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The White Death Is Upon Us

….. Or how to avoid a full-blown glacial period.

Just a short note to bring people to the reality of what is going on which is the direct opposite of what the usual suspects are trying to tell us. This post is currently on moderation at ABC UNLEASHED;

There are probably things we can do to avoid a full-blown glacial period. However there is nothing we can do to avoid the nasty little ice age bearing down on us right now… Still every little bit helps. One thing that can help is to reduce SO2 and particulate output. But that is about it. China seems to be serious about doing this now.

To avoid a full-blown glacial period the main consideration is to keep the ocean currents unobstructed. Not to use them for power generation and not to allow them to get blocked by ice. Currently the Gulf Stream is being used for power generation off the coast of Florida and this ought to be frowned upon. Colder water is more viscous then warmer water and the consequences for global temperature resultant on that fact is very serious in and of itself. But the natural stabilisation that three phases of water on a planet tends to bring should prevent us from having a full-blown glaciation just so long as we can maintain a civilisation advanced enough, to clear such ice as would block the great ocean conveyor.

The consequences of blockage are not merely to do with failure to bring warmth to cold places. The formula associated with Stefan-Boltzmann’s law implies that any impeding of the flow of the ocean currents would bring the equilibrium average temperature right down.

When the glaciers are on the move this is not something that you need to write a letter in a time capsule for your great grandchildren to worry about. The glaciers come down off the mountains and crush whole towns. They subject the general area to drought, and they keep moving and nothing can stop them. Its important therefore that we plan in accordance with the evidence and not in rebellion to the evidence. There is a great deal we can be doing to prepare for the menace of cooling which is upon us.

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Hanging Home Truthzzzzz On Gods Chosen People.

Here begins a lesson on how to talk to a bunch of Jews;

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
These guys are old enough to know better. After decades of watching these people make excuses for their brutality, these old buggers ought to have figured these Jews out by now.
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Dina Mizrahi · Follow · Keiser University
you fu@ing antisemitic asshole
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi No no. You are the anti-semites. The Palestinians are semites. Their evil persecutors, obsessed with the sacrifice of innocent people, are Khazarian interlopers, terrorist supporters, and filthy liars. Not unlike yourself I suppose. We know what you filth get up to. We know that all your holidays are celebrations of the mass-murder of innocent people.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi This is what is happening in Gaza. It is no war. Rather it is the ritualistic anti-semitic sacrifice of innocent people POSING as war. Judaism lives an breaths human sacrifice. Judaism, as proven by the Jewish Soviet Union, is a genocidal cult ………

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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi Happy to be found out asshole. Are you happy. Think about it next time you celebrate Purim you fucking evil assshole.
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Dina Mizrahi · Follow · Keiser University
Graeme Bird you don’t know shit you oriental freak…who do you think you are to judge the Jewish people???
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina. Unlike the Jewish people I am not a genocidalist. The Jewish people are habitual mass-murderers. As we saw when they took over the Soviet Union and didn’t skip a beat before killing millions of Christians. This is just a fact. Jewish emancipation is the greatest human tragedy in history since it lead directly to the mass slaughter of the twentieth century. You are not God’s chosen people. You are intra-species predators. Get used to the real place you have in the world. Neri just shut the fuck up will you. You don’t want peace. Your filthy racist religion only celebrates the murder of innocent people and you know it so there is no use lying about it.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
How about the two of you own up to what it is that Prurim celebrates. You fucking sickos.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
The rest of us don’t celebrate killing people outside our tribe. Our celebrations are like Mothers Day. You degenerates ought to know that you are part of a deeply sick and murderous cult.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
The answer to the problem of Judaism, which is a conspiracy against the human race, is that Jews must always be ruled over by non-Jews to stop them from harming the rest of us. They ought to be restricted to certain professions, like small business, teaching adults, farming, this sort of thing. They must be carefully surveilled while the surveillance they have placed on the rest of us must be lifted. They must never hold government, media, or big business positions.
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Dina Mizrahi · Follow · Keiser University
Graeme Bird YOU SHOULD JUST ACCEPT IT THAT WE ARE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE, NOT YOU THE CHINESE OR ANY OTHER RACE, SO STOP WITH THE JEALOUSY. Our God may mercy your soul you filthy animal, you’re an example of human trash, may you go to hell for saying these words.
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Allwin Moses Stephen
Graeme Bird , I am an Christian I love the Jews and Israel more than my family. Stop blaming the Israelites.
If they killed the Christians that’s ok, Its worth to die in hands of our loved one. Israel is my love. I love Israel, I will not hate them in any situation nor JESUS too. And stop speaking bad words against them, I warn you. Then you will have to suffer the wrath of God, be careful friend.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Allwin Moses Stephen Good lord you truly deluded. How can you support the synagogue of satan. The whole idea is that these people have to stop their terrorism, and persecution of the rest of us, and renounce this evil cult of Judaism. There is a big lie about their history. This says that they were persecuted by Christians and forced to move on 109 times. But being forced to move 109 times meant that they were welcomed as refugees 110 times. Which is inconsistent with any notion that the Christians were to blame.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi You are not God’s chosen people. You are the synagogue of Satan. You are intra-species predators. You are the worlds oppressors and the source of terrorism.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Kittychk Smith Yes for sure. If you sponsor radical Islam you will get it. And of course its at least possible that this is an Israeli-created propaganda flick.
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Allwin Moses Stephen
Graeme Bird , I’m so sorry. If you love someone truly you will not believe what others blame on our loved ones. I think your friends are Muslims, they use to create story like this. Better avoid friendship with those guys. May the Lord and God JESUS will show you the truth about Israel soon in JESUS name I pray and command in JESUS name to open the Eyes and mind of Graeme bird to know the truth about Israel and not the lie. And In JESUS name Graeme Bird should fall in Love with Israel and Jews , in JESUS name or in YHWH name amen!
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Allwin Moses Stephen
Everyday one of my colleague in my office, when ever I pass him or he passes me, he use to say I hate Israel, I hate Israel. But he doesn’t known that much about the real situation of Israel, I use to fight with him in words back. My TL(Team Lead) use to scold me for being too religious, I use to think in my mind that I am not too religious, I love Israel and Jews.Nowadays I use to smile he back and say thank you, when he says I hate Israel, You Israel terriorist.He will also point that, ok If you say that Hamas fires rocket into Israel daily then why there is no death in Israel, but look at palestian how may childrens they have killed, then I replied him as “first study the technology of Iron dome Israel uses which stops the death”, then he closed his mouth for some times :). Majority of our company employees are muslims, one them who is converted from Hindu to muslim use to say that, USA and Israel all together planning to take the oil resources in the MiddleEast region where the Arabs and musilms live, every day i use to here stories like this. But nothing ever entered into my mind, and never will enter. As I Love Israel and Jews.
Note: I love Israel and not the USA Government, but I like people in USA not more than like Jewish people.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Allwin Moses Stephen Its not about my friends being Islamic Allwin. Its about my regret at having been taken in by this cult. After 9/11 … which was a Mossad operation, Netanyahu won me over entirely. He was talking as though he were advocating Just War Theory, the likes of which no statesmen had advocated since before World War I. So i was 100 per cent behind him. But he was lying. And these people make fools of the rest of us again and again and again.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
‘Kittychk Smith Graeme Bird The name “Palestine”, was given to the land of Israel by the Romans, after they exiled the Jews…….’ That is about where the good history ends. The Jews who invaded Palestine in the twentieth century are not descendants of the people that the Romans blessedly smashed and attempted to pacify. Two different peoples. The people now running Israel are from Europe. Descended from the Khazars. They are the persecutors of the children of Abraham, and not the descendants of the children of Abraham.
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Heather Terveld · Top Commenter · Works at FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
This will help wake up those people in LA LA land, Pro Palestine supporters, nice to see the truth finally coming out.
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
Jon Voight has supported Israel all along.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
He probably was sucked in by the 9/11 Arab blood libel and may not have caught on that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA undertaking yet.
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant

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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Ellen Mindy Well yes of course they are. Radical Islam is something cooked up in Labs in places like Langley, London and Tel Aviv. An immense amount of money has been spent creating radical Islam. And by the usual suspects. How about you Ellen. You think you are a chosen one.
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Louis Oltman · Top Commenter · Philadelphia University
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
Graeme Bird Are you trying to know if I am Jewish? I am human. It is sad that you have been brainwashed into believing the garbage you promote. We of sound mind have little to fear however; Deep thinkers and stronger minds will triumph, at which point you will hang your head shamefully and admit you were wrong.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Louis Oltman No Louis. I’m not a Jew. So I am not a member of a racist genocidal crime gang.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Ellen Mindy it is you that is fucking deluded. Check your fucking facts you stupid woman. These people create their own opponents. Isis, Hamas, all created by our oppressors. They are in no way indigenous, Islamlic outfits. Get your fucking facts sorted you stupid woman.
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Dina Mizrahi · Follow · Keiser University
Graeme Bird what a waste of energy even replying to the garbage that comes out of your hateful empty brain, hide behind your computer but you won/t hide forever your soul will be burnt in hell, that I can promise you, little Chinese bitch
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
Graeme Bird Once again you resort to name calling. You are predictable and easily manipulated. Stop being so repetitive and immature.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Ellen Mindy No I have to keep repeating it. Check your facts. It is the West and Israel that creates and sustains Islamic terrorism. Check it. If you don’t check it you will stay ignorant. And don’t imagine its Gaza residents firing rockets that cannot achieve any war aim for Gaza residents. If you believe that then you can be taken in by any Jewish game these people will contrive.
Reply · Like · August 25 at 11:24pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Dina Mizrahi Dina were you on the beach with the other Jews drinking and laughing while you watched innocent Gaza women and children being murdered by genocidal Jew pigs. Did you celebrate the death of innocent people. You see I know you celebrate the death of innocent gentiles every fucking holiday you have.
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Kolawole Seun · Follow · Top Commenter · Lagos, Nigeria
Hamas=Isis=boko haram=al Qaeda=al shahab=Hezbollah=(TERRORISTS) they kill everybody even their own people
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
They are all either Jewish or Western leadership front groups. If one thinks that the Western oligarchs are basically Jewish or Jewish-controlled then this is merely Jewish outsourcing.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
EVEN their own people. They kill almost EXCLUSIVELY Christians and Muslims. if they ever kill a Jew its either window-dressing or purely accidental. This reflects the reality that they are controlled by Jews.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
The leader of ISIS is Jewish Mossad agent called Elliot Shimon aka Simon Elliot. Jews always create and control their opponents and make them kill a lot of gentiles.
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Ellen Mindy · Legal Assistant & Office Manager at Legal Assistant
Graeme, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Just to name a few Jews that you have reaped benefit from in one way or the other…
Albert Einstein Physicist
Jonas Salk Created first Polio Vaccine.
Albert Sabin Developed the oral vaccine for Polio.
Galileo Discovered the speed of light
Selman Waksman Discovered Streptomycin. Coined the word ‘antibiotic’.
Gabriel Lipmann Discovered color photography.
Baruch Blumberg Discovered origin and spread of infectious diseases.
G. Edelman Discovered chemical structure of antibodies.
Briton Epstein Identified first cancer virus.
Maria Meyer Structure of atomic nuclei.
Julius Mayer Discovered law of thermodynamics.
Sigmund Freud Father of Psychotherapy. You might want to delve into this one a little deeper.
Moving forward.. Bionic limbs, solar panels, the CELL PHONE, the list goes on and on.
Reply · Like · 1 · Unfollow Post · August 25 at 1:48pm

Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Albert Einstein was a Jew conman and all his stuff is utter crap. Jonas Salk killed a grand-child of his with his poxie polio vaccine and gave the rest of us monkey virus. Vaccines themselves are a ripoff foisted on us by elite Jew pigs and its the biggest money-spinner in the medical maffia with the possible exception of poisoning people who have cancer. Sigmund Freud was entirely full of shit, and his nephew was the asshole who was tapped to poison the gentile water with Fluoride. Much of the rest of your list is about the fix being in at the patent office. These assholes didn’t invent the cell phone or the solar panels and if it weren’t for them a whole lot less people would need prosthetic limbs, bionic or otherwise. Its an objective fact of history that Jewish emancipation is the greatest mistake in history … and that would be the case if it were only the people within the former Soviet Union that elite Jew pigs have murdered.
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Graeme Bird · Sydney, Australia
Galileo a Jew. I doubt it. Von Mayer was a German. I would have to look into each case. I suspect you are talking nonsense all the way down the line. But the fellow I do know a lot about is Einstein. Who really was no competent scientist at all.
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Galinda Nelson · Follow · Top Commenter · Founder, CEO, House-mother at CARDINAL HALYARD INTERNATIONAL Non-Profit Organisation
Fully agreed…
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The Aztec Royal Family On Steroids.


Not long ago we saw the Australian Prime Minister and his bigshot military underlings,  conducting a pantomime where they pretended to look for a Malaysian Airliner …. He was looking extensively for this missing Jet-plane …. ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WHERE IT WAS NOT.  It is amazing how fucking long and fucking hard you can search and turn up nothing when you are looking everywhere except where the plane is.  It is a measure of how large our planet is that you can do this sort of thing.

Now down here we are kind of used to you Northern Hemisphere types having to accept the bribes and shy away from the standing threats and just do what you are told.  But it used to be that in the deep south we could have a bit of independence.  More of a Bungee rope then a leash.

I don’t think we should twist ourselves inside out to pretend that this is anything less or more then the Israelis proving that they can slaughter small children as brazenly and as openly as one could possibly do so and laugh at the rest of us and say what are you going to do about it.   And when a fellow like Tony Abbott or any leader who might imagine he has some sort of local independence looks at this mindless slaughter with impunity what is he going to think.  He’s going to think that it could be his daughters. His neighbourhood.  Or thousands of other Australians and he is to blame for getting them targeted.

Remember when the Americans were bombing the Serbs and bastard-Rockefeller Clinton went and murdered a bunch of Chinese civilians.  Then he did it again. Murdered more of them. He also moved a couple of air-craft carriers into the region where China was making a lot of noise.  Do you think that the Chinese deluded themselves that this wasn’t gangster Clinton, from out of the bastard wing of the Rockefeller crime family,  murdering people and getting away with it.

Of course not.  The Chinese knew what the score was. They did their best to orchestrate a lot of protests.  And then they backed off, went about bribing the White House for military secrets, and attempted not to gloat.
Same goes here. When the Jews, right before the eyes of the world start murdering kids in GAZA,  for no reason at all, and on this sort of scale, what do the rest of us who would normally speak out think. What are we supposed to think.  I’m not talking about you fluoride drinking goose-steppers. I am talking about outspoken types. And here I’m trying to focus on outspoken types who may even have garnered some influence and authority.


What they will think is I’M OUT’


What they will feel is GUILT.  They will feel guilty for putting their girls at risk with their big mouth and perhaps even their poisonous keyboard.

This is what the Israelis are up to right now.  Every action in international affairs is like an email with a cc-line.  When we write an email, any receiver knows that he is the one who received it.  And third parties looking over the shoulder of the receiver at his computer can verify who the email was meant for.  But in international affairs there is always another receiver of this oblique message.  There are other receivers.  In international affairs every action has a cc-line and untangling what is going on involves trying to interpolate the address or addresses on that cc-line.

Don’t extrapolate this  straight-forward Israeli slaughter of kids, women, unarmed men, and people who gave up fighting a long time ago ….  don’t project it as anything more then it is.  Like vampires these bigshot Jews always get restless and thirst for sacrifice of kids eventually.  But they are sending everyone a message. They have surely smuggled nukes everywhere …. Bali for example … So if Abbot and the top Australian soldiers didn’t go along with these Jews and their oligarch amigos …… If Abbott or someone like Abbot decided to defy them    ……   he has to wonder if he would do so at the cost of being guilty of getting all his girls murdered …  And perhaps he will think that to exhibit this level of defiance and courage is kind of above his pay-grade.

What I’m saying is that in the midst of this mysterious murder for no reason at all, a lot of you will be given over to awesome creativity; thinking of any number of brain-stormed justifications,  to pretend that you are not bearing witness to the straight modern massacre of toddlers in broad daylight.

But the Jews have been openly, proudly, and brazenly slaughtering kids in broad daylight for a number of weeks now. They kicked it off by dumping that Malaysian Jet, this time filled with rotting corpses, into the Ukraine,  at the exact same hour as they started the mass murder of children in GAZA….  Amazing huh.  If you think they didn’t want to take credit think again. Taking credit for all this mindless slaughter IS THE POINT OF THE EXERCISE.   This gruesome sense of humour really shows us how Jews think of the rest of us.

The mass slaughter of innocent,  and indeed victimised kids, is not happening for some sort of creative reason that attempts to be even-handed between both sides.  Its the Aztec royal family on steroids is what it is.

Posted by: graemebird | July 18, 2014

Malaysian Airlines: Jews Murdering Australians Again

And its time we got angry about it.  They murdered our citizens with nuclear weapons on 9/11.  They murdered our guys in Bali with another nuclear weapon.  And now they are casually murdering Australians by knocking out airliners.  The first Malaysian Jet targeted was a stupid hit because the list of suspects was so short. But when you look at this first hit against Malaysian airlines you find that there were multiple motives for it.


Of course when I say “Jews” this is shorthand for all sorts of arch-nasty oligarchs.  But its a good enough shorthand.

Consider this analysis from elsewhere:


This ought to be no mystery when we look at the last Malaysian plane targeted.  With the last plane there is only one party that could make a plane disappear. That party being that NATO-based oligarchical/Jewish network that can control either the media, or the satellites … or both.  This is literally the only party that could pull off the hit.   I challenge any of you dishonest, brainwashed, lying or doubting assholes to put forward even one physically possible alternative.   GIVE ME EVEN ONE.   Any cunt who doesn’t admit I’m right is in serious denial.  When they cannot so much as THINK of an alternative hypothesis.  Wake up to yourselves you piss-weak pieces of denialistic shit.  Say the word “Jew” one thousand times so that the power of the word is diminished.  We know who it is that are our overlords.  They are those who we are not allowed to criticise.  Like “The Dude” taking it easy,  to bear the burden of all us hard-working sinners ….  I am taking the abuse and anger on my head for all of you lame bastards at Catallaxy who cannot handle the truth.   The Jews (and really only their elite are eternally morally culpable) were evicted 109 times.   That means they were accepted 110 times.  There is no way to reconcile this with their Christian victims being to blame;    Again …. can you even so much as THINK of an alternative hypothesis and have a good shot at justifying it? No you cannot.  Nor is there any way to blame ordinary less successful Jews for this phenomenon.  Because the welcoming population would be endeared to the newcomers, typically for a couple of generations …………….  until the threat of assimilation loomed (at which time the elite would make sure that assimilation COULD NOT HAPPEN.)

Now this crowd usually pull off these mass-murdering antics with several goals in mind. But one of them is to put Malaysian statesmen into a state of debilitating fear.  They now have just crippled Malaysian airlines.  Someone ought to now be looking into suspicious deaths in the ranks of high-placed conscientious Malaysian politicians.  Or their family members.  Or claims of intimidation.

No-one now can seriously trust Malaysian airlines with their family.  They may chance a low-price subsidised flight on their own. But you will never now put your daughter on such a flight.

This is the clincher.  This is how we know FOR A FACT that the latest Malaysian plane shot down is a false flag:


Strobe Talbot is a new world order insider.  He’s a long-term campaigner for “global governance.”  So his part in this crime against Australia and humanity,  tells us that the murderers involved with this shoot-down are the same murderers involved with the last Malaysian airline shoot-down.  The reason is that in all false flags,  the murdering oligarchs,  rely on these insiders,  to lay down the media force-feeding.


Terrorism always works against the terrorist party.  Never once has terrorism worked in favour of the population that the terrorism was conducted in support of.  For this reason all large-scale terrorist acts are false flags;  Or must be considered false flags until proven otherwise.  And in this particularly egregious case, with Strobe Talbot weighing in,  when he ought not to know shit-all about it,  when this asshole ought to be mystified by the event like the rest of us???????? ……..  His involvement proves what we ought to have already known.  This is another false flag.   And who are the false flag masters?  Who has FORM when it comes to false flags?


Jews jews jews jews jews jews jews.

It doesn’t do any good for your less successful Jew to deny the crime gang nature of their elites.


From Elsewhere:


  • Graeme Bird See this same crowd with another false flag in the Ukraine. Another act targeting Malaysia and murdering people from many nations. This one Jewish/Oligarchical/Banking/Covert Ops crowd. The enemy of all of humanity. It took many of us so long to understand that the peoples of the Middle East were targeted and damaged by this network.
  • Graeme Bird The Israelis have an official policy of sparing civilians. And they have access to all the US technology. And yet they produce a steady stream of murdered kids. The way to understand this is that Judaism has NEVER outgrown the cult of human sacrifice. The Jewish elite are like vampires and if some innocent children haven’t been sacrificed for awhile they start getting edgy. The Jews, in this instant,  won’t kill women and children in their millions,  like they did when they founded the Soviet Union. Because they need to constantly loot the US and Germany. So they have this steady stream of disguised ritual child sacrifice in Palestine.  It satisfies the nature of Jewish elites to just murder these children in dribs and drabs, rather then pull the full-Monty Soviet Union on the modern world. 
    The reality is that elite Judaism is MORE obsessed with human sacrifice then even the Aztecs were.  Surely there can be no denying it that this racist cult,   has kept and nurtured the primitive lust for the murder of the innocent women and children ….. Surely there is no denying that they have kept the obsession with human sacrifice …… alive and kicking ……….  right into the modern age.
    From Elsewhere:
    You would think an uber-parasite like this would get it together to get good dental work.  This is the reality we face.  We find that people who are too fucking lazy lazy to get their teeth fixed ….  even though your average teenage thai chick has excellent tooth alinement ….  Well what can we say about it.  This reveals that the modern Rothschild oligarch can be a fucking couch-potato.   Because he gets to have this constant stream of loot from the financial system.   And of course what fucking female does he need to impress?   This cunt probably fires out orders whilst fondling his ball-sack.   Interested enough to decide to shoot down a Malaysian plane, inherit a bunch of patents, and abuse the better politicians in Malaysia.   But not engaged enough to fix his fucking teeth.   These are the inbred cunts who are damaging you, me,   and everyone we know.   His cousin at least seems like an intelligent fellow who has a handle on the Indian economy.   But their wealth is automatic, and sustained on auto-pilot.  The auto-pilot is sustained by bribery,  systematic murder and targeted abuse.
Posted by: graemebird | April 14, 2014

Brainless Transvestite Sluts.

Hilarious.  This stupid transvestite has come up with an explanation as to why there is no aether and why gravity doesn’t propagate instantaneously.  In reality and quite apart from 20th century Jew Science Fraud …..  Gravity propagates instantaneously and we know this or all our orbits would unravel.  This property of gravity demands connection between all entities with mass either directly or indirectly.  We could assume that this connection IS the aether.  Secondly the reality is that light travels in waves.  Since a wave is what something does and not what something is this also demands an aether and more then likely the two phenomenon enjoy the use of the one aether.  All of this is obvious and could be no other way given what we know about gravity and light.

Now this entity.  This person.  This girly-man who does not know if it is a guy or a lady has made a comeback.  Its all a combination of irrelevancy and circular reason. But the real reason for the lady-boys double talk is that she must believe in this 20th century science fraud.  She can do no other.  Meanwhile this rubbish is excellent cover for covert operations hogging and monopolising of technology wherein no doubt they have concentrated discovering the MECHANISM FOR GRAVITY and not just gone on Jew Voo Doo or a religious appreciation for formulae.

You’ll love this fucking idiocy.



“The fun thing about Birdbrain is that he’s revealingly wrong about things which have been known problems with theories of light since the late 1500s; various solutions to this problem (such as ‘luminiferous aether’) were tried out from the time of Tycho Brahe onwards. The non-instantaneous propagation of gravity has a very similar analogue in the non-instantaneous propagation of light and the resulting effect of stellar aberration; the earth’s motion around the sun causes a small, systematic, annual variation in the apparent direction of starlight and was one of the pieces of evidence in support of heliocentrism over geocentrism. In the case of aberration, the earth’s motion causes a small angle between the direction from where the sun’s light appears to come from and its actual position – similar to the argument with gravity, that the sun’s gravity would be ‘pulling’ toward a place where the sun was, relative to the earth, about 500 seconds earlier, rather than where it is at the present time.

While this angle (about 20 arcseconds) is comparably easily detectable for light and was measured for the first time by Bradley in 1725, a similar effect for gravity is much less observable; but the presence of very large, concentrated masses (à la neutron stars) will greatly magnify the effect. Thus the energy lost by the binary pulsars results in the measurable contraction of the semi-major axis of their orbits. The dissipation of the energy in the form of gravitational waves is thus similar to the case of energy lost in emission of electromagnetic radiation, which is what Einstein was writing about in 1905.

Just as there had been attempts to explain aberration via means of an aether that allows propagation of electromagnetic radiation, Pierre-Simon Laplace had tried to argue that under similar conditions with a finite speed of propagation of gravity planetary orbits would not be stable, and since the planets haven’t spiralled into the sun, therefore the speed of gravity must be infinite; however Henri Poincaré showed (in the same year, 1905) THAT THIS ARGUMENT IS NO LONGER RELEVANT WITHIN RELATIVITY THEORY ……

…….(capitals inserted in this laughable piece of circular reasoning by site deity.)

In the solar system the gravitational effect that is ‘akin’ to stellar aberration is most noticeable in the motions of Mercury, but complicating the solar system dynamics are perturbations from other bodies, most notably Jupiter and Saturn. Birdbrain described this as ‘taking two to tango’ – a laughable over-simplification – but the solar system isn’t even truthfully an N-body problem; this conceals a mathematical conceit of reducing quasi-spherical bodies with uneven mass distributions, composed of upwards of ten to the power of forty particles, to point sources – which is an understandable simplification long honoured since the time of Newton; I remember grinding through the mathematical proof of Newton’s shell theorem as an undergraduate (grinding being the operative word) and I doubt Birdbrain would have the brainpower to appreciate the subtleties of the arguments, which are highly technical and mathematical. And that’s just to deal with the easy cases.

(In the real world I pointed out that one needs to know the make-up of the sun prior to explaining the mechanism of Mercury’s  odd orbit here, so the slut is essentially lying.  (site deity))

Nevertheless, provided you can find useful cases – binary pulsars are among the best nature has provided – the observations made turn out to be in striking accord with the mathematics derived under certain principles, and among those principles are that there is no such thing as an ‘aether’ – either for electromagnetism or gravitation – and that light and gravity propagate at the speed of light. We would quite possibly see different results if this were not the case – but we don’t. 14 significant figures (it might be more? Not that it matters hugely, since it’s an absurdly high level of precision…) say Birdbrain is utterly wrong.”

This moron needs to get a brain transplant, a slut tumor removal, figure out if she is a man or a lady, and decide to do real physics for the first time in her life.  Where has she shown me to be wrong?  Nowhere.  She’s just a fucking liar if she were to make that claim. My position remains uncontested by a logical argument to its disfavour.  But do you accept her explanation?

Whereas in reality if gravity were not for practical purposes INSTANTANEOUS then all the orbits would unravel.  So what is her explanation as to how gravity could propagate at only light speed?  The argument for this stupid point of view is entirely absent. And since over these vast distances instantaneous effects imply constant contact, which implies a connective aether ……..  Explain in your own words why this stupid transvestite slut is right?  Take what she has said and explain it in your own words.

She is just not that bright.  She cannot figure out if she is a man or a lady for one thing. Why oh why do such dim bulbs try it on?

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Athenian-Green: What Is Permaculture?

This is a term that is very hard to get ones hand around.  More later.

Posted by: graemebird | December 23, 2013

Digging Deep Into The Nature Of The Jew Crime Gang

From Elsewhere:

This is an exemplary situation where me must distrust Jew traitors like Penn Jillette.   Penn would not get by me without getting punched in the guts.  Jillette is a racist traitor.   There is no question about this.  You are stupid. He is smart. You have an excuse. He does not.
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“I guess we are part of the coverup now”  Yes of course you are you Jew traitor.  Of course you are. Always and everywhere.  Every super-successful mainstream member of this Jew crime gang is always and everywhere part of the coverup.

They pull out ops like Norman Mailer, Bugliosi, and Posner to use up their credibility stooging people.  Mailer was probably the best prose exponent of the English language living. So he had massive credibility with me as an awesome journalist and novelist.  Probably one of the greatest writers ever who never got the Nobel prize.   Now retrospectively I can be pretty sure that he was CIA.  Anyway he stooged me on the basis of the regard I had for him but an examination of his arguments shows them to be ludicrous in this case.Bugliosi is given all this pseudo-cred for reeling in Manson.  For starters when you have raving lunatic cult members like Manson, then we are hardly talking about the “perfect crime.”  But its clear now that Manson was the same old mind control experimentation, that was going on in the area.  Posner gains anti-conspirationist cred by his “case closed” idiocy and then uses it to implicate the family Saud in the conspiracy.  True story by the way, but his revelation, hotly denied by the usual suspects, is really cover for those who stand behind the Sauds.  That is to say Jew-town.
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Anyone who thinks 9/11 was a government conspiracy should be shamed publicly.  Bring back the stocks.

You should be shamed publicly.  As should I.  I took until 2008 to see the obvious.  Its nearly 2014.  And you still haven’t woken up.  So I need to be publicly shamed but I can take pride in the idea that there are people like you who ought to be more publicly shamed.  This was the same sort of obvious crime by the same crime gang.  So if I ought to be put in the stocks and pummelled with ten pieces of soft and rotten fruit, which I should ….. then you should be pummelled with maybe 100 pieces of soft rotten fruit.I came as a penitent to Muslim people who I am trying to build bridges with. I said that it took me until 2008 to see through these completely obvious shams.  I apologised for them for supporting these wars and for malign feelings towards their community.  For sins of the heart and for a negative attitudes on my blogs. So I ask these people at what time they new it was a scam.  “2001” comes the answer straight back.  Because these guys know the crime gang they are dealing with.
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As a fan and well-wisher of new testament Christianity (rather then a believer) I walk around looking ridiculous with a rice-farmers hat on, talking to Muslim people and apologising for my former ill-will towards them.  I don’t know when I will ever live it down that I was one of the most vociferous neocons active on the internet. How many people did I persuade to the neocon cause? I have a great deal to be penitent about.

while Im not a 9/11 truther myself, I would have liked to have seen this episode be more like their bible episode. Take the claims and positions of the truthers, and refute them. Don’t just call them idiots and use emotional appeal to try to persuade me. A little bit disappointed.

Great post.  You see these Jews are smart when they want to be.  Stupid when they want to betray humanity and stick up for their crime gang.  Note how superb they were with the recycling issue? A completely outstanding show.  Seldom bettered.  I don’t doubt their cleverness.  Penn is awesomely clever.  This makes his treason to the species all the more despicable.
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Except that I must say that you OUGHT TO BE a 9/11 truther.  This is no line-ball call.  It is said that nukes haven’t been used against civilian targets since Nagasaki.  This does not appear to be true.  Nukes from Dimona appear to be constantly used.   The Israelis appear to be nuking civilians with the sort of regularity and glee that their ancestors sacrificed Christian children when they could get their hands on them.
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Shame… that’ll keep the dumb dumbed down a little longer. So easy to point a finger at conspiracy as bull shit. Learn your history and you’ll see.

Wonder if P and T will put anything out over the next two weeks as we will be inundated with conspiracy crap around the 50th anniversary of Oswald’s murdering and murder.

Nine eleven was 100% real, sketchy but real? but there’s no way JFK wasn’t setup

No way Chuck.  You got to kick and punch your way through the concentric circles of scandal and bullshitartistry. Don’t stop at the first concentric circle of lies.  Rather punch kick and leap over them until you get to the heart of the situation.  There really is only one conspiracy.  And its always the same network carrying them out.  Me and you would get caught.  But if you control money creation and the media at the same time, you can get away with the most obvious lies imaginable.  You can control what the scientists say. What the media says.  What the politicians say.  People strain at the idea that there are these multiple conspiracies.  But they are all really part of one conspiracy by one network.  And almost all of the well-known ones turn out to be factually true.By the way.  I judge Lone Wolf McQuade to be a pretty damn good flick.
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Da Jooz Did 9/11 Wit Da Nooks (True Story.)

More later.

Posted by: graemebird | December 19, 2013

The Disgusting Filth Of Jewish Compulsive Liars

Here is an excerpt from a Catallaxy post I just saw which shows one of the many habitual lying techniques that Jews use all the time.

This is from an email soliciting money for The Skeptical Inquirer:

What needs to be on our agenda? Recent surveys suggest that Americans believe some outlandish things, often in astonishing numbers:

Last spring, Public Policy Polling found that:

  • 13 percent of Americans think President Obama is the anti-Christ. Another 13 percent weren’t sure—they only thought it might be true!
  • 20 percent believe there is a link between childhood vaccines and autism; 34 percent weren’t sure.
  • 37 percent think global warming is a hoax; 12 percent weren’t sure.
  • 28 percent believe that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is actively conspiring to rule the globe through an authoritarian world government—you know, the New World Order. 25 percent were unsure.

So I need to point out how this filth is lying?  What vermin these people are. They get an idea out front that it pretty ludicrous.  Yet they lie about every other point.  What scum.  We need to get this crime gang out of this country before they fuck Australia even more and we wind up in the ghastly state that the USA is in.  Do we really want this? I got another call from this scum today. But they did not venture to be taped this time.  They just allowed ambient noise to go ahead in the background.

Every last one of these contentions that the evil Jews are claiming are not true are proven except for the first one. No-one on Catallaxy or Randi’s Jewish dominated internet sewer has evidence against any of the other contentions.  The skeptical enquirer is full of the same liars that gave us the Keynesian multiplier and Einsteins physics.  They put Mercury in vaccines for no other reason but to hurt the nervous system of the kids. They put a terrible witches brew of rubbish into these vaccines.  Of course if anyone on Catallaxy says they have evidence for the CO2 warming claims they are liars.  And so it goes down the line.

Very good and scholarly presentation by Damon Vrabel.

Meanwhile the Kosher Nostra continues its campaign of harassment against me.  I’m actually not that hassled by them all that much at the moment.  But since we are talking about the same treasury that paid out Judas Iscariot ….. the same crime gang that murdered tens of millions of Christians in the youthful Soviet Union …. the same intellectual juggernaut that hammered in the idiocy of Einstein into the culture …  the same crypto Synagogue-of-Satan, that produced a whole bunch of blue-eyed Turks to murder millions of Armenians …… the same Kosher Nostra that gets their own people persecuted and on the move ……. with total scientific verification and re-verification ………………    as to the harmfulness and wickedness of the culture and philosophy of their leadership….

Since we are talking about a crime gang with at least 3000 years of known bad behaviour, one must take them seriously …. even if their antics are not really registering with one ……….. on the visceral level. Yes its true that their low-level yet repetitive Gremlin-like mischief is not really getting to me right now.  But this crime gang has the record of genocide that cannot be matched unless we go back as far as the Khan.  And it may well be that the Khan himself was being aided and abetted by the Synagogue of Satan.

The cultural values of the less successful Jews (if any can still be found) are more akin to the Kiwanis or the Rotary club.  The way these people help eachother along and look out for their own is something pretty admirable.  This is why my new message greats so much with the experience of many of us, who have known many less successful Jews and maverick Jews and found them to be people of good character.  But in 2012 the more successful Jews are the Kosher Nostra.   We see the evidence for this everywhere and you are fucking tripping if you think you can deny it.

Why do business with ANY of them? Don’t deal with these people!  Don’t have anything to do with them.  Its like this idiocy in Dynasty where J.R. Ewing keeps hurting people and ripping them off and yet everyone keeps going back for more.

This very day I lent my mobile-phone to someone and he was thinking ….. “why the hell is there a helicopter overhead? Surely there are few helicopters in Sydney?… What is the revenue stream for helicopters hovering above me?”

But once the cost of the helicopter is paid, then one helicopter can serve to intimidate everyone that goes against the Kosher Nostra in Sydney.  They wouldn’t buy a separate  helicopter for the full-time harassment of a small-timer like me.  But this is an eight hour job for two palookas and one helicopter.  And the purchase of helicopters for this purpose can go forward with the ridicule associated with the “black helicopter pseduo-myth”  Its not a fucking myth.  Its just a fucking job.  They can hover over 30 targets in one day and the pilot need never know what its all about.

My phone gets stolen on the 19/11.  Next day I get a letter saying that my contract with my gas provider is over …………..  due to my request to end that contract?  I never fucking ended the contract!!!!!

But the trick is that I DON’T get that letter the next day. That is the day the letter is DATED.  Not when I get it.  The letter is actually held over, and I only just got it.  I only got it AFTER a third-party provider was hassling me for a few bucks. The actual letter was held over a few weeks.


But the worst way they tried to shock me is that they had a couple of these Khazars ring me up just to confirm my identity ….. (in that when they find out what they wish to know they hang up immediately).  After that they had a number of different voices ringing me up with the same narrative.  “You’ve had a car accident…” according to them.  They keep talking about my car being in an accident.   Then they trashed a car that looked like my car on the bridge that I walk across more times then anyone else every week.  There is this one bridge that I walk across twelve times a week and not one of the 7 billion people on this earth walk across that one bridge as often as I.

They burnt the car so badly that there was no way I could figure out if it was my car or not.  They trashed a car about 100 metres from my place of work and the remains of the car were still hot early morning, when I ran into it.  I’ll give it to them.  The extent of the damage to the car was indeed Shock and Awe.  You Jews go and congratulate yourselves because you may think I’m merely putting on a brave face, and whistling a happy tune, when I claim to not be viscerally intimidated right now.  But you can pat yourself on the your collective tribal racist backs because I was entirely stupified that morning when I ran into it.  And of course since I did not have a mobile phone and my home phone also had mysteriously packed it in (coincidence?) I couldn’t ring anyone to check that my own car was safe and sound.

The visual shock of it was really very chilling. The night-shift lab worker heard two explosions at midnight.  As Jew-Town knows,  the time is sort of equidistant between my trips across the bridge.

So we had the overture. We had the shock and awe. And then next the follow-through.  I had my phone number changed thanks to this gang-stalking.  Guess who was the first person who called me after the change in phone number? I mean the VERY first person.  No it wasn’t my dad.  Not my ex-wife. Not one of my couzie-bros.  I won’t keep you waiting. It was a Khazarian nigger calling himself Victor.  An whole new voice.  Sounded like the call came in from overseas or on Skype ……. but I’ll get the report on it sooner or later and if the phone company or the phone cannot retain this sort of gear,  well I’ll have to change phones and phone companies.  So this Khazarian nigger calling himself VICTOR is there to make it all just a bit too much of a series of coincidences.  Look at how they nuance it!!!  They want ME to know that it ISN’T a coincidence and they want YOU to think that it IS a co-incidence.  Thats their game.  They walk this fine line but they do it with this huge number of Khazarian niggers all working pretty mundane 8 hour jobs.   As long as these gangsta-niggers are walking that fine line they are doing their job.  No coincidence to me.  But it must still seem like a co-incidence to anyone its not actually happening too.

He thinks he’s a sneaky little Kyke.  But the setup would be that he’s just doing work, very much like call-centre work, but he’s doing it for an eternal crime gang. His ugly little Kyke ass could be in Dimona or Tel Aviv, but his calls will go out all over the world,  and he’ll make between 40 and 60 calls a day.  Like I used to when I used to hassle people for credit-card money.  This is a big gang.  And the claims of those being harassed by this crime gang posing as a religion ….. these persecutors posing as the persecuted ….. The claims of those being hassled by the Jew Jack City are NOT fantastic.  They are mundane.  Because the criminal behaviour of the Kosher Nostra is not fantastic.  Its just relentless and organised.  And thousands of years old.  Their techniques are boring.  Because its always the same few tricks.

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