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Where Me And Sinclair Davidson Agree:

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Posted by: graemebird | October 5, 2015

Jew Physics Versus Real Physics

Jew physics is all lies.  And its boring once you are out of your early teens.  Unless it becomes an ego-crutch for those of us good at maths and nothing else.   But Jew physics is oh so boring yet real physics is fantastically interesting.  As we can prove by reference to Bruce Lee.

Now in enter the dragon Bruce was emaciated and down to the 120 pounds I believe.  But in way of the dragon he was still a skinny and slight man.  I would estimate that he was only in the 150’s.   A very little guy.  Nothing can defy the laws of physics.  So its interesting when we see him do things that SEEM to defy REAL physics.  Of course we leave Jew physics aside.

Now if you look at the kick at 2.13 in you see something that ought not physically be possible.  And it requires some explaining and it leads to the young man understanding the upside potential of getting things right.  Our young blokes are luckier than Bruce Lee should they attempt to replicate his awesome discoveries in the world of physics.  For they have access to energetic medicine, nootropics, and better fringe theory, and so if they cannot reproduce what Bruce was able to do they ought to hang their head in shame and present themselves to their mother for a good ass-whipping.

After thinking about the physics at 2.13 you may also avail yourself of the even more awesome lecture at 3.32.

Now some of you of my vintage will be making farting noises out your mouth.  You will be saying ….” Ho ho.  So this little man made another little man fly across the room? Big deal.  I used to watch Mike Jordan FUCKING FLY!!!!! Well for starters I have seen Bruce make Joe Lewis disappear in the same way.  And Joe was a fairly substantially built individual, who went on to become one of the greatest fighters that ever lived.  Secondly the whole sentiment is an attempt to fight magic with magic.  Real physics is magical.  Jew physics is boring.  But I want to move like Mike.  Mike Jordan defies normal understandings of human mechanics.   So that is what the enquirer should focus on.

Now I am aware there are many racists amongst us. For my part I only disrespect elite Jew pigs and no-one else.  I hope that even the most unrighteous racist amongst you understands, that you simply must respect any swarthy man who can fly.

No matter how old we get, we still have these aspirations.  I want to move like Mike.   Now I am NOT an homosexual.  But I must say, for a cue-ball, he’s a damn fine-looking man:

When I was doing my Level 2 swimming coaching courses we had the fantastic Russian coach but we also had this biomechanics fellow.  So we analysed why this Cricketeer had back problems, how the elephant swum, how the baseballers were someways ahead of the cricket guys and all things biomechanics.  But then we touched on Mike Jordan, and we kind of come up blank.

“But Mamma. Thats where the fun is”

You see the magic of real physics, not Jew physics comes, when at first inspection you CANNOT same to be able to explain how Bruce and Mike were able to do the things they did.   And if a good coach can investigate these things, and come up with some preliminary model as to how this seeming alchemy can be true, then he can have an edge over the others.

You see over and over and over again the biomechanist emphasised to us that our analysis must start from the premise that “nothing defies biomechanics” ….. But then we started looking at Mike Jordan and it was almost an embarrassment.  He said off the cuff that Mike DEFIED physics and we quickly went on to other things. But I was blinded by the light.

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Faces Of Evil

Murderous Jews

Here is Danny Lewin.  Murderer of innocent passengers during 9/11.  Trained killer, he did not go into 9/11 green.  So he has killed before, killed during 9/11 and is still at large, and has to be assumed to be killing still.  So the Jews name streets after him.


Of course he will look different now.  He will be 14 years older and he will have had some plastic surgery to hide his identity.  But he’s still the same scumbag and he will need to be brought to justice.  He’s easy to find also.  Because all you do is follow his wife and children around. Easy to find but hard to take down.  He is a living weapon.  Which is why this Jew story of him being killed by midget Arabs with boxcutters is just ridiculous.  We may as well say he was taken out by Smurfs using feathers.  He was actually a specialist in foiling hijackings.  If the situation had been real he could have colluded with the flight staff to sort things out.  But the actual situation was for him to get the phone calls and then murder the innocent passengers.

From one evil bitch to the next:

This evil twat had a shady background in Hollywood.  Enough time in that Jew citadel to be fully trained as an agent.  She then went to a Jewish law school for two years.   Both her parents were Jews.  After school she was promoted to be a partner in a zionist law firm. No need to work for 20 years to become a partner if you are a Mossad agent. This law firm goes under three names but its really just one den of evil.  It had a hand in stitching up Senator McCarthy on television back in the day.  So its always been an instrument for Jew plotting. Anyway this bitch was a handler on one of the planes during 9/11.  So she has to be considered one of the murderers of the passengers.  Her public image was that of a conservative.  One of the people who stuck up for Clarence Thomas when he was getting rained on.  This is just Jew deep cover.  They are cuckoo babies, and a lot of trouble is made to set them up as beloved in the eyes of the people who really matter.

The idea of the Jewish handlers was to arm-twist phone calls out of people then see to it that they went smoothly to their deaths. They make us conservatives fall in love with these people so that we want to go to war.  Think of how many years this Jew was posing as a conservative.  Its a bit like the Jew Hitler posing as a German nationalist when what he was really doing is setting up Germany for the takedown and founding the state of Israel.  So these are tricks these people use again and again and again.

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Galaxies: How are spiral arms formed and why do they exist?

The answer that I gave is perhaps a little thin on the electrical effects that go into the formation of galaxies.  The reason is that I do not understand much about how this side of things works. I need to go and read the old guys on the subject of electricity.  People like J J Thomson and Steinmetz.   People operating before the influence of team-Einstein and the Jew takeover ruined all our understanding of electricity and physics generally.  Here is my answer:

The important thing to understand is that gravity has not had a scientifically valid update in more than 300 years. Its very evident now that it does not operate as advertised. In reality gravity is such that large objects like to orbit and not to crash. There are hundreds of millions of large objects all having some sort of gravitational attraction to each other. Yet no known crashes.

So orbits are very robust. Moons grow to planets grow to stars. Stars to bigger stars. Our sun may have been once a planet revolving around one of the big Orion stars. Looking at a single spiral arm I would assume that the very largest stars are in the centre of these bands. With generally smaller stars revolving around them.  And these smaller stars, at any one time, being toward the outside of the spiral arm.  So its kind of natural that over time that these bands would form. The spiral arms will never unwind. Because the velocity will be equalised between adjacent bands, because of these gravitational tendencies towards robust orbits and non-collision.

The solar wind amounts to an electrical current with a powerful positive charge. So there ought to be an electrical repulsive force between two stars that is not present between a star and a planet. This could well have a segregating effect on these bands.

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Do Galaxies Grow?

Is the diameter of our galaxy increasing over time? Are any other galaxies expanding?
The orbits of two or more large bodies always get further apart. The orbits gain energy. They accelerate and the bodies gain mass. Some contemplation will tell you why this has to be the case for a meaningful reality to exist.

Matter has a great deal of complexity. The construction of anything complex requires tasks in parallel and in series. It takes time. Therefore it must be ongoing. Old matter must assist in the construction of new matter or else new matter creation would be a separate miracle every moment. New matter creation therefore takes place inside of large objects. Therefore we see why the orbits of two large bodies must always grow larger and accelerate. Or matter would amalgamate, rather than orbit, meaning that no serious reality could ever have gotten started.

So yes galaxies grow larger.  But if this process continued forever the universe would be crowded with mass. There is periodic culling. Every so often we expect Sagittarius A* to send out a shockwave culling moons, planets and stars.

Moons grow to planets grow to gas giants grow to stars and on to larger stars. But at any stage a shockwave from the centre can cause any of these to explode.


Why Newton’s laws of motion explain correctly the earth’s orbit but not mercury’s?


Where Mercury is concerned, Newtons formulation succeeded on one level and failed on another.  Newtons formulation implied that there was a more oblate inner sun. A flatter inner sun means a faster spinning oceanic sun. Faster spinning and more dense. But Newtons formulation failed in terms of its projection of the relative mass of the sun. The formulae suggested that the sun was not particularly dense overall and so must have been made mostly of hydrogen.

The hydrogen sun thesis was a grave error. Since it lead to the fantasy of hydrogen self-compression. The problem is that we were probably still six decades or more away from being able to collect the necessary data to do a second draft on Newton’s good works at the turn of the century.

Its not so much that the situation was ripe for opportunistic abuse. Because what team Einstein got going went way beyond mere opportunism. It would be good if Einstein could simply be forgotten so we could get on with it. But we are not talking about yesterdays scandal.

So anyway Newtons setup did not do too badly. 50/50 with regards to Mercury. There is an inner water ocean. But the sun is not made of hydrogen.

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What Is The Cosmic Radiation Mystery All About?


In what way can the cosmic background radiation be construed as evidence for the big bang?


The CMBR cannot possibly be construed as some remnant of the Big Bang. This mantra is drummed into people with such ferocity because the CMBR is definitely proof of something. If NASA is reading things right and not accidentally reading something else, then the CMBR is proof of the aether.

Now this is not to say we need further proof of the aether. The existence of the aether is proven by the wave nature of light.  But that the CMBR proves the aether and makes no possible logical inference for the Big Bang tells us why the oligarchy seeks to pummel everyone with the anti-logic mantra, to whit; CMBR implies Big Bang.

You see the pummelling has to go so far as to override the very logical faculties of the meme-disease spreader. There can be no letup. The denial of aether is the kingpin of science fraud. The mother of all science lies. The Big Bang is the most ambitious fairy tale ever told. So the oligarchy wants the Big Bang. The oligarchy does NOT want the aether.

So this meme-disease must be hammered in with extreme prejudice because its dual purpose. One mantra doing double duty nailing in two of the most important science lies the bigshots have.

The CMBR shines on all of us. It will hold you and your Andromeda girlfriend together when you are far apart. But I ask you:  If the cosmic radiation is not the RESONANT FREQUENCY of the aether itself, then where the hell is this light shining from?


What is the cosmic background radiation


The CMBR is the luminiferous aether resonating.

True story. Accept no science lies.

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What Is The Dark Matter Mystery All About?


I’ve often wondered if an extension on our laws of gravity wouldn’t be sufficient to explain the discrepancies in mass that we see in galaxies etc. but many Quorians have posted saying that we’ve done experiments that show that DM is more likely- what are those experiments? How do they work?


Your instincts are correct. Dark matter is just a fudge factor. The anti-scientists will not allow for real science to go ahead. Real science would entail going back to the drawing board and systematically re-investigating Gravity for the first time in three centuries. The leadership is treating gravity as a personal secret. They have these physicists jumping through hoops to avoid anyone doing actual science. Its not just dark matter that proves they have gravity wrong. Before that we had the insane doctrine that the largest objects are made out of lifting gases that defied everything we know about the behaviour of these gases and self-compressed, leaving the rocks to amalgamate separately. Only extreme control and abuse could lead to these outcomes.

They have not done the experiments you have suggested. The physics-boy 101 types are belligerent against the suggestion that physicists ought to indulge in due diligence as opposed to propaganda.

It is not so much modified Newtonian gravity that is needed here. “Modified” does not capture it. What is required is a systematic overhaul. But the specific problem of the outer stars rotating at similar velocity can be handled as follows;

Imagine  our new formulation has matter less “clumpy” than the heritage formulae suggest. Less clumpy, more tightly held, and far more “forgiving.”  (Even before the work is done these tendencies should be apparent).

So big objects really “wish” to orbit and not to collide. But still the Galaxy is not tied together like a cartwheel. Its just that the mechanism is more geared to strong orbits. Since these orbits are developing over billions of years it seems only natural that the velocities will wind up synchronised with that of stars in the adjacent spiral arms.

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Key Motives Behind Physics Fraud


Why is gravity such a mystery in modern day physics? Why can’t we just nail this bitch down? I mean what are the fundamental blockades in unlocking a ‘theory of gravity.’


It seems that its in the natural order of things that mastery of electricity leads to mastery of gravity. So there must be some connection between the timing of the misinformation explosion headed up by the conman Einstein and developments in electricity.

What I am saying is its deliberate. And the explosion of lies and garish idiocy is such a huge effort that it can be inferred that gravity is very straightforward and easy to manipulate. Townsend Brown discovered how to manipulate gravity by accident as a child. That is how easy gravity is to toy with. His families workshop had spinning lathes and things.

Consider the scope of the coverup. This constant brainwashing of the public to do with just how smart the charlatan Einstein was. All these lies about black holes. The compulsory dogma of the self-compression of hydrogen to make stars. The portrayal of a cripple as some sort of physics genius. The cult of Feynman. The brain drain of string theory.

Reverse engineering junk physics we see what they are really hiding. Their main target is our understanding of gravity, the second is our understanding of fusion and the third is the denial of the reality that the solar wind represents infinite electrical energy there for the taking. But its the understanding of gravity that is the central organising target for all these science-lies.

Consider the scope and gaudiness of the misdirection and compare it to what they refuse to do?

They will fund people to look for make-believe gravity waves. But they won’t send a balloon up with a robotic weighing machine to collect data. They won’t compare this to weighing exercises in a jet.  They won’t get a 5 tonne tungsten sphere and use a prospectors gravity meter to get together a database of the gravitational effects of the ball in order to refine our understanding of gravity.  They won’t fund an electrical anti-gravity workshop, and hire the well-known and impoverished Canadian anti-gravity expert to teach researchers the basics. They won’t pay for computer modellers to come up with visual interpretations of the role of the aether in electricity and gravity ……….. That is to say they will not do real science.

In fact they go so far as to pervert our understanding of what constitutes real science by virtue of the vigorous use of personality cults. They portray greatness in science as being acts of alchemical conjuring. Where the “great scientist” makes inferences he cannot possibly make, given his access to data, and then they mystically turn out to be right. Whereas real science is about getting the damn work done.

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