Ha ha ha ha. Because they are owned by google, and google is run by Jews, and google has debts, and those debts were created by Jews.

      • Dirty Google Bastards

    • Graeme, this girl who had her channel banned by these anti free speech google idiots made quite a few other videos, including this one, which someone put on their channel. Can you give a critique of this too?

      • I think I’ve seen it. I’ll just make a few suggestions, perhaps watch it again, and then amend the initial critique. She thinks Hitler didn’t do anything wrong. Well he murdered a lot of his colleagues, very early on in the night of the long knives. I actually think this could be where the half-Jews wrested top control of the national socialists from the true German nationalists. But I don’t know that, and I may never get time to test this thesis, since it would require genealogical and biographical research in a different language.

        She takes him as a sincere German nationalist, and she puts aside these incidents. She may not know about the attempts at cruel-hearted eugenics early on that the Church put a stop too. And she may not know about what appears to be a war of extermination in the Soviet Union.

        Okay not mentioning all of the above, if you don’t think Hitler was a Jew traitor, his administration from 33-36 was really very exemplary. And the main guilt for starting the war doesn’t begin so much with the Germans. Its really about the allies. The allies were lunatics who developed a war strategy designed to exterminate as many people as possible and make it look like they were actually conducting a sane war. Its really Jew bankers running all sides. Hence extermination pretending to be war.

        What the young girl DOES know is that the holocaust is a lie. There was no holocaust of Jews. Actually there was a holocaust of everyone else BUT Jews. There is an incident where Himmler had 4000-5000 Jews, including women and children, murdered in Poland, since they were to the back of his troops that were already across the border into the Soviet Union. Himmler went out of his way to hide this incident from Hitler. Thats just about the only real and serious massacre of Jews I have even heard happen in the last two thousands years. They are always feeling sorry for themselves if a few houses get burned down where the loan records are kept. This mass-murder had nothing to do with the policy of the work camps.

  5. What do we know about this Egyptair business?

    We know that it was Mossad and our guys again, and not Arabs. For a change, and possibly because of a lot of complaints, the Jewish security firm ICTS does not seem to be involved. This is a watershed, because this one Jewish outfit was associated with pretty much all staged events and terrorist attacks involving airports. But they weren’t involved in this one. What does that tell us? That tells us that the entire world are scared witless to point out when Jews engage in the murder of civilians, even when it could not be more obvious.

    So anyway us dumb mules, as the Jewish people would describe us, complained so much about ICTS that they used a non-Jewish airport security firm for a change. But STILL we know that it was not an Arab operation. Well how do we know this? We know this because the official story is that the plane disappeared from the radar. Supposing me and a couple of Arab thugs smuggle a bomb through airport security? Thats pretty clever for starters isn’t it, and its a bit odd for people that clever to be wanting to commit murder-suicide, when it won’t do a damn bit of good. So its an idiot story that the Jews are trying to thrust upon us. Just stupid right from the start. But supposing it was me and a couple of Arab thugs? Well we lack the capacity to make a plane disappear off the radar. This means that whoever murdered these people controlled the radar, or have radar cloaking technology, or can control the media. Or all three, or some combination thereof. So the list of suspects is very short, and none of them are Muslim.

    Lets stop being stupid about this. Judea and its oligarchical friends are conducting mass-murder of muslims now. But if we are too gutless to point the finger at these horrible people, they will be targeting the rest of us sooner or later.

  6. Every so often I have to post this one, because I don’t think they get it over at Catallaxy:

  7. This is what we have needed for a long time. I haven’t listened to it yet, but already I am excited. Because its what we have needed for years. The Kennedy hit analysed with the help of REVERSE SPEECH.

    Too good:

  8. Reverse speech confirms everything we knew already. Including the Israeli connection. It also shows that James Files was involved. It gives a very big role to Hoover. Bush senior is in on it. Eisenhower too.

    • Have you ever tried reverse speech on yourself?

      • No but that would be unlikely to work. Its got to be extemporaneous speech.

  9. This lecture is great. The fellow obviously knows his stuff. But on top of that his communication is exceptional:

  10. Mr. B, what will happen now that the UK has voted to leave the EU? Is this a good thing?

    • Yes its a very good thing as such. A good thing if you don’t know the specifics of what is going on. But for the oligarchy to have allowed this ….. you would have to know what they are up to. And I don’t know the specifics, and I have not followed matters.

      I see the UK as a bit of a safe haven for the oligarchy. They have more security cameras there than anywhere else in the world. And they have seen to it that the Brits have updated their nuclear submarine force. So the elite Jew pigs may be trying to isolate the UK to some extent, while they continue with their destruction of continental Europe. Just so they have one place from which to continue to do business while they keep wrecking most other places. See now that they have weaponised immigration and put two million extra Muslim boys in Europe, then it could be that they recognise things are so bad that even their own girls could get raped. So if you pull out the UK from this mess, this means that the risk is handled quite well.

  11. What about Orlando? Another psyops?

    • Yeah definitely. Consider the implausibility of the story. 50 odd dead? Another 60 casualties or so? I would have to look it up. And in a room full of 300 fags. So how many bullets shot? Should be about 5 for each casualty. But we will say 2. So he’s got to keep reloading. Are we saying that these fags are such girlymen that they won’t rush this guy to save themselves? In a place without much space right. The point of the gay disco is to push people together in a place without much space.

      Now this fellow was supposed to be gay right? So whats he offended about? If he isn’t gay, he would never have stayed there too long. The whole story is a joke. What we cannot tell is if this is a hybrid event or a staged event. They may kill a bunch of people with Mossad or SAS or whoever and then blame the Muslim. Then they could still use fake parents and fake mourning siblings, fake survivors. That they may have killed a bunch of people and still use bullshit grievers.

  12. Emphasising the torso in sports.

  13. Cool conversation with Cus and Ali

  14. hey Bird
    This is a comment I posted on Helen Dale’s facebook thread (you should really return to FB or at least try Twitter, you’d be a hit)

    Can I just say for the record now you may have been right: Goldman Sachs is now being tied to Malaysia’s 1MDB embezzlement scandal. Then there’s what they did in Greece. And finally if ‘too big to fail’ is really too big to fail there’s a case for treating (and regulating) them like a public utility. I kinda get where the hard money paleo-lib Austrians are coming from nowadays – this isn’t real capitalism

  15. Thanks for that man. Good to see you admitting these things. You know your crowd is so economically virtuous, that you present a problem for the rest of us, because our system is not a “winner-takes-all” system. But its skewed too much to the already successful. So the Chinese do present something of a problem. For the moment in this country they help eachother into small business. But they DO over-promote each-other on ethnic grounds … and so unless we go to the sole trader model, we will lose our paternity to your people ….. who will then be controlled by Jews and oligarchs.

    But there is a difference. The Chinese do not seek to hurt the community they are within. They are NOT natural parasites. They are natural producers. Although they do not have the idealism to make things better for everyone. But they are personally benign and productive. Unfortunately with the oligarchy and Jews setting the ground rules, the ALMOST … winner takes all scenario eventually leaves Chinese with more wealth then they deserve. Its true that by and large in a sole trader world, they do deserve a bit more than most of the rest of us. But if this lopsided version of capitalism goes on forever the rest of us have to take our heritage back. And it won’t be pretty.

    Now I know you don’t agree with much of this, more than say 30%. But good on you for admitting I am on the right track on some things. And we ought to hang out sometime. I drink organic beer now. Mountain Goat Steam beer.

    Your crowd is economically virtuous. Fucking Jews are born parasites. Except half of them for two generations after they get moved on. They are poison really.

    • I love that Chinese Tucker. So does Mrs Hanson.

      Crafty bastards tho, the Chinks.

      Don’t believe that “me no speakee English” routine.

      • Reminds me of that movie. “No speakee the English” hey. Well we’ll see about that. Next thing the Aussie is sending for the “man from Hong Kong” and the theme song “You’ve Blown It All Sky High” is playing.

      • Here we go:

  16. A Karate guy can hurt you from the side. But no boxer can ever hurt you when you are to his side. So why RETREAT backwards to safety, when you can “retreat” to the side for safety and aggressive intent? No-one does it better than this kid. And this young fellow, may be the second most technically proficient boxer after Mayweather right now. Or maybe not. But really he can just outflank every cunt. That means he’s perfectly fucking safe as if he was having a cup of tea at his grandma’s

  17. The sweetest scientist:

  18. Bird, this is looking all very homo-erotic.

    • For a fag like yourself perhaps. We are talking about the science of boxing. If being beat up by a Panamanian makes you feel that way, consider getting this developmental disorder seen to.

      • I’ve heard Panama is the fruitiest nation in Central America

      • Yes, it looks like Graeme is repressing his true urges again. Just like the time with Fruity Phil.

      • Philly is a busty middle-aged woman who is quite fetching. It doesn’t matter what nonsense connotations the Jews at Catallaxy ascribed to her. And of course it doesn’t matter that she was a bit sensitive sometimes. Thats a girly trait after all.

  19. Bird, you need to get on Twitter. It’s a riot!

  20. Right. I know nothing about it. I don’t know how to do it. How will the anti-Jew thing go? I mean Gengis mentioned Helen. And I didn’t want to damage her with any association with me. Looks like she was right the first time, but its not what she is saying now after two decades of abuse. I will take a look if you give me some idea of how to do it. Probably I would concentrate on egalitarian small government economics and Physics. But its hard for the Jew menace not to be mentioned in either of these areas.

  21. Dunno Bird. I’m sure if you want to take that angle there’s plenty of targets. In any case, Twitter forces you to be concise and punchy. No excess verbiage. So if you know how to condense an idea down to a snappy meme or term of abuse, you’ll thrive.

    • Sure I’m the best. No-one is snappier me. But I don’t know how to get started. And for what purpose? I have not gone anywhere. I have just singlehandedly put a wedge in the science consciousness, by way of appearing under about five dozen names on the site quora and gone toe to toe with the curse of bad Jew Voodoo posing as science.

      I have discovered how the universe REALLY works. No cripples in wheelchairs need apply to be taken seriously.
      Back to fighting. Look at Joe working the angles here. Feinting, side to side. A lot going on here:

  22. Joe Lewis way too skinny here. These fucking movie people kept forcing him to keep losing more and more weight for the camera. So he lost all his tremendous muscle power before this fight. But still he won the fight. But thats not the point. With all his muscle power still there, he was probably one of the most lethal people on the planet. A few three hundred pound wrestlers would be more lethal, but not that many people at the time.

    And they make him a mere skilled fighter by emaciating him for the camera? These movie people aren’t even fucking human beings.

  23. The way to play Twitter is simple. Start your account up. Make it the same as your blog. “Cheapest think tank…” That’s a great slogan.

    Then, follow a bunch of people on Twitter, e.g. leading economists, commentators, journos, pollies, etc. Choose about 1/2 people you like and 1/2 people you don’t like.

    Every time someone you don’t like posts something, it will show up in your feed. Jump on the thread and run them down. Kick the crap out of them.

    And every time someone you like posts something, jump on the thread and say something that agrees with them, but from a more unique angle. That’s the way to attract followers.

    Personally, I don’t really try to build my followers (I’ve got about 140) because mine is just a troll account. There is no real unifying personality or core identity to my Twitter, it’s just counter-punching the Left. So that probably depresses the number of followers.

    But if you build a unique identity and start issuing your own tweets o’ wisdom, then you can get more followers that way.

    • Mr B

      Twitter is a Hebrew Trap. Don’t fall for it.

    • Sounds good. I have a few pressing matters to attend to. But soon I’ll jump on the quislings with both feet.

  24. hey Bird what do you think of Trump’s economics advisors

    • Its good that he’s left out the Rothschild Jew affiliates like Goldman Sachs. His economic team is not Jew heavy. So thats a good thing.

      He had a massive cut to the company tax. Now I like that and I don’t. Its a cut to taxes on retained earnings. Thats the good part. But it won’t reverse the imbalance between the big boys and the sole trader. But there is no question it will get good medium return results. Cuts to taxes on retained earning ALWAYS deliver. So its will cause an almost immediate bounce-back. I seem to remember that he’s been a little bit sensitive to poorer people.

      I would go zero tax to retained earnings on the sole trader. No excuses, no delays. But there is no question his company tax change will get quick results.

  25. The new One Nation Senator has some interesting views on who’s behind climate change…

    • Nice. Next time I will put him number one. I confront these monstrous people at quora on a daily basis under dozens of different names. I tell you they are appalling.

  26. LOL looks like a fake account

    • You think so? I think its Clive Hamilton getting his shiny head out and about again. Newly confident after all these years. I must have a talk to Mr Hamilton soon.

      Julian Jackson. Not even a particularly skilful fighter. But he hides the big bag of whoopass somewhere on his person.

  27. Here is a magnificent fight. Its a bit like what you would expect from Mike Tyson and “creatine-adjusted” Joe Frazier if you could have that rumble. I say “creatine-adjusted” just as shorthand for modern technological improvements generally.

    See the little Greek fellow is oddly flawless in the first two rounds like Tyson at his absolute best. But the other fellow survived those two rounds, and he’s in with a chance. This is how things were with Tyson. You had to survive the first three rounds. Whereas Frazier was going to really hurt you bad so long as HE survived the first few rounds. I think this is a very good fight, and the Aussie commentary is in the best tradition of the commentator getting way too excited. Great effort by both little blokes. The standard is amazingly high. Its almost like watching Manny in a way. But the Greek is more reminiscent of a tiny Tyson. Two rounds of near flawlessness and sustained warfare like Tyson or like Hagler against Hearns. But he couldn’t keep it up and so it ends up a more interesting fight.

  28. Here is my favourite boxing analyst at the moment. Sometimes you watch Ali and you are disappointed. You think “well he’s good but he’s not THAT good.”
    But just imagine how misfortunate you are going to be if you show up and Ali is on his absolute best form. Cleveland Williams is one of the luckless fellows who seem to have experienced this. And George Foreman. On those two occasions its just very hard to see how anyone could have beaten him.

    Nothing wrong with Cleveland here. On another night he could have done some damage and Ali might just have edged him out cutting his eye or something of this nature. But you want to listen to Kayden rather than read me. So far he’s the best analyst I’ve stumbled upon.

  29. Here is the full fight. Come in at about 18 min to see Ali clean him up bad. Most nights Cleveland would probably go a lot more rounds and finally they’d call it off with a cut eye. Those are the disappointing fights with Ali. Where you feel the other fellow could have actually beaten him up. But not this night.

  30. You can punch harder if you are flat-footed and not dancing. Here Ali comes out pretty flat-footed which is kind of unusual for him in the sixties. Go in 26 minutes. Looks like he knew it was time to knock Foley clean out.

  31. Your fascination with scantily clad men is becoming a bit embarrassing, Graeme.

    • Do you mean to say that you have no interest in the sweet science? I could have expected as much I suppose. But still I find this sort of apathy and unmanly disinterest shocking.

  32. Testing testing one two three

  33. Testing

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