We know that there is a massive and perfectly preserved find, which will tell us all about life just prior to the bronze age catastrophe.  This find is so well-preserved that it will put all comparable finds into the shade.  It will rewrite recent “pre-history.” The greatest archeological find is waiting there and its easy to locate.  Best of all its so great in its volume that the oligarchy, and their Jewish bully-boys, cannot possibly steal all the material and hide it from the rest of us.

This all goes back to the idea that the bronze age collapse occasioned a pole shift.  I did not originate the idea, nor did I have the tools to do so.  Rather I just think I have added a friendly amendment and update to the idea.  I have a preliminary finding that looks like it fits the data much better. The data did not appear to be pointing all in the right direction.  But with my friendly amendment it now seems to be.

The bronze age collapse was less than 3200 years ago.  But the day the rotating ice ran finally ran aground may have been many decades, or even a century or two later.  You see the ice distribution and longevity of our world, makes no sense under normal assumptions.  No-one will find ice core data much older than 3000 years near the current North Pole.  By the same token, no-one is about to find ice much older than 3000 years near the Eastern Antarctic Coast.  Or in fact for many hundreds of miles inland.  That ought to be a slam dunk for a pole shift right there.  But the evidence keeps piling on from all directions.

So-called “Western Antarctica” holds a motherload of ice and easily the major part of all fresh water in the world.  But the ice is not deepest at the poles …….

Have I gone far enough now? Supposing you are not a Jew or an idiot will you concede on the basis of what you have heard already that there must have been a recent pole shift?

Where is the ice to be found and why aren’t the ice cores at the current north and south poles? The biggest ice core record is at the Vostok station. This is not at the South Pole.  But they have a station at the South Pole and they don’t have a substantial ice core there or they would have got their core from the South Pole and not from Vostok.  Everything Jew science tells you is a lie.  Christian-era science was a sort of projectile-vomit of truthfulness by comparison.

So at Vostok we get the 450 000 year (don’t quote me on precise figures.  I developed this thesis over a year ago and am only going on memory now).   What about in the northern hemisphere? Where is the ice core data derived in the northern hemisphere.  It is derived FROM GREENLAND.  Not from the north pole.  And why is this? This is because Greenland ice is ice leftover from the former location of the North Pole.  And so the pole shift is recent ON THAT BASIS and anyone who wants to gainsay me on that matter, in any sort of arrogant fashion is a Jew or just fucking full of shit.
So we get ice core data of maybe 200 000 years vintage from Greenland, and maybe  450 000 years from Vostok, which is NOT at the South Pole as you would expect if the South Pole had stayed put.   But they are trying to get a longer record then the Vostok record had to offer.  And if Jew science had not demanded that we don’t believe in a recent pole shift, and suppose the poles had been in their current positions for millions of years ……. then we would go roughly POLEWARD to get our more extensive ice core record! Right???? Wrong.

To get the longer ice core record the science community is pinning their hopes on DOME C.  DOME C is near the coast.  Almost due South of Perth last I looked.  None of this is consistent with the lie of the poles having been in their current positions for tens of millions of years.  And the reality is that the most major pole shift in a very long time was very recent.  It came with the bronze age catastrophe.  Elsewhere we will find evidence that it came with the conversion of Venus from a massive comet to a planet.  But that is more accessible information (see Velikovsky) and lies outside the scope of this thread.


From Elsewhere;


So…just the right time to spend billions on a motley collection of diesel boats. Maybe they should paint them bright yellow for all the stealth they could provide. If even nukes are vulnerable, what chance a diesel?”

Priorities can change, but we still have to mark each part of the 3 dimensional grid. Strategy, more broadly speaking, can be counter-intuitive. Suppose the opposing big shot in a water polo game recognises you as a key swimmer, but does not know you are hopeless at polo. You dart back and forth taking him out of the game. That can make you in the top three most useful players for awhile.

A diesel fleet could be handy in nuclear development, because you may need a diesel to ferry staff back and forth to where such research could be kept under wraps. Hercules airplanes and trucks of all sorts are detectable but still part of the picture.  Its not enough to detect something.  You still have to come and get it.

Not enough thought has gone into subs for logistics.  Evading surface tension, they can be made faster and more efficient for cargo, then a container ship. Detachable midsections of any amount can be added barely affecting total drag.

Strategy is odd. I favour investment in hydrogen dirigibles as well.  Hydrogen dirigibles in a dust up? The mind is repelled by the seeming stupidity of the idea. The fattest, most visible, most vulnerable and softest target imaginable. You could paint them bright yellow as suggested;  SPECIFICALLY to sweeten them up. All the better to lure the dog fighter into that honeypot. Nothing is good or bad but that overall thinking makes it so. In Thunderdome the tables were turned by a tin whistle. It is the combined elements that count. And not how we would view the individual parts.

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What Is Going On In Copenhagen.

When I speak of Jews in reference to Copenhagen, its really Jews/covert ops/the oligarchy.  But this particular set of parallel events has Jew written all over it.  We have two almost parallel attacks.  One was on a synagogue.  The blame is projected on Muslims, but no good evidence that Muslims are involved is presented.  But the media at the same time was throwing a pity party for the Jews of Copenhagen.  This is how Jew-town operates.  Murder locals.  Throw a pity party for Jews.  Blame a third party.

All major terrorist attacks are false flags.  Both in theory and practice.  So if you haven’t investigated a major terrorist attack, simply assume its a false flag until proven otherwise.  Because if you investigate any major terrorist attack with any competence, it always turns out to be a false flag.  And there is a good reason for this.  Bigshots act in their own interests.  And its never been in the interest of anyone to conduct a terrorist attack unless they can blame it on someone else.

Now the story is very dim so far.  But already its just completely incredible.  Firstly no Muslims have been caught, but some patsy has been murdered already by the perps.  After awhile you get sick of these attacks where gentiles are murdered, and Jews throw themselves a pity party.  Its just so repulsive.

They do it all the time.  Same formula as in Argentina.  There they murdered heaps of Argentinians, threw a pity party for themselves, and tried to blame Iran.  Its just so disgusting and this is the exact same formula we saw in Copenhagen yesterday.  They will cook up some pseudo-evidence blaming Muslims again.  But it will prove to be very suspect. They are just lazy these days.

Jews will keep murdering gentiles and blaming other gentiles, just so long as they are still Jews.  If they stop being Jews they may decide to stop murdering gentiles and blaming other gentiles.  But otherwise they won’t stop,  because everyone just keeps buying these really pathetic and transparent setups.

UPDATE.  Another 3 days have passed and all the signs of a false flag are still in place.  A dead/silenced patsy.  Media stories putting a lot of second hand information out there …… so for example Tim Blairs commentary ….. but devilishly difficult to confirm anything close to source.

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Answering Science And Other Questions Part One

There will be some repetition here since I came in under a few different identities.

 Why are there atoms? Why couldn’t have some other particle taken its niche?
Think evolution and natural selection. Imagine its a trillion trillion years ago and all sorts of proto-matter is forming out of flux and aether. If that proto matter is neither stable nor reproductive ……. and if it will not bring other matter into a mutually supportive network ……. then eventually it will be supplanted by a more organic matter that can do the job.


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Brian ….. The Piglet ……. Of Moorabbin

There is this policeman on Catallaxy called Brian. He’s just the sort of officer that you expect in a stereotype. Brian is busy trying to get his way through a string of intimidation attempts. Brian is wanting to intimidate some other fellow into staging a demonstration, or seminar, in front of a group of policemen. The subject of the course is; How to deal with a small 22 year old woman without killing her.

You would have to expect a high failure rate from a course of this type now wouldn’t you. One supposes that might be like teaching a group of hogs to walk a tightrope. But in the scenario the police are to be heavily armed, the girl lightly so, and the police are to outnumber the girl.   So you would think that even with very poor diets and flat learning curves the police may be able to grasp the material. It is after all their job to do so.

Brian characterises this Alfonso as being a kind of ‘keyboard warrior’ for thinking he could cope with the prospect of a 22 year old girl, without having to put her in a hole in the ground, for the worms to eat. Without leaving her Mother to cry at nights for her daughter lost to incompetence and callousness.  Brian thinks that this is fairly improbable, being as there is ONE young girl in this scenario, and only one of Alfonso. Presumably that means that Alfonso would be ridiculously overmatched.   Perhaps if there were five, six,  or ten Alfonso’s, then Brian may be thinking that this is not mere bravado on the part of Alfonso. The odds of being overwhelmed by the young lady are just too much in Brians presumed view, without having all the firepower, and backup,  that is available to the police.

Where I come from a man didn’t have to be a warrior in the face of a threat from a young lady.  I don’t wish to imply that there was any threat because there was no report of the girl threatening anyone before the police showed up.  But to sissy-boy Brian ……. Alfonso is trying to be a big hero,  and is unrealistic in his otherworldly view,  when the reality is this growing war on the streets.

Its a war that I knew nothing about. Until Brian …. the piglet …. Of Moorabbin tipped me off.  You see there is a problem blooming within our midsts that is still under the radar.  Under the radar of most of us anyway.  Under the radar of all but the experienced Brian of Moorabbin and his colleagues. This is the shadow that stalks all of us, or soon will. The fearful threat that dogs our every step.


That one woman menace is making me shake in my boots just thinking about it.

So the training scenario that Brian has proposed to Alfonso is this; Alfonso is to be surrounded by hostile people who are armed and in uniform. He is to conduct a training course in front of these sneering armed bully-boys. Brian, who really didn’t have much of an argument, and just shouted at people to go away, now is using this scenario of intimidation as the stand-in for the argument that he failed to come up with.

So his pseudo-argument all the way through is;  intimidation intimidation intimidation.  If Brian wasn’t so wise and prudent in the face of the building threat of THE LONE SHEILA, you could be forgiven for thinking that he was a bit of a one-trick pony.

There wouldn’t be much use Brian taking a training course of this kind. Someone like Brian is too stupid to learn how to deal with a young lady and let her live to tell her side of the story. The main thing is to get the guns off people like Brian, who are too dimwitted to be carrying them. Take their guns and take their pensions.  Until the people who still have their guns and pensions realise that the rest of us are very serious about getting our girls home, or in front of the magistrate, safe and sound, without permanent injury.

As it turns out the evidence does not favour the cops or their training, in the incident in question. The girl wasn’t a monstrous woman. She hadn’t been threatening anyone. Like the officers firearms; her knife was visible. They negotiated for only around 40 seconds before killing her. And the murder didn’t take place under conditions of constricted space. So the only conclusion one can make is; if the pig murderer isn’t blamed for this killing of a young, lightly-armed woman, who wasn’t hurting anyone  ………… then its the TRAINING that we need to change.

Its the training that this is really all about. In nearly all cases of this sort, in Australia at least, you find this psychopathic training doctrine at the bottom of cops murdering people. And this may not be an oversight by the people who originate the training. It may well be deliberate. Good on Alfonso for at least trying to stand up to that feeble unmanly piglet, Brian. But Alfonso is being beaten down by the sycophantic crowd at Catallaxy,  who are swayed by whoever is brandishing the biggest wallet or the largest stick. Infidel Tiger stuck up for Alfonso a little bit at first. I was getting under the pigs skin. That was never going to last. Sync was right to get rid of me this time. I was going to work on Brian.  Make that girl-killer-in-spirit cry. How would he like it if it was his daughter they murdered.  What would he think of that.

From the very same open thread we have direct testimony that the problem is in the training.  Apparently you cannot pistol-whip anyone, fire warning shots, shoot to wound, no deviation can ever be employed. The sacred nature of firearms combat means you must send the sacred bullet through the heart organ and toward no other place.

Here we have this testimony from Kev;

Can we bury this “shoot ‘em in the leg” rubbish. I am/was well qualified in the 9mm browning from my Swanbourne days and believe me pistols are not sniper rifles. We trained to double tap to the centre of the seen mass (the chest) because any other body part targeted would leave you in the situation of taking return fire. To easy to miss a leg, or arm, or head. The SASR Pros don’t train for it, why do you expect the police to do so when they would only get one hundredth of the range time.’

Note well the dimwitted Kev didn’t for a moment think that his training was not appropriate to a situation when the menacing little girl is not in possession of a firearm.   So its a training problem.  We see it clearly from the dopes with the relevant experience.

Always we have to steer clear of that false street cred.  This false street cred infects everyone.  Often it will infect just those hoodlums in the pub, who would be likely to be shot themselves if their luck ran bad.  Its devastatingly infective because it comes directly from these guys who have the experience in the field.  They see one of their incorrectly trained colleagues screw up and kill someone and they say to themselves ‘there for the grace of God go I.’  From there on in they become partisan advocates for whoever it is holding a smoking gun and cooking up a series of excuses.  It was for this reason that I was for a long time very wary of the gun rights crowd. Its true that I have come around to the policy of concealed carry and to gun ownership.  But its an enormous responsibility.  You have to take responsibility for your weapon and for every last bullet that comes out of it.  You should not let the kids even play with replica pistols.  Its very much an adult thing.  Kev pointed the lack of training time for armed police.  That is just unacceptable.  If they are to carry firearms they have to be tremendously skill-full with them. As stupid and as immoral as Kevs statements are, they contain the entire solution to the problem.  Not every policeman has to carry a firearm.  Yet all policeman who do need to carry a firearm have to be very well trained to do so.  Plus if a citizen carries a concealed weapon he too must be extremely good with it, because there ought to be no excuses of the sort that Kev was trying to pass off on people.

The way that sissy-boys at Catallaxy bow down to people that have taken the time to do firearms training is just deeply depressing.  When you practice firing a rifle, no-one gives you an honorary doctorate in philosophy, majoring in ethics.  You don’t gobble down encyclopedias when you do firearms training.  So if you get a young version of the stupid Brian of Moorabbin, and you give him firearms training, he’s just no smarter then he was before.  No more ethical.  If anything he may be less ethical as the effect of the uniform and the firearm go straight to his head.

These guys are both making excuses for failure.  But the job of the policeman is to get everyone home, or before the majistrate,  without permanent injury.  Its not up to the policeman to deliver the death penalty to young girls, they have outnumbered, who will not obey them.  The crime is to not obey them.  The firearm gives the illusion of control of the will of other people, rather than the actual control.  Just point out the philosopher or the ethical theory  that says that disobeying a meathead like Brian should mean the death penalty.

We have the ethics of the individual.  Is he guilty of murder.  We have his resources ……… his equipment and backup ………  and his training.  If he fails in his goal, we don’t make excuses for him.  We have to look at these areas to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  No matter how bad the menace of the lone little girl gets.  No matter of how frightened Brian is of lone girls without firearms, and no how matter how unrealistic he thinks Alfonso is in being able to handle such an overwhelming threat,  the fact is there was unacceptable failure, and that has to be cured.  Or just better to take the pensions away of recalcitrant bully boys until the remainder get the message.

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Massive Step Forward In Explaining Evolution

More Later

Notes;  Fungal evolution as going back 100 trillion years ….. Fungal evolution as explaining pre-existing complexity of plant and animal life.   Easy explanation of retention of fungal life after planetary explosion and supernovae.  Mycelium analogous to the aether.  Higher panspermia though almost certain not now necessary to explain evolutionary history in principle.  Importance of void at the centre of the earth.  Importance of gateway assumptions to how the centre of the earth works.  Complexity of mycelium networks makes new-age Gaia-like voodoo not quite as silly as all that.   Next post; potential of hydrogen dirigibles so powerful that oligarchs will destroy it.

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Hydrogen Bomb Secrets

The energy generation of both fusion and fission can be explained pretty much by one of the few verified forces that we know about. And here I speak of proton-to-proton repulsion. These big atoms need a lot of neutrons to provide shielding between protons. But then again the neutron itself needs the protons to keep them from splitting apart. So that therefore a loaded up atom …. loaded up with neutrons, represents an unstable setup from which a cascade of activity can originate from, based purely on the proton-proton repulsion alone.

Using this way of thinking we can cut through the misinformation and find the surprising secret behind the h-bomb.

Before we start this cascade movie we need to get one gigantic piece of misinformation out of the way. In nature there has never been observed ultra-high temperature fusion. High temperatures get in the way of fusion. This is why I’m saying the h-bomb is not a fusion bomb at all and we have been duped. This very night I can reveal to you what the H-BOMB truly is all about.

In nature we have fusion ABOVE the photosphere. We have fusion with carbon 14 in our atmosphere. We have fusion in comets wherein the comet takes the protons and makes isotopes of water out of it. All of these involve electrical compression. Not either high temperatures or high pressures.

Now lets get back to the exciting stuff. Forget any light-speed limit. Forget the strong and weak nuclear forces. Ethnically cleans energy-mass equivalence from your mind. No more thinking about bonding energy or the other usual Jew voo doo.

Just picture these big uranium isotopes in your mind and visilualize what it means when one starts to break up.

So now look how your thinking has been controlled here. You have been taught to keep your eye on the wrong ball. The neutrons go like 1 3 9 27 or perhaps 1 2 4 8 16. But why would that necessitate this big release of energy. Well of course we could go into the usual voodoo but we wanted to talk about the verified force of proton-to-proton repulsion. While you were looking at the exponential growth series for neutrons you forgot to keep your eye on the real deal which was proton-to-proton repulsion. Can you begin to see it in your minds eye now …….. more later if someone asks an intelligent question. And if a few of you give me some upvotes. I don’t see why I should be handing out how-to instructions for H-bombs if you brainless little goose-stepping twats are going to be downvoting me as I’m doing so.


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Cut And Paste; Hot Fusion Skeptic.

Fellas fun is fun.  But let us have no anti-Judaic comments here.  A fellow I have been following on a science blog has come up with some very interesting comments to do with fusion.  I cannot verify anything he’s saying of course.  But there is a certain ring of truth there.  Please be behaved.  Jokes are jokes.  But the older Catholic Church told us that all men are good and deserve to have a chance.


You organise a dance and you want people to latch onto each-other.  Should you set up cannons all around the dance hall and fire people out of them and to the centre.  This is no way to make a meaningful connection.  But I have seen a meaningful connection.  And the connection that I see is that in so many areas of science, disproven, implausible, and outright stupid ideas are promoted and tolerated, and the motive often seems to be to deprive us of niche energy.  They want energy.  They just want it big.What about the hydrogen bomb.  I don’t believe it was a fusion weapon.  Convince me.  Whereas fission weapons lead to the possibility of monitoring mining, enrichment, and all sorts of other things, how do you control a more powerful weapon when no mining is necessary.  Well all you can do is tell everyone how you made this weapon ………….  NOT.As Christopher Walken says in the movie ‘True Romance';

‘What we got here is a little game of show and tell.  You don’t want to show me NOTHIN …..  But you tell me everything …..’

Clearly this is the only technique you could expect from an oligarchy who controlled the Soviets almost totally, and influenced the Americans on so many levels that medium-term control was sort of doable.  When they had developed this bomb, and successfully smuggled it to their, colony in the far north …. Why would they turn around and give us all the secret.  It was just a game of show and tell.  Show us everything tell us nothing.  And it makes no rational sense on a scientific level.  Fission should be good for bombs.  Fusion should only be good for low-level tepid energy production.  Because you break things by blowing them up and you construct things by patiently bringing them together.

The reversal of this fundamental reality, has been brought to us by the department of making you sad, working with the bureau for the retardation of science …… theoretical division … who then outsources to the dirty tricks department, the foundation for promotion and firing, and the office of publications and refusals.

Now I may be wrong.  But I think its time we the public took a good look at fusion. Because so much crazy mainstream science seems to be in aid of this reversal of normal assumptions when it comes fusion and fission.


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The White Death Is Upon Us

….. Or how to avoid a full-blown glacial period.

Just a short note to bring people to the reality of what is going on which is the direct opposite of what the usual suspects are trying to tell us. This post is currently on moderation at ABC UNLEASHED;

There are probably things we can do to avoid a full-blown glacial period. However there is nothing we can do to avoid the nasty little ice age bearing down on us right now… Still every little bit helps. One thing that can help is to reduce SO2 and particulate output. But that is about it. China seems to be serious about doing this now.

To avoid a full-blown glacial period the main consideration is to keep the ocean currents unobstructed. Not to use them for power generation and not to allow them to get blocked by ice. Currently the Gulf Stream is being used for power generation off the coast of Florida and this ought to be frowned upon. Colder water is more viscous then warmer water and the consequences for global temperature resultant on that fact is very serious in and of itself. But the natural stabilisation that three phases of water on a planet tends to bring should prevent us from having a full-blown glaciation just so long as we can maintain a civilisation advanced enough, to clear such ice as would block the great ocean conveyor.

The consequences of blockage are not merely to do with failure to bring warmth to cold places. The formula associated with Stefan-Boltzmann’s law implies that any impeding of the flow of the ocean currents would bring the equilibrium average temperature right down.

When the glaciers are on the move this is not something that you need to write a letter in a time capsule for your great grandchildren to worry about. The glaciers come down off the mountains and crush whole towns. They subject the general area to drought, and they keep moving and nothing can stop them. Its important therefore that we plan in accordance with the evidence and not in rebellion to the evidence. There is a great deal we can be doing to prepare for the menace of cooling which is upon us.

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Hanging Home Truthzzzzz On Gods Chosen People.

Here begins a lesson on how to talk to a bunch of Jews;

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
These guys are old enough to know better. After decades of watching these people make excuses for their brutality, these old buggers ought to have figured these Jews out by now.
Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · August 24 at 12:45pm

Dina Mizrahi · Follow · Keiser University
you fu@ing antisemitic asshole
Reply · Like · 4 · August 24 at 12:48pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi No no. You are the anti-semites. The Palestinians are semites. Their evil persecutors, obsessed with the sacrifice of innocent people, are Khazarian interlopers, terrorist supporters, and filthy liars. Not unlike yourself I suppose. We know what you filth get up to. We know that all your holidays are celebrations of the mass-murder of innocent people.
Reply · Like · August 24 at 1:34pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi This is what is happening in Gaza. It is no war. Rather it is the ritualistic anti-semitic sacrifice of innocent people POSING as war. Judaism lives an breaths human sacrifice. Judaism, as proven by the Jewish Soviet Union, is a genocidal cult ………

Reply · Like · August 24 at 1:38pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi Happy to be found out asshole. Are you happy. Think about it next time you celebrate Purim you fucking evil assshole.
Reply · Like · August 24 at 1:40pm

Dina Mizrahi · Follow · Keiser University
Graeme Bird you don’t know shit you oriental freak…who do you think you are to judge the Jewish people???
Reply · Like · August 24 at 2:04pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina. Unlike the Jewish people I am not a genocidalist. The Jewish people are habitual mass-murderers. As we saw when they took over the Soviet Union and didn’t skip a beat before killing millions of Christians. This is just a fact. Jewish emancipation is the greatest human tragedy in history since it lead directly to the mass slaughter of the twentieth century. You are not God’s chosen people. You are intra-species predators. Get used to the real place you have in the world. Neri just shut the fuck up will you. You don’t want peace. Your filthy racist religion only celebrates the murder of innocent people and you know it so there is no use lying about it.
Reply · Like · August 24 at 10:15pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
How about the two of you own up to what it is that Prurim celebrates. You fucking sickos.
Reply · Like · August 24 at 10:16pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
The rest of us don’t celebrate killing people outside our tribe. Our celebrations are like Mothers Day. You degenerates ought to know that you are part of a deeply sick and murderous cult.
Reply · Like · August 24 at 10:24pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
The answer to the problem of Judaism, which is a conspiracy against the human race, is that Jews must always be ruled over by non-Jews to stop them from harming the rest of us. They ought to be restricted to certain professions, like small business, teaching adults, farming, this sort of thing. They must be carefully surveilled while the surveillance they have placed on the rest of us must be lifted. They must never hold government, media, or big business positions.
Reply · Like · August 24 at 10:39pm

Dina Mizrahi · Follow · Keiser University
Graeme Bird YOU SHOULD JUST ACCEPT IT THAT WE ARE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, NOT YOU THE CHINESE OR ANY OTHER RACE, SO STOP WITH THE JEALOUSY. Our God may mercy your soul you filthy animal, you’re an example of human trash, may you go to hell for saying these words.
Reply · Like · 2 · August 25 at 4:32am

Allwin Moses Stephen
Graeme Bird , I am an Christian I love the Jews and Israel more than my family. Stop blaming the Israelites.
If they killed the Christians that’s ok, Its worth to die in hands of our loved one. Israel is my love. I love Israel, I will not hate them in any situation nor JESUS too. And stop speaking bad words against them, I warn you. Then you will have to suffer the wrath of God, be careful friend.
Reply · Like · 2 · August 25 at 5:19am

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Allwin Moses Stephen Good lord you truly deluded. How can you support the synagogue of satan. The whole idea is that these people have to stop their terrorism, and persecution of the rest of us, and renounce this evil cult of Judaism. There is a big lie about their history. This says that they were persecuted by Christians and forced to move on 109 times. But being forced to move 109 times meant that they were welcomed as refugees 110 times. Which is inconsistent with any notion that the Christians were to blame.
Reply · Like · August 25 at 6:17am

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi You are not God’s chosen people. You are the synagogue of Satan. You are intra-species predators. You are the worlds oppressors and the source of terrorism.
Reply · Like · August 25 at 6:18am

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Kittychk Smith Yes for sure. If you sponsor radical Islam you will get it. And of course its at least possible that this is an Israeli-created propaganda flick.
Reply · Like · August 25 at 9:41am

Allwin Moses Stephen
Graeme Bird , I’m so sorry. If you love someone truly you will not believe what others blame on our loved ones. I think your friends are Muslims, they use to create story like this. Better avoid friendship with those guys. May the Lord and God JESUS will show you the truth about Israel soon in JESUS name I pray and command in JESUS name to open the Eyes and mind of Graeme bird to know the truth about Israel and not the lie. And In JESUS name Graeme Bird should fall in Love with Israel and Jews , in JESUS name or in YHWH name amen!
Reply · Like · August 25 at 3:07pm

Allwin Moses Stephen
Everyday one of my colleague in my office, when ever I pass him or he passes me, he use to say I hate Israel, I hate Israel. But he doesn’t known that much about the real situation of Israel, I use to fight with him in words back. My TL(Team Lead) use to scold me for being too religious, I use to think in my mind that I am not too religious, I love Israel and Jews.Nowadays I use to smile he back and say thank you, when he says I hate Israel, You Israel terriorist.He will also point that, ok If you say that Hamas fires rocket into Israel daily then why there is no death in Israel, but look at palestian how may childrens they have killed, then I replied him as “first study the technology of Iron dome Israel uses which stops the death”, then he closed his mouth for some times :). Majority of our company employees are muslims, one them who is converted from Hindu to muslim use to say that, USA and Israel all together planning to take the oil resources in the MiddleEast region where the Arabs and musilms live, every day i use to here stories like this. But nothing ever entered into my mind, and never will enter. As I Love Israel and Jews.
Note: I love Israel and not the USA Government, but I like people in USA not more than like Jewish people.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Allwin Moses Stephen Its not about my friends being Islamic Allwin. Its about my regret at having been taken in by this cult. After 9/11 … which was a Mossad operation, Netanyahu won me over entirely. He was talking as though he were advocating Just War Theory, the likes of which no statesmen had advocated since before World War I. So i was 100 per cent behind him. But he was lying. And these people make fools of the rest of us again and again and again.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
‘Kittychk Smith Graeme Bird The name “Palestine”, was given to the land of Israel by the Romans, after they exiled the Jews…….’ That is about where the good history ends. The Jews who invaded Palestine in the twentieth century are not descendants of the people that the Romans blessedly smashed and attempted to pacify. Two different peoples. The people now running Israel are from Europe. Descended from the Khazars. They are the persecutors of the children of Abraham, and not the descendants of the children of Abraham.
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Heather Terveld · Top Commenter · Works at FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
This will help wake up those people in LA LA land, Pro Palestine supporters, nice to see the truth finally coming out.
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
Jon Voight has supported Israel all along.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
He probably was sucked in by the 9/11 Arab blood libel and may not have caught on that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA undertaking yet.
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Ellen Mindy Well yes of course they are. Radical Islam is something cooked up in Labs in places like Langley, London and Tel Aviv. An immense amount of money has been spent creating radical Islam. And by the usual suspects. How about you Ellen. You think you are a chosen one.
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Louis Oltman · Top Commenter · Philadelphia University
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
Graeme Bird Are you trying to know if I am Jewish? I am human. It is sad that you have been brainwashed into believing the garbage you promote. We of sound mind have little to fear however; Deep thinkers and stronger minds will triumph, at which point you will hang your head shamefully and admit you were wrong.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Louis Oltman No Louis. I’m not a Jew. So I am not a member of a racist genocidal crime gang.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Ellen Mindy it is you that is fucking deluded. Check your fucking facts you stupid woman. These people create their own opponents. Isis, Hamas, all created by our oppressors. They are in no way indigenous, Islamlic outfits. Get your fucking facts sorted you stupid woman.
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Dina Mizrahi · Follow · Keiser University
Graeme Bird what a waste of energy even replying to the garbage that comes out of your hateful empty brain, hide behind your computer but you won/t hide forever your soul will be burnt in hell, that I can promise you, little Chinese bitch
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
Graeme Bird Once again you resort to name calling. You are predictable and easily manipulated. Stop being so repetitive and immature.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Ellen Mindy No I have to keep repeating it. Check your facts. It is the West and Israel that creates and sustains Islamic terrorism. Check it. If you don’t check it you will stay ignorant. And don’t imagine its Gaza residents firing rockets that cannot achieve any war aim for Gaza residents. If you believe that then you can be taken in by any Jewish game these people will contrive.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi Dina were you on the beach with the other Jews drinking and laughing while you watched innocent Gaza women and children being murdered by genocidal Jew pigs. Did you celebrate the death of innocent people. You see I know you celebrate the death of innocent gentiles every fucking holiday you have.
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Kolawole Seun · Follow · Top Commenter · Lagos, Nigeria
Hamas=Isis=boko haram=al Qaeda=al shahab=Hezbollah=(TERRORISTS) they kill everybody even their own people
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
They are all either Jewish or Western leadership front groups. If one thinks that the Western oligarchs are basically Jewish or Jewish-controlled then this is merely Jewish outsourcing.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
EVEN their own people. They kill almost EXCLUSIVELY Christians and Muslims. if they ever kill a Jew its either window-dressing or purely accidental. This reflects the reality that they are controlled by Jews.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
The leader of ISIS is Jewish Mossad agent called Elliot Shimon aka Simon Elliot. Jews always create and control their opponents and make them kill a lot of gentiles.
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
Graeme, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Just to name a few Jews that you have reaped benefit from in one way or the other…
Albert Einstein Physicist
Jonas Salk Created first Polio Vaccine.
Albert Sabin Developed the oral vaccine for Polio.
Galileo Discovered the speed of light
Selman Waksman Discovered Streptomycin. Coined the word ‘antibiotic’.
Gabriel Lipmann Discovered color photography.
Baruch Blumberg Discovered origin and spread of infectious diseases.
G. Edelman Discovered chemical structure of antibodies.
Briton Epstein Identified first cancer virus.
Maria Meyer Structure of atomic nuclei.
Julius Mayer Discovered law of thermodynamics.
Sigmund Freud Father of Psychotherapy. You might want to delve into this one a little deeper.
Moving forward.. Bionic limbs, solar panels, the CELL PHONE, the list goes on and on.
Reply · Like · 1 · Unfollow Post · August 25 at 1:48pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Albert Einstein was a Jew conman and all his stuff is utter crap. Jonas Salk killed a grand-child of his with his poxie polio vaccine and gave the rest of us monkey virus. Vaccines themselves are a ripoff foisted on us by elite Jew pigs and its the biggest money-spinner in the medical maffia with the possible exception of poisoning people who have cancer. Sigmund Freud was entirely full of shit, and his nephew was the asshole who was tapped to poison the gentile water with Fluoride. Much of the rest of your list is about the fix being in at the patent office. These assholes didn’t invent the cell phone or the solar panels and if it weren’t for them a whole lot less people would need prosthetic limbs, bionic or otherwise. Its an objective fact of history that Jewish emancipation is the greatest mistake in history … and that would be the case if it were only the people within the former Soviet Union that elite Jew pigs have murdered.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Galileo a Jew. I doubt it. Von Mayer was a German. I would have to look into each case. I suspect you are talking nonsense all the way down the line. But the fellow I do know a lot about is Einstein. Who really was no competent scientist at all.
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Galinda Nelson · Follow · Top Commenter · Founder, CEO, House-mother at CARDINAL HALYARD INTERNATIONAL Non-Profit Organisation
Fully agreed…
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