Posted by: graemebird | January 14, 2016

Lucky Lucky Palestine.

From elsewhere:
Why did zionists create the state of Israel.  Couldn’t they just live in peace with Palestine?
The network of dynastic families controlling the Federal Reserve and the Bank Of England had developed a sure-fire way of skimming off the wealth of nations. But what happens when a small cluster of families gets to accumulate more wealth than say Belgium? A country could confiscate its mansions, sieze the gold that lies beneath their estates and start detaining the elder males. With this sort of wealth you are going to need your own armed forces and secret police. You will need your own new nation that you control more totally then the existing great powers. This is one of many reasons for these guys to develop their own personal Israel.
Now consider the Jews showing up on this thread claiming that there was no Palestine. Just a tabula rasa and there for the taking.   We can see invalid nature of this claim by way of hypothetical comparison; Prior to Indias independence from the British Empire there was no seperate and independent India. Since India was part of the Empire ……… I don’t think I need to go further in rubbishing this particularly obnoxious meme.
Back to the question: This time from another angle. The angle of “the tyranny of everyone’s second choice.” Suppose we just had to have one language for the planet? I imagine more people speak Cantonese as their first language than  English. So the whole world would differ on its first choice. But English would win out because it is many peoples second choice. It is the preeminent second language.
Suppose we had to hold the summer Olympics in the same city every time? Despite Greece not currently being rich or powerful, Athens would be a strong contender. Since while only a few people might nominate Athens as their preferred venue, still many would tend to nominate Athens as their second option.
I think something like that was going on within the zionist movement.
Another line of enquiry would be the Jewish heresy angle. This is the hypothetical idea that many powerful Jews came under the influence of the Sabbatean/Frankist cult. The cult is sometimes alleged to have had (what one would have thought to be) quixotic ambitions to do with running a mighty empire out of the holy lands. This is a heresy but it may have caught traction with people who can make things happen.
Just to address another myth bandied about on this thread…… For starters the Jews were not scattered to the four winds by the Romans. Most of them stayed and eventually became Christian. Many of them were later to convert to Islam under slow pressure of dhimmitude.  And their own religious documentation has the Hebrews brutally stealing the territory in the first place. Every angle you look at it from, their real estate claims are just bizarre and wrong.
As to the land that people like the Rothschilds and Montiefores bought up to usurp a political entity from under the Palestinian people’s prior claim …. this is dirty money skimmed from society through banking rackets and other dubious undertakings.
How about the Balfour declaration? Thats just a letter. No money changed hands and letters from one man to another are not legitimate real estate claims. So how about the arbitrage behind the letter? While Germany had offered a reasonable peace which would have saved many millions of lives ……. The alleged payment in kind was to keep the war going by getting the American media and American Jewry to bring the United States into the war.   If this is not the meaning of the letter than it is only a letter. And actually a very short one. From Mr Balfour to Mr Rothschild.  A piece of paper. Addressed to a private citizen. Not some sort of covenant or treaty. It was not carved in stone nor pulled from a burning bush.
Prolonging war at the cost of massive blood and treasure is not a valid real estate claim either.


  1. Mossad expert:

  2. Jews have already rigged up the inner city rail system with nuclear bombs.

    The last few nukes that the Israelis have exploded (in their rampant campaign of nuclear terrorism) have gone off without the initial flash of white light. The initial flash is characteristic of nuclear explosions. But if the nuclear weapon is substantially buried, then obviously the flash is absorbed. Yet we may still have the mushroom explosion for a full strength nuke, or a crooked toad-still explosion, for a micro-nuke. When the Jews nuked us in Bali, we got the flash and the flash burns, since the bomb was not substantially shielded.

    Incredibly Jews online will hose down these nukes, caught red-handed on video, on the grounds that there was no flash. All this means is that they are working with high fever to plant nukes everywhere and make good on their stated policies. They tell us they have the Sampson option, then they actually use nuclear weapons in the field to make sure our top brass knows that they aint whistling dixie. The semi-secret is then maintained by their control of the media and by targeted intimidation and assassinations.

  3. Shut up Bird, you idiot.

    • Yes fella. We will always have Jews lining up to paralyse any attempt for us to get together and dig out those nukes that they have planted. Thats why we have always had to move you Jews on in the end. As hurtful as that is, just getting you guys out of here is the only thing we can do.

  4. Hey Bird

    Where’s Phil these days?

    • oh fuck off Woppy

    • I know I upset her her a couple of times. She could be both thin-skinned and prickly and it didn’t help that people at Catallaxy had the Jewish mindset of demonising people. I must say I was disappointed with CL and Fisky on this score. Its not good when gentiles go native in Jew-town.

      In any case, if one of us gets upset, even one time, we can start to think that there is only 24 hours in the day and we have better things to do. So I just suspect she figured that she ought to pay more attention to her fella. And less to this blog that was after all grinding to a halt.

      • Bird, do you have anything to do with the old Catallaxy crowd, the ones that you alienated?

  5. Bird, you got to get yourself out of this Jew hating thing dude. It’s taken over your whole life. Does your brother know what you’re up to?

    • It doesn’t take up much time to point out that Jew front companies have been given access to our rail subway. Which means they have been successful in setting up their Sampson option threat. These are monsters we are talking about. And your inner feeling that its good that these Jews have our city rigged up for demolition is why we need to get you to leave.

      • I see the Jews are giving Junior Junior (our Mitch Pearce) the Cosby treatment but with a Dog this time.

    • Somebody just sent me the Pearce story. I suppose dogs are cheaper.

  6. look at this, Mr B – Hebrew Science at its worst. Cracking the whip. Get in line. Ignore the evidence of your Own Eyes.

    • The flat earth campaign was last years gig coming out of NASA.

      • Ah – so Flat Earth is just another Double Reverse Switcheroo.

        It’s obvious now that you point it out, Mr B.

        Get everybody hung up on Flat Earth (HAH AHA HHA HA OF COURSE THE EARTH IS ROUND AND EVERYTHING NASA SAYS IS TRUE), and no one questions the Greatest Jew Lie of All (i.e. the Gravity Swindle).

        Those crafty Jew Bastards.

      • I am not a Muzzer but golly gosh I would like to Make Jihad on NASA.

      • But Mr B I did go up on the roof yesterday (Mrs RPH held the ladder despite her bung hip – how I do love her So) to look at the Horizon and I could not see any Curve WHATSOEVER. There were some trees in the way to be sure but I am not prepared to write off Flat Earth just yet.

        Those damned Hebrews have me questioning Mine Own Eyes.

      • RPH, I gotta hand it to you, you’re a dedicated troll. There’s so little traffic here now though, I wonder why you still nother.

      • *bother.


      • I’m not who you think or may have thought I am.

      • i can smell the Garlic from here, you Greasy Dago

      • Maybe you’re Cambria and have been trolling Bird for years. It certainly isn’t me. Graeme, do you know who RPH really is?

      • No but Jason Soon was always a master of character development. His character creation capacity came out of a sincere wish not to be found out who he was. Which made me think that the same hiding techniques must be one of the tricks of the fiction masters.

      • I see you still try to post on the Catallaxy forum and that JC is still there, along with some other old mates of yours.

        Here’s something to cheer you up a bit. PZ Myers blog is heading in the same direction as yours.

        He’s swallowed the feminist and social justice koolaid and alienated many previous readers, such as myself. I hold him in more contempt than I ever had for you in the past,

      • for the love of Jesus H Christ and Blondes With Big Titties will you please stop stinking up Mr B’s Blog you stinky Garlic Eating Dago

      • Haha, like I said, you’re a dedicated troll, wont even break character at all. Well done!

      • go blow a Donkey

      • No. We should be allies now. Will you at last comsider it?

      • I meant “at least”. Well RPH?

  7. This one fell pretty flat. The 2012 theme was also a false flag, but it took off and had a lot of resonance with people.

  8. Fucking awesome slamming of the Jew Soetoro:

  9. Been watching Donald Trump talking. Complete fucking artist. Has me transfixed. Got the wrong idea about the Jews versus Islam but he’s sincere and so that ought not matter so much.

    Trump must have cut a deal with Obama. Because the threat has gone out that if Trump is killed then Hillary will be arrested. The quid pro quo must be that Obama himself will not be clapped in irons for his usurpation and many crimes. I am happy with this as Trump is sincere and patriotic.

    • What happened in Iowa? Can Trump fight back?

  10. Yes he can fight back easily. He hasn’t even spent much money yet. The other guys are burning through their funds.

    • Mrs RPH and I are for Trump over Ted Juwz, Marco Jewbio, Jew! Bush, Jew Jewstie, Jew Kasich, Rick Jewtorum, Hebrewary Rodham Jewton, Bernie the Jew Sanders, Mike Huckajew and the rest of those Hebrew SOBs.

      • You forgot Ben Jewson.

      • Yeah him too. And Jew Gilmore.

    • You were right Mr B. The Trump’s done it this time!

  11. hey graeme are you backing Trump? he seems to have your style

  12. and what’s your take on Bernie Sanders? he’s Jewish but taking on the banksters isn’t he?

    • He will just do the usual thing and pump up the income tax. That stops anyone coming from the ground up and competing with the super rich. If he splits up the too big to fails that would be great of course. But I am not going to be holding my breath.

  13. Hey Bird;

    Gab posted this at the Cat.

    I told her you wouldn’t be very happy

    • Yes good work. Thanks for telling her. Einstein is totally full of shit and they have found nothing. Note how the palooka isn’t about to give us the details of just how it is there instruments are affected and why this affect is being interpreted as a gravity wave. Because its just Jews lying.

      The discovery is supposed to be from a day earlier. And the Jew is there with an animation already.

  14. hey bird, do you think the jews were behind justice scalia’s death? or the gays?

    • The Jews of course. You know the gays are a bunch of pussies. Here is some Jews having a blast murdering other peoples kids for no reason at all:

  15. Obama had him whacked.

    • Mossad greased the Dago Judge

      • He was found with a pillow over his head. Sounds like Mossad alright.

  16. Fire laser beams along two four kilometre long evacuated tunnels. Watch the interference pattern. The interference pattern changes a little bit. The Jew leaps up and says “I told you so.”

    • Has hebrew science faked the evidence for gravity waves? Is that what you’re saying Mr. B?

      • I told you it was lesbian jew communists from the far side of the galaxy. They installed Obama who killed Scalia along with Mossad
        and made-up the gravity waves to hide the real evidence of the hollowed-out expanding earth. Idiot.

      • Yes of course they did. For fucksakes. They got two lasers, pointed down two unused tunnels at right angles. These lasers have an interference pattern. Now the story goes that the interference pattern changed. Then within 24 hours we have this massive media hype. Brian Greene in his best perfectly fitted gear given a polished talk on the subject with animation backing that was in the can months ago.

        He’s not a fucking alien he’s just a fucking Jew. And they say “Einstein Was Right” that century old refrain. What? Because the pattern changes A LITTLE BIT with two lasers? So Einstein was right?

        We can never have proper science until we isolate this fucking tribe of lunatics and wreckers. Not lesbian, not strictly communists, they never built anything worthwhile, and least of all pyramids.

        They are just Jews and the ruin everything.

    • Trump won again! Is it true that Trump is the only gentile running for President?

      • Not genetically. But in spirit.

      • Ben Carson is a good gentile and a fine candidate.

  17. It was lesbian jew communists from the far side of the galaxy who came here to build pyramids and get gay married.

    • You say that but its really just Jews. You ought to see the shenanigans with Scalias body. Sending it all over the place. A giveaway.

  18. Malcolm X is Obama’s real biological father. He would be absolutely heartbroken, disgusted and outraged at what has been done with his seed. Malcolm was a Muslim murdered by the shadow government. Obama is a Jew pretending to be a Muslim, pretending to be a Christian, who murders Muslims on a weekly basis, for the shadow government. Most sadly for Malcolm would be the knowledge that black Libyan civilians had been specifically singled out for slaughter on his sons Presidential watch.

    The handlers of his son sought to invert all things about Malcolm in the production of their Golem. One does not want to sound gay here. But Malcolm came across as a sort of idealised example of young manliness. How many of us could stand next to Cassius Clay and not seem diminished by the comparison? Malcolm came across looking even more awesome than before!!!! In contrast his issue is barely a man at all.

    Malcolm was a heterosexual. Obama is queer. Malcolm married a beautiful woman, and had children with her. Obama parades a man around and we all call him Michelle, and say he is the “First Lady”. The children are to a surrogate and are the spitting image of Malcolms other grandchildren.

    At some stage Malcolm felt hate and anger at the White part of him. This is because he learnt that his most direct white ancestor had become that way essentially through rape. Or at least this is Malcolms interpretation. Obama has grown up to be loyal to certain non-black ancestry. And he is ferociously homicidal towards blacks.

    Malcolms speeches reveal that he was progressively becoming a very convincing philosopher of freedom. He had a knack of conveying the sort of spirit that Ayn Rands character John Galt would also express. But Galt is wordy and obscure, whereas Malcolm was succinct and his words had a more visceral power.

    Obama thinks about how we can be enslaved. Obamacare as originally conceived (by the son of a terrorist) was to be a vehicle for enslavement, political patronage and eugenics. Of course the plan did not quite survive as designed and so it wound up as another gigantic thieving racket for rich slobs. Reverse speech analysis reveals that candidate Obama knew exactly what the program was for, and he was enthusiastically behind the enslavement process.

    What would Malcolm say to Obama over not wearing a tie when announcing to the world the Scalia hit? Maybe it would be a bit like Boyz In The Hood. “So you are tough now hey Bari? You think you are tough now, not wearing a tie? You GANGSTA now? That what you think?”
    Maybe Malcolm would say something like that to him and then slap Obama around until he cried.

  19. If Malcolm X was Obama’s biological father, then how come he was born in Kenya? Just askin’.

  20. HIs Jew Mother worked for the Ford Foundation which had morphed into a sort of Jew-CIA front. It was a case of sheep-dipping their Golem. They have given him 5 lives and three religions.

  21. If the CIA was involved with plotting to make sure he was born in Kenya as the first step to securing Obama’s presidency, it was probably the same crew who were behind the Kennedy hit and the fake Moon landings.

    • Yes its all the same people. Banking Dynasts, American crime families and the Kosher Nostra Jews. What people think about Kenya is more to do with them being there to fool Barack Seniors family. Then not figuring out that they weren’t going to be able to fly back to Hawaii with Stanley Ann in such an advanced state of pregnancy. So the guys who have tried to talk to Barack Seniors mother and the rest of them, seem to have come back with a scenario of this order. Just not sorting it out what the airline company would allow.

  22. There is two scenes in the Godfather that explain this very well. Vito has two lieutenants that have been loyal to him for decades. We can infer that off-screen the Corleones are preparing for a retaliation before their adversaries even understand that they themselves will make the attack. The underbosses are Clemenza and Tessio. Vito and Michael know ahead of time that one of them will betray Michael. They also know that he will be the one who offers a meeting on his turf. It’s then that Michael is to let loose the big bag of Whoopass the likes of which has not been seen, since the very day that Lorenzo Medici avenged himself against the Pazzi.
    The kleptocracy had two contenders to be the standard-bearer for Apollo. The murder of at least one of them was planned way ahead of time. Like Clemenza and Tessio, there was no way both would survive but like Vito and Michael, the killers did not know which of these two they would murder. These contenders were Gus Grissom and Neil Armstrong. One of them had to die but no-one knew who it was going to be.
    The kleptocracy needed to settle all (“family business”)Apollo naysaying in one day, or close to it, in such a way as to bring all strategic players into a stupefied consent.
    The capacity to pressurise the cabin with pure oxygen, release the cyanide, then ignite a fire was loaded in years in advance. An audit of the safety of the program was basically complete.
    Everyone was sick of it but Gus finally had enough. Gus called a press conference, complaining that the program was years behind schedule, that the vehicles were unsafe. He got a lemon and pierced it with a coathanger and hung the lemon on the L.E.M.
    (fiction segment begins) You must not think that we were angry at Gus. It was just business. Not personal. I liked talking to Gus then, and I would like to be able to ring him now. Nelson turned to me and said “So it’s Gus.” I said “Yeah that makes sense. He was always the smarter if the two” (fiction segment ends)
    After they poisoned and burnt Gus, they then quickly killed the auditor, his wife and stepdaughter. The astronauts (who as kids had been forced to slaughter Korean civilians from their airplanes) got the message quick smart.
    This is how all these deceptions work. We can laugh and joke about how stupid these little men look warbling about in slow mo before the cameras. We can be amazed at how bad the acting was at Sandy Hook. But in the end it must be understood, that all these lies are maintained and policed, by stunningly heartless murders, prepared well in advance of the deceptions themselves.

  23. Hmmm, another piece of MH370 found, but with no sea life encrustation. Very odd.

    • Don’t be fucking ridiculous. Of course it was not found. It was never lost. But tell me the news anyway.

      • Here:

      • Right. There is just nothing to it.

      • Mr. B, what do you think happened to this airplane?

      • They reused it for a false flag against Russia. The bodies in the plane on reuse were bloated and already long dead. No bleeding and some dummies. Like you see in the store front dummies.

        Exactly same make and model plane. See how when the implacable Mahatir was in charge, because he was such a tough nut to crack Jewtown must have been infiltrating the institutions beneath him the entire time. So now they can manipulate the country but its testimony to his strong will that they did not try this nonsense on while he was still in office.

      • Who reused the plane?

    • Obviously the people who captured the plane in the first place. Since no-one else could reuse it. The list of subjects is short since you have to control the satellites or the media or most likely both. Which means it goes right to the top like most major false flags. So its the oligarchs and Jews again. And the rumours were that the plane spent some months in an Israeli hangar. Not only are the Jews the most evil people on the planet, the country of Israel is really just a security force to protect the trillions of the banking elite. So they are far more busy then anyone else in all these nefarious undertakings. MI6 and the CIA can do this stuff. But its the Israelis that are the full-timers.

      • But why would Israel use the plane against Russia? How did the aircraft get from the middle of the Indian Ocean and running out of fuel to Israel?

      • The plane did not disappear in the middle of the Indian ocean. Its not possible for a plane to disappear except by the top oligarchy controlling both the radars and the media. So where are you getting this “middle of the Indian ocean” deal from? I think you are getting that from Tony Abbot TV appearances.

      • Looks like they’ve found another piece of wreckage in the Indian Ocean:

      • No it doesn’t look even a little bit that way. Its not news its just typing.

  24. The dope on low wattage science fraud Einstein:

  25. Note that his take on the science is almost identical to mine. I had heard Chris before on Einstein as a plagiarist and a bullshit-artist. But I had not known that he had sorted the science out along the same lines as me. But that is good and normal. Because if you apply reason you get much the same sort of results. Always directly opposed to the Jew science hoax.

  26. Genocidal lunatics and implacable haters of other peoples babies. What explains this? Is it merely ideology? Or is there a genetic component?

  27. Here Chris mentions part of his evolution as an intellectual, when he percieves these Jews swarming him. My intellectual evolution since 2005 is an open book. You can see it all here. You can see I was not being educated by Chris except in the last couple of years. And yet we both have the same experiences with Jews online and both start converging on similar scientific (he has a famous physicist ancestor ) ideas. As well as similar ideas derived from exacerbation with the Jews.

    Few serious people start with hatred of Jews. It starts with question marks, moves to frustration, develops into extreme exacerbation, and only then matures into blind fury, since in anyones lifetime they will see the massive body count piling up thanks to the characteristics that Jews have.

  28. Crisis actor Mason Wells is sure having a blast:

  29. Back in the day, every rock star on earth, really wished he was Scott Walker. But there was too much white culture still preserved in his rock and roll. So the Jews had to send him down the memory hole.

  30. We have a new hero in Sydney. His name is Jarrod Morton-Hoffman. The Jews have never laid bullshit on as thick as this ludicrous faux-heroism that is coming out in this bullshit inquest. So of course they have this Jew kid as a fictional hero doing unbelievably fucking stupid things. In any case they are doubling down so hard on this one, that all you have to do is substitute “Jarrod Hoffman” for “Brian Boitano.”

    What would Brian Boitano do
    If he was here right now,
    He’d make a plan
    And he’d follow through,
    That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

    When Brian Boitano was in the olympics,
    Skating for the gold,
    He did two salchows and a triple lutz
    While wearing a blind fold.

    When Brian Boitano was in the alps,
    Fighting grizzly bears,
    He used his magical fire breath,
    And saved the maidens fair.

    So what would Brian Boitano do
    If he were here today,
    I’m sure he’d kick an ass or two,
    That’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

    I want this V-chip out of me,
    It has stunted my vo-ca-bu-lar-y.

    And I just want my mom
    To stop fighting everyone

    For Wendy I’ll be an activist, too,
    Cos that’s what Brian Boitano would do.

    And what would Brian Boitano do,
    He’d call all the kids in town,
    And tell them to unite for true
    That’s what Brian Boitano would do.

    When Brian Boitano travelled through time
    To the year 3010,
    He fought the evil robot kings
    and saved the human race again

    And when Brian Boitano built the pyramids,
    He beat up Kubela Kong.

    Cos Brian Boitano doesn’t take sh*t from an-e-y-body

    So lets all get together,
    And unite to stop our mom’s
    And we’ll save Terrance and Phillip too,
    Cos that’s what Brian Boitano do.

    And we’ll save Terrance and Phillip too,
    Cos that’s what Brian Boitano dooooo,
    That’s what Brian Boitano do.

  31. Jason Soon. Why did you not tell me that Bob was sick!!!!!! I had no idea until someone told me he had died at work tonight. You got to tell me when one of the good guys gets cancer. I might have been able to help him.

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