Medicare, Obamakill, And Budgetary Reform.

I’m posting this pretty prosaic, internet-activity ….. to show how ONLY HYPER-EGALITARIANISM can win formerly lefty types over to the smaller government cause. And you have to MEAN IT. These are smart people coming from a totally different set of loyalties and experiences then our rightists. It reminds me a little bit about something Mike Jackson said in the “man in the mirror” If you are a nasty right-wing bastard and you want to convince people of your case think about becoming a righteous right-wing gentleman and you may have more success. We must be hyper-egalitarian, at least in transition, and if not for all time.

After all transition is likely to be a forever-thing.

Life is Beta.

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June Schmink Arwine

Get a grip Levin…American was going to hell in a handbasket long long before Obama had any power……ALL politicians regardless of party have all had their fingers in this mess…the only truth here is that none of us are getting out of this alive!!!! And our great great great grand kids will be paying for the mistakes made over the last 100 hundred years …..
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Graeme Bird

Thats true June, but the first two years of Obama’s usurpation he was wrecking things with full-blown intention. Only since the mid-terms has Barry even looked like he was acting like a normal American President. I date the real wrecking-ball from the emergence of the lunatic Paulson. But it hardly matters where we put the precise date.
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Judy Doucette

June I must agree that this has been ongoing since Woodrow Wilson, but the debt and games this President is playing will indeed destroy the country we grew up in that afforded us the freedoms to be who we are and to be self determined.

Levin, in my humble opinion, doesn’t need to get a grip, but rather we all need to do what people have been neglecting to do for generations… hold these jerks accountable. You keep trying to stop the ship from sinking until it reaches a certain point. Till then you bail, bail, bail.
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Graeme Bird

Yeah good point. You can date it all the way back to 1913, Or to when Nixon cut out the last link to gold. Or mid-2003 when the younger Bush decided to ignore what the neighbors were doing and keep troops in a position of static defense in the field.

But Barry looks like the first fellow to actively attempt to wreck things in a systematic way.
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June Schmink Arwine

Point taken All…BUT the House and Senate were doing the job they were elected to do…and NOT acting like Children that “don’t play well with others” then Obama could not of “accomplished” what he did…so again..blaming one person for this fisasco still does not fly….
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Graeme Bird Right.

The ruling class has gone crazy and arrogant. Washington is practically enemy occupied territory.
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June Schmink Arwine

Yep.pretty much
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Richard W. Grile

What kind of a change do we get if we go to the same leadership we had with Bush adminiatration? People had better think about what is happening NOW.
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Richard W. Grile

How about some of these dogooders in washington thinking about cutting the money we pay them (about $175000) instead of them wanting to cut my social security (about $15000) that I paid into for about 45 years. How menny BILLIONS have did Bush & Chennie take from the social security fund?
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Graeme Bird


Both parties are scamming you by way of underestimating the rate of inflation. They are chiseling you to the tune of about 5% per year with this unbelievable racket.

Its true that social security needs to be phased out. But simply by raising the retirement age one day every two. Thats the only fair way to do it.

Actually social security needs to be increased a great deal. Only by increasing social security a great deal can you get rid of Medicaire and Obamakill all in one hit.

Its not hurting vulnerable people thats the answer. The answer is closing down government departments by the bakers dozen and getting rid of bank-cash-pyramiding. Thats how to set things right fairly and without tears. Because THATS where all the fat is.
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Graeme Bird

‎”How about some of these dogooders in washington thinking about cutting the money we pay them (about $175000) instead of them wanting to cut my social security (about $15000) that I paid into for about 45 years. ”

The great Republic can only heal again when the streets are full of unemployed public servants and bankers and the purchasing power of the older and more vulnerable retirees has been restored. Cut off the blood from the tax-eating and money-creating bloodsuckers, and let us hear the lamentations of them and their women on a daily basis.

The super-rich must also pay. Not from high income taxes, but from a small percentage tax on total assets, above a tidy threshold.
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  1. No serious earthquake or volcanic eruption to connect 3-4 days after the last pretty big solar flare. A small 3.5 on the richter scale in the States.

    But cast your mind back a year ago. Back to the 24 Feb 2010:

    “GREAT FILAMENT, CONTINUED: For the seventh day in a row, an enormous magnetic filament is hanging suspended above the surface of the sun’s southern hemisphere. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has a great view. How long can it last? Solar filaments are unpredictable. If this one collapses and hits the stellar surface, the impact could produce a powerful Hyder flare. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.”

    Notice that its the suns SOUTHERN hemisphere. That should not mean a damn thing. But with very big events the similarity often seems comical. Too cute to be true. Like a child made up the connection. On earth as it is in heaven.

    Later that same day:

    “OH, SNAP! The ‘Great Magnetic Filament’ on the sun that we’ve been tracking for the past week finally erupted yesterday. Click on the image to make the filament snap:

    Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) images bracket the eruption between 0719 UT and 1919 UT on Feb. 24th.

    The event did not produce a bright solar flare, as sometimes happens when filaments erupt, but there was a coronal mass ejection (CME). SOHO coronagraphs observed at least one and possibly as many as three clouds billowing away from the sun: movie.

    If any of this material is heading for Earth–a big unknown!–it would arrive on Feb. 27th or 28th. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras on those dates.”

    On February the 27th there was an 8.8 richter scale earthquake, in the Southern Hemisphere.

  2. “From August 28 until September 2, 1859, numerous sunspots and solar flares were observed on the sun, the largest flare occurring on September 1st. A massive coronal mass ejection headed directly at Earth due to the solar flare and made it within eighteen hours — a trip that normally takes three to four days.

    On September 1 – 2, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm occurred, as recorded by the Colaba observatory near Bombay, India. There are records in Boston that the light was so bright that even at 1:00 AM it was possible to read a newspaper without any other source of light.”

  3. Incredible. I was proved right after-all.

    “….. Well planet earth dodged a bullet sort of. ……” George Noory describes in one breath how he plasma from the X-class;flare made a glancing blow at the earth. Having effects in the far North…… and also mentions a swarm of small earthquakes happening around Arkansas at the same time. Instead of a large earthquake there was a cluster of small ones.

  4. “Table-1: Sudden snowfall and rainfall after the rise in temperature in higher altitude
    and latitude on 25th December 2004 before the tsunami and earthquake in
    Indonesia. (This observation has been recorded across the world including Europe,
    Asia and USA.”

    We’ve got to get away from this plate tectonics nonsense. Its dangerous because it denies us an early warning.

  5. “It can be concluded that a sudden l drop in Kp and Electron flux, is an indication
    of atmospheric disturbance before occurrence of earthquakes in earthquake prone
    areas (Fig. 2).

    This hypothesis was supported by the event of erratic rainfall and
    snowfall before earthquake in India Pakistan border on 8th October 2005. Due to low
    Electron flux the local drop in temperature in the upper part of atmosphere leads to
    condense the clouds on the affected part of the earth.

    Further, on 25th December 2004 and 23rd February 2005 hailstorms and
    snowstorms were reported in the Northern Hemisphere, while in the tropics a sudden
    drop in temperature led to foggy and smoggy conditions.

    An earthquake measuring 9.0 of Richter scale on 26th December followed the sudden changes in the environment. An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale occurred on Tuesday 22 February in Zarand, Kerman Province (750 KM south-east of Tehran) at 05:55 local time. Weather condition in this region was difficult as there was heavy snowfall, resulting in a number of road blockades


    Here I show a theoretical correlation between Starbursts, Solar minimum, Sun-
    Earth environment, snowfall and earthquake. The permanent component of cosmic
    radiation comes from the galaxy. It consists of very highly charged particles ejected
    by the gigantic explosions of supernova, massive stars that have reached the end of
    their days.

    These particles are atoms, which have been stripped of their electrons
    because of the temperatures within these giant stars. We see that during periods of
    high solar activity, the cosmic radiation is less intense, as the cosmic effect
    suppresses the formation of sunspots. During the impact of cosmic rays with the
    atmosphere of the Earth, ionization takes place. During this ionization the thermal
    energy is utilized to produce a regional fall in the temperature of the earth, which
    may lead to sudden snowfall in higher latitude and altitudes of the Earth (Mukherjee,

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